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Joined: Sun Mar 04, 2007 10:27 am
Posts: 1182
Thu Apr 26, 2007 6:47 am
Hi every1...what I am looking for is inspiration in my life..there r a lot of passionate and worth-writing things which happen but I don't really have the strength to write them down..i am good at fiction as such so its not the cant-write factor..cud u give me tips?

 Re: Inspiration

Joined: Mon May 15, 2006 5:07 pm
Posts: 678
Sun May 27, 2007 2:07 pm
Maybe you could create an alter ego for yourself, and write about their life instead of yours. You could include those worth-writing things in their life story, and make up the rest. It would be easy to relate to the character, because they're going through the same things you've been through. Fiction's about what didn't really happen. So make it up!

I hope I helped you!


 Re: Inspiration

Joined: Fri Aug 25, 2006 7:42 pm
Posts: 478
Fri Jun 01, 2007 9:51 pm
When you say that you don't have the strength to write things about your life, do you mean that it's too difficult because of how involved you are? I'm not sure exactly what you mean, but one suggestion I have is to write a "fiction" story based on your life. You could give the characters other names, and tell the story from a third-person point of view to try to distance yourself a little. I've done that before - taken my life as the framework for a story. Hope that helps!


 Re: Inspiration

Joined: Tue Dec 27, 2005 9:10 pm
Posts: 293
Mon Jun 25, 2007 1:05 pm
Hello WriterDreamer,

I'm a little confused by your post as well.

You wrote that you're looking for inspiration -- but it sounds like you've already got engaging topics to write about (the passionate and interesting things you mentioned). Maybe what you need is motivation, instead -- making yourself sit down and write for at least ten minutes every day is a good discipline-builder, and soon you'll be creating stories around those memorable events.

If, as Jessica has suggested, your trouble is that you feel too involved with the events and the "characters" (who are actually real-live people) to write about them, then she and PaigeAniyah have both offered a great idea -- write about your life, changing names and any other details that you feel you need to. I've done that before, as well, when I wanted to protect someone -- I wrote a story about a friend of mine who had attempted suicide, changed her name, and didn't mention the name of the school I was attending at the time. Be careful, though -- you mentioned that you're good at writing fiction, but that is different from writing a memoir, and claiming that something is a "memoir" when it's really a "fictitious piece that has been based on a real-life event" can be very problematic, even with the names changed. (Feature filmmakers do it all the time, but that's no excuse!)

A final tip would be to keep in mind that every story needs to have a purpose. When I wrote about my friend, for example, I wasn't merely venting -- the story was written to encourage any other suicidal teens, or teens who had friends who they suspected might be suicidal, to seek out help as early as possible. If you're writing just to "get something off of your chest," then you're leaning toward more of a diary entry that may or may not be interesting and meaningful to many of the readers out there. (Not that I suspect this is a problem -- if you've already identified certain events as "passionate," that sounds like they'll be pretty engaging for your readers.")

Keep writing, and take care!!


 Re: Inspiration

Joined: Sun Mar 04, 2007 10:27 am
Posts: 1182
Tue Jun 26, 2007 4:36 am
I think you all are rite..My life is interesting- i think i am too involved with my life...After any particularly signigicant or emotional moment, i dont have the courage to actually sit down and share it on paper!! But I definitely find your tips helpful!! Thank you!!

 Re: Inspiration

Joined: Sun Mar 11, 2007 1:41 am
Posts: 5488
Mon Nov 19, 2007 1:42 am
Think of how you feel towards people in your family and other people

 Re: Inspiration

Joined: Mon Jul 16, 2007 3:03 am
Posts: 319
Tue Mar 04, 2008 11:40 pm
write about your hero, your friend, your favorite actor/actress, write about your favorite author...write about something you care about.
Write with your heart,

 Re: Inspiration

Joined: Fri Sep 19, 2008 9:17 am
Posts: 15
Wed Oct 22, 2008 9:50 am
Dear Writerdreamer,
You seem like a passionate write and if your ideas are as good as yuo say they are you should not have a problom putting them down on papper yea its hard to get started but when you got going you cant stop

 Re: Inspiration

Joined: Sat Jan 10, 2009 4:49 pm
Posts: 11
Tue Mar 17, 2009 8:47 pm
I know, it can be hard to write about something. Try to write down what's going on and it's nice to sit down and look at you memories once in a while.

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