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 It All Came Down

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Tue Apr 10, 2012 6:57 pm

Okay so I have never done a memoir so I'm not even sure if this is one.  Everything is true except I changed some names for people's safety.  Enjoy...I guess


Crack. Fwoom. AHH! Suddenly there is no ground beneath my feet.  I am in a hole where the Annie stage collapsed.  I don't know where I am; is it Sunday? a dream? I have no ideas.  Luckily I have a quick physical reaction, I climb out of the debris and down the stage slide.  There I find everyone crying, I try to comfort them.  I glance over my back and see the destroyed stage.  This is real, the stage just collapsed and a fraction of the cast and I fell into it.  Vibrations go through my body and I realize I'm shaking uncontrollably.  Something warm and wet is covering my view; I am crying.  Tina, Dianne, and I all embrace eachother.  A parent volunteer comes over and trys to make us feel better.  I turn around and see my dad standing there with open arms.  He calms down like he always does.  We go back stage to get the rest of my costume.  We go against opposite walls to let the swarm of people go by.  I see Jake still crying which makes me cry all over again.  I grab my costume passing all of my cast, my family.  My dad and I make our way into the lobby.  I see one of my sixth grade teachers and she hugs me.  Mrs. Denders says, "Well you knoe, Ella, I hope you learned from my science class that whatever goes up has to come down." I smile; this is why she is one of my favorite teachers ever.  I hug all my siblings and friends.  We make our way to our car and I can't help thinking, "Annie, the musical that ended with a bang." 

 Re: It All Came Down

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Sat Mar 30, 2013 12:53 am
I think that this is good!!! Why did the Annie stage collapse?

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