Goosebumps by R. L. Stine


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 It creeped me out

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I just went to Ohio.We were driving along a main road,when we saw a house,or what was a house,with a police officer and some people near it.We got out and the police officer said that a family lived in the house intill 2006.A fire,the reason still not known,burned down the house.Everyone lived exepct the oldest girl.She was 11 when the fire killed her.I think her name was Anna? No,Lets call her H.Well,I was looking at the remaining crumbling part of the house,and I looked to the tire swing on the tree.A little girl was swinging from it.She had a white sundress on,and she looked like she was a ghost.The police officer saw this,and said ''Thats her'' yes,that was the little girl who died.I feel bad for her.

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