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 It's Finally Out

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Thu Oct 16, 2008 8:34 pm
Yeah, sometimes I feel like my life stinks...but then I remind myslef of all the other bad things happening in the world. Still, my life isn't like it used be.
    When I was six, I dreamed to be a ballerina and famous. At seven, world famous singer. As I would hurry along the streets to get a taxi, signs would announce my concert, having me thrust my hand up as if to reach the sky and tilt my head back as if I were singing for God. Of course, I would be because I was Christian. I loved God, and still do.
    For a one whole school-year at my new school, He became my worst enemy. Of course; it was the worst school ever, and you know why. Over the summer I became close to Him. But I still dreaded my first day of school, though I knew I should have nothing to fear.
    As the first day grew close, I got very nervous. I also began a list of good things and bad things: Good: Same class, I know these people. Bad: SCHOOL! Good: I survived one year here. Bad: I'm doubtful I can survive two...the list continued on and on. Finally we could go inside; and meet my doom. Nervously, I stood in front of two big doors and hesitantly (reluctantly as well) excepted to be swept in by the crowd.
    My room didn't look any different from last year, but it took me a while to find my desk. There were 23 students in my class, and they were seated two-by-two. I was in a trio with a girl named Grace and with a new student with the strange name of Mursal.
    After a long time, students filed in and in a short time I got used to the unsteady rhythym of school. Finally, Mursal arrived. She had a mix of white with a little brown skin, had black slick hair and was a giant! I had never seen anyone so tall. After everyone had arrived, my teacher introdusted the new students: Mursal of course, Christine (she had brown long hair with a very white face), Ilhan, (someone else), and a girl named Olivia.
    Over the next few days an obnoxious boy named Connor switched places with Mursal. It was a disappointment. One day I was washing my hands. For some reason  my class had gotten to the subject of evolution. I didn't think it was real, but a lot of people did. Finally, I clearly stated I did not believe in evolution, or the Big Bang.
    Olivia came straight up to me and looked at me in the eye. "What do you believe in?"
    My mind froze. And then I sighed and finally admitted, "I believe that in the beginning God created the Heavens and Earth." She was going to laugh at me and hate me. I had just minus another might-be-friend. But she replied very seriously and shortly.
    "I do too!" I felt great, and Olivia and I became friends. Then we saw some mistakes my other 'friend' Abbey was doing. I realized that she couldn't be my friend if she was doing that. She had done some mean things in the past, and was far to bossy for me. Our friendship could not be saved. I would have to break-up with a girl friend, the first I'd ever had at The Dump. I guess I could say, Dump her.

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 Re: It's Finally Out

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Sun Jan 03, 2010 2:34 pm
Except for a few grammatical errors, it was really good!

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