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 Just an idea...

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Mon May 05, 2014 8:52 pm
I don't know if this is good or not... Please give me some feedback! Also, more will follow when I have time and if this is well received. It will be called Twister w/ a number in the subject line. So tell me what you think... Twister A Collection of Short Histories The storm steals reddish soil from the earth, gathering items previously anchored to the ground. Houses, trees, anything, and everything flies through the air in a spectacular aerial ballet. It could be strangely beauteous, if not for the shrill cry of the wind mixed with the screams of those afraid for what they may lose. The people are not alone in being terrified as the frantic clucking, baa-ing, moo-ing, and assortment of sounds herald. Suddenly, the noise fades. Lightning flashes overhead, illuminating the constantly moving walls of the raging tornado. Everything is lit with an eerie bluish light, coming from far, far above. Though calmer, the eye of the storm is certainly as terrifying as any other part. Soon, objects are visible as the twister moves onward on its course of destruction. A book, heavy-looking and serious, flings about. The black cloth cover is stained with circles, as though an absent minded fellow left his coffee there, having other, perhaps more pressing, things to do. The pages turn as if an invisible person were frantically searching for something and being none too careful about it. This motion recalls a time when the pages were flipped in a very similar manner... I hope you guys like it! I will have stories woven in throughout the piece that are all based on objects. Thanks for reading! P.S. Please be honest when doing the poll. That means don't say that it is good when it isn't and don't say that it was terrible because you are too lazy to give real feedback.

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