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 Leo Valdez fanfiction--CHAPTER 2!!!!!!!

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Sat Nov 19, 2011 10:12 pm
Okay, I got REALLY good responses on the last chapter. :D That, my friends, is a very good thing, too. 'Cause now I'm writing another CHAPTER!!! YAY! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D Let's see where this goes... (P.S. Thanks to _trustingHim_ and haymaze, if that's how you spell those names, for reviewing! Cookies for you guys! (::) (::) (::) )
STILL Leo's P.O.V. :) It'll be that way 'till the next chapter.
I woke up at six, unfortunately, because I hadn't packed yet. I was extremely tired and could barely see anything. Because of that...I bumped into a lot of heavy stuff. Heavy, metal stuff. Thank the gods my cabin mates were really heavy sleepers.
When I finally found my backpack (after 10 minutes of searching under countless piles of scrap metal and such items), I quickly started packing. I threw in a couple sets of clothing, my toothbrush, my tool belt, my comb (that I rarely used), and nothing else, 'cause that's really everything I needed.
I wasn't exactly thrilled that we were going to Texas. Knowing my reputation in certain areas, people would wonder why Piper's dad, Mr. Movie Star, actually knew me. Except he doesn't really know me. Piper's probably only mentioned me to him once or twice. I've only met him when he was completely out of it, and basically zombie-like. Even then, I didn't talk to him. I just stood there uncomfortably. I dunno, though. That may count for something on the other side of the world.
After I had pulled my shoes on, put on my jacket, and slung my backpack over my shoulder, I headed out the door. I walked quickly to the Aphrodite cabin. I walked right in, because the door was was open.
I almost threw up when I walked in. The place smelled of so many different perfumes, it could've been a mall. I, as a son of Hephaestus, hated perfume. It always filled us with disgust and revolt, because it meant a child of Aphrodite was nearby. Children of Aphrodite were conceited jerks who only cared about their appearence. They spent their allowances buying artificial makeups that supposedly made you glow from the camp stores, but anyone with a brain knows that those are just fakes made by the Hermes cabin. Children of Hephaestus care about their work and their friends. We spend our allowances buying power tools and new screwdrivers. I was so glad Piper didn't turn into a daughter of Aphrodite. I was also glad she didn't wear the makeup or the fancy clothes that children of Aphrodite wear. It made her seem more beautiful, to me.
Piper wasn't in her bed, or anywhere out in the open, so I knocked on the bathroom door. "Piper? You in there?" I whispered.
"Leo? You're early. I'll be right out. Just wait a minute," I heard Piper say through the door.
I did what she said. Unfortunately, there wasn't a lot to do. I just stood around, occasionaly looking in a mirror and trying to make my hair look less messy. I wanted to make an okay impression on Piper's dad, right? Right.
While I waited around, I took a bunch of random objects I found on the floor, and made myself look silly with them for fun. Piper finally walked out right when I had taken a coupl straws and was pretending to be a walrus with them in the mirror. She stared at me like I was crazy.
"What are you doing, exactly?" she asked me quietly.
"Waiting," I said, and then I quickly took out the straws from my mouth and threw them in the trash.
She smirked and motioned for me to follow her.
We walked all the way to Half-Blood Hill and got into the camp van. Argus drove us all the way to the airport. I joked around and sang along to Katy Perry in the car really loudly. Two of Argus's eyes stared at me the whole ride, which seriously gave me a feeling like I was being watched. It was kinda creepy. Okay, really creepy. But sometimes, you gotta live with these things, I guess.
When we got there, I looked around, but I didn't see any private jet. "'re dad gonna be here soon?"
"Yeah. He told me where he'd be. C'mon! we have to get to gate 6." She grabbed my arm and pulled me along. We weaved through huge crowds of people, going past all sorts of restraunts and such.
"Can't we stop for food? I'm hungry!" I asked her.
"No! We don't have time for that! We have to get to the gate by 9:00!" She said.
When we got to the gate, we boarded quickly. We walked into the plane (with me having to duck under to fit into the door) and walked to the back, where Piper's dad was sitting.
"Hey, Mr. McLean. How have you been?" I asked him when we sat down.
He stared at me. "Who are you again?"
"He's my friend, Leo. Remember? I told you about him a couple months ago," Piper said.
"Oh. Nice to meet you, Leo," he said, holding out his hand with a friendly smile.
I slowly shook his hand with an okay, I'm not sure what just happened smile on my face. I probably looked really confused. Piper's dad didn't really look like he knew what was going on either.
"I'm hungry. Do you have anything edible on this plane? Like, stuff that's delicious?" I asked.
"Uh...yeah, sure. Just go up to the front," Piper's dad said.
"Yay..."I muttered, and got up to walk up to the front.
Piper's P.O.V.
I looked at my dad, who was staring at Leo and shaking his head.
"Tell me why you invited that one again," he asked me.
"Well...he was born in Texas. He knows it better than most people," I said.
"...Is something wrong with him? Like, mentally? Because it kind of seems that way..." he said.
"No...not that I can think of..."
"Well, I like him. He's funny and nice, kind of... Weird, though. His hair is messy. Hasn't he heard of a comb?" he said.
I frowned. "I think so. I've never asked him, but I've seen him try. It looked hard."
Just then, Leo walked back in there and sat down. He was holding six different things, and he was attempting to eat them all at the same time. "Piper there are like a million different things up there! You should go get something," he said, and then he took a huge bite out of a cheeseburger.
"Leo, why are you eating a cheeseburger for breakfast?" I asked him.
"Cause I don't know what eggs benedict is, and I felt like a cheeseburger. Plus, it's not like I'm just eating a cheeseburger. I've got...a taco, some sort of spicy asian tuna thing, a cupcake, a plate of french fries, I don't really know what that is-"
"Leo, why did you get so much food? You can't possibly eat all that."
He look at me incredulously. "Of course I can eat all this, Piper. I'm hungry, for goodness sake."
"Okay, fine. Do whatever you want... I think we should be there in maybe 4 hours."
Leo wasn't paying attention. He was too busy reading the options on the pamphlet they gave him. He suddenly gasped. "They have King of Sparta on this flight! Yay! Now I can watch your dad fight bad guys in Greece!
I widened my eyes at him. This was gonna be a long flight.
Okay...Finally done! Tell me what you guys think. (I just couldn't help myself with the King of Sparta thing. XD XD XD XD XD) Feel free to review. Please. Pretty please. Pretty as Aphrodite please. :D

 Re: Leo Valdez fanfiction--CHAPTER 2!!!!!!!

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Mon Mar 26, 2012 3:05 am

know, I know... I haven't updated, maybe a little more than 5 months ago. I've been really busy and no one replied. :( I totally forgot! So anyway, if you guys COULD reply, I would really appreciate that! :D Please do! It makes my day... your guys' oppinions really matter.

Chapter 3:

Piper's P.O.V.

  Leo was completely overtaken by the movie, and his gaze only switched to his huge plate of food occasionally.  My dad was up front with the pilot.  Therefore, he thankfully didn't see the slightly embarrassing sight of me staring out the window, while Leo was cheering the king of Sparta on to slaughter the opposer.  The more surprised Leo was with what happened, the more curious I got about how he may not have seen the movie when it came out.
  "Leo... have you not seen this movie before?" I asked him.
  He shook his head without moving his eyes.  "Nah... when it came out, I was probably in some sewer in Lousiana.  Particularly bad foster home.  Jeez, Piper, now I see where you get your aggressiveness from!"
  His answer made me think of a different question.  "What were your past foster homes like?"
  Surprisingly, he did switch his gaze to look at me quizzically.  "They varied.  Some were better than others, but none of them suited me."
  I nodded my head slowly.  "What was it like when you were living with your mom?"
  He gave me his full attention this time.  "Why you asking?"
  I shrugged.  "Just wondering."
  He smirked a little before going on.  "Well, my mom worked 24/7.  I was there with her, when I had a free minute, and helped her.  We barely scraped by, but we were happy with what we had.  Dinner was a group project, and we almost always made some sort of crazy, foreign type of food.  We were never invited to any of that 'family' stuff, but I think it was just because of me."
   "Wait a minute, because of you?  What do you mean?" I asked.
   "Well, the rest of my family cut off all connections with my mom and I when I...accidentally set fire to a few prized possessions at my Aunt Rosa's house.  I think she thought I was by a candle, and dropped the photos on the candle or something.  I was only maybe two, though.  Only my mom and I know what actually happened.  And probably you," he explained.
    I laughed.  "Seriously, Leo?  I should probably make note to never let you borrow anything that matters to me."
   He nodded, completely serious.  "Yeah, that wouldn't be wise."
   When the movie had finally ended, Leo started randomly talking to me with various topics.  He told me about some of the many weird happenings of his life.
   "...and after my mom got home and saw me sitting on the ground, on fire, burning my handprints on the picnic table, she screamed.  For years later, people who lived in that apartment complex would wonder how the heck someone seared a five-year-old's handprints an inch deep into completely solid wood," he said.
    I giggled.  "What else happened?"
    He thought for a minute, and then a idea hit him in te head like a brick.  "There was this one time, when I was six, and I threw exactly three hardback books at this little boy who was rude to me while he was sleeping when it was nap time.  He didn't even wake up!  It was really weird, yet awesome at the same time!"
   I smiled.  "How was he mean to you?"
   "He threw a ball at my head and told me my hair was stupid."
   "Excuse me?"  I laughed.
   He grinned.  "I know!  It was so mean!  One time at lunch, he cut in line, too!  I remember I muttered something like, 'Meany-pants Butthead.'  Ah, kindergarteners.  Their definition of being rude is so very different from ours."
   I nodded.  "So, how's the ship going?"
   Then, I realized what I had asked, but it was too late.  "Oh, we're making great time!  We've nearly wired the entire control panel, as well have installed the hover rotors, and have put in almost all of the crankshafts!"
   I had no idea what he just said.  "That's good, because crankshafts are important!  Without them... you... don't have... um, any crankshafts!"
   He furrowed his brows, and then unfurrowed them just the same.  "You have no idea what I just said, do you?"
   "No, I did not have any idea."
   He nodded like he understood.  "Sorry... sometimes I get a bit... tech geeky, to say the least."
   I smiled, and was about to reply when the pilot informed us that the jet was landing.
   I couldn't wait to see Leo's hometown.

Don't forget to review!  (If you have an account!) (Don't you just love Leo?  I'm so proud that I was able to portray his tech geekiness! YAY!)  Sorry the chapter's a bit short.  The next one will be super long! (I hope!) :D


 Re: Leo Valdez fanfiction--CHAPTER 2!!!!!!!

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Tue Mar 27, 2012 6:30 pm

I liked both stories! Can't wait for more!

 Re: Leo Valdez fanfiction--CHAPTER 2!!!!!!!

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Tue Mar 27, 2012 10:17 pm

I'm so glad you finally continued!! I love your story and hope you continue!

 Re: Leo Valdez fanfiction--CHAPTER 2!!!!!!!

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Wed Mar 28, 2012 12:23 am

These are AWESOME posts! I'm a big fan of Leo Valdez! Keep Writing!

WIth all due respect,


 Re: Leo Valdez fanfiction--CHAPTER 2!!!!!!!

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Sat Mar 31, 2012 2:55 am

HEY GUYS!!!! Thanks to all the people that reviewed!  Oh, and @trustinghim, thanks for reviewing this entire time.  I haven't posted in such a long time, and all of the Leo Valdez fanfics that I found were abandoned. :(  So I decided it was more than necessary for me to continue! :D  Thanks to artemishunting4, trustinghim, and cheerfulathena67!  As an individual thanks! Cookies for you guys! (::) (::) (::)  (If those don't turn out looking like cookies, than I guess you'll have to use your...IMAAGINAAATION!!!! :D)

Piper's P.O.V.

  As soon as we got off my dad's jet, and stepped outside to get into the limo, we were hit by immense heat, even though it was December.
  Leo breathed in the air strangely, like it was good to be home.  He didn't look shaken up by the dry heat in the least.  But then again, he could step into white-hot flames and not be affected.  I probably should've seen it coming.  I suddenly had a weird flashback of this one time when I dared him to drink "Super-Intense-Extra-Hot" hot sauce straight from the bottle, and he did it without blinking an eye.  He had even eaten an entire, whole jalenpeño once.  He told me they were good when he noticed me staring at him.
    I hurried into the limo, desperate for air conditioning.  When Leo finally got in and sat next to me, I studied his features.  Slightly saddened, as if the dryness had only reminded him of something tragic.  I was thinking about asking him a question about it, but all that came out was "Leo, how can you live in this heat year round?  With no snow?"
    He grinned at me.  "Piper, there's a heat wave right now.  Usually it'd be in the seventies, not the nineties.  There was a time when it snowed once, when I was younger, but it only lasted 'till noon."
    I nodded slowly, and mouthed an "Oh." 
    "So, where we staying?" he asked me.
    "Um... the Hotel de Lujo.  I think it has five stars, or something like that," I told him.
    He winced slightly, to my surprise.  "Is it, by any chance, next to an apartment complex?  And across from a burned down machine shop?"
    I suddenly realized what he was talking about.  "Um, well... Oh, we're here!"
    We came to a slow stop, and the driver started to take out our bags.  Leo looked around, noticing the beaten-up apartment complex next to the hotel, and the comepletely incinerated machine shop across from it.
    "¿Hablas en serio?" Leo muttered, more to himself than anyone else.  He shook his head, picked up his duffle bag, and walked inside after us.
    The man at the front desk gave us our room key, but looked oddly wary of Leo.
    We took the elevator up to the top floor, the presidential suite.  As soon as we walked in, Leo ran up to the king-sized bed by the window, jumped up, and plopped down.  He lay there with his hands behind his head.
     "I call the window seat!"  he exclaimed.
      I rolled my eyes, and set my stuff down on the bed directly next to his.  My dad did the same on the bed next to mine. 
      "So, I was thinking you guys could come with me to visit a fan in the apartment complex next to us.  She's been sending me letters for two years, and I figured I might as well stop by, right?" my dad told us.
      Leo smiled a little uneasily.  "Uh, sure.  What', her name?"
      "Her name's Rosa Valdez."
      Leo snickered a bit.  "Sending Tristan McLean letters for years?  Aunt Rosa's had too much time on her hands," he muttered.
       I pretended not to hear that.
       As soon as we had unpacked, we left to visit this 'Rosa.'  We walked, because it was only next door.  It would be stupid to drive a limo to a place that was probably five-hundred yards away.
       Leo helped us find the apartment, which my dad was surprised about.  In a matter of minutes, he navigated us to Rosa's front door.  My dad put on his 'I'm a winner' smile and knocked cautiously, but loudly.
       A Mexican woman, who looked about thirty-nine and resembled Leo, opened the door.  She nearly screamed, but suddenly her eyes flitted to Leo.  She had an expression on her face that showed that she wanted to shriek for two completely different reasons: one for excitement, one for fear.
       "Hola, Tîa Rosa.  ¿Cómo has estado los últimos siete años?"  Leo said, smirking.
       Rosa looked immensely worried.  " puede ser..."
       Leo laughed a bit.  "Oh, Aunt Rosa.  It can be."
       My dad didn't seem to be following any of this.  "What... what are they saying, Piper?" he asked me quietly.
       "I don't know.  I don't speak Spanish," I told him in a low voice.  "I understood the 'Hola' part, though."
       Suddenly, the woman and Leo stopped arguing with each other, and she took notice of Tristan McLean, the movie star, standing on her doorstep.  "I apologize, Mr. McLean.  Please, come inside." The woman stepped aside, gesturing her hand to indicate that we should go in.
       My dad walked right in, and I followed.  The woman glared as Leo walked through the door.
       Leo plopped down on a sofa, as if he owned the place.  The woman sighed.  "Please, sit down."
       My dad smiled, being genuinely nice, but was obviously confused as to why Leo was treating a "stranger" the way he was.  He sat down next to Leo's kicked-up feet.  "Um, may I ask what connection there is with you two?" he asked, gesturing toward Leo and the Rosa.
       "Oh, um... he's my... nephew," she said with a bitter tone.  Her expression made it seem as if she just drank milk that had expired three weeks ago, with a disgusted look on her face as she looked at Leo.
        "Oh... oh, now I get it.  Valdez...and Valdez... That makes sense," my dad exclaimed, obviously understanding now that it was clarified.
        However, I didn't get it.  "But... Leo, I thought you were in the foster program?  Why would you be in the foster program if you have relatives that are still alive?"
        Leo shrugged.  "Ask her," he said indifferently, pointing to his aunt.
        Everyone turned their attention to Leo's aunt.  She seemed at loss for words.  "Well, Leo was...Leo is...he's a public menace.  He can't stay put, he always ends up breaking something valuable when he's at my house, and he's...well, he's just done some things that nobody can seem to explain."
         Leo frowned.  He got up from his couch and stepped over the coffee table, positioning himself so that the only obstacle separating him and his aunt was a small loveseat.  "You explained that without blowing up.  Well done.  First time it's ever happened, I think!"  He snorted and turned back around, forgetting that a coffee table was there.  He bumped into it, knocking over the expensive-looking vase sitting on it.  The vase crashed to the floor before Leo could catch it, and it shattered to pieces.
         His aunt winced as we heard it crack and eventually become nothing more than a couple pieces of broken glass.
         Leo stepped over the coffee table again, picking up the pieces and placing them on the table.  He lifted his foot and picked up some trampled, muddy daffodils.  He handed them to his aunt, biting his lip.  "You know, you really shouldn't put vases of flowers on coffee tables.  Maybe kitchen tables, where it would be harder to break them.  Or maybe you could put them on the-" His hand flung to indicate the bookshelves before he realized what he was doing.  Directly behind him was not bookshelves, but a china cabinet.  His hand smashed through the glass, making over half of the china plates and cups to fall to the floor, shattering into itty bitty pieces.
         He started to try to pick the pieces up.  "Where should I put the-" he started, but didn't finish.  The hand holding the small pieces accidentally brushed the cabinet again, causing the remaining plates to lose balance on their stands.  They crashed to the floor, breaking.  "Oh...sorry," said Leo.
         It was all his aunt could do to not explode into a fit of rage.  Just when she was about to blow, she looked at my dad and immediately calmed down.  "It''s all," she nearly choked on her words in mid-sentence. "It's all right, Leo.  Just please... Leave."
         Leo seemed to lose his confidence, which I had only seen him do maybe three times in my life.  "Oh.  Okay,"  he said, trudging out the door.
         I looked around and saw the mess my best friend had made in under sixty seconds.  Honestly, I would've understood if she had blown up.  I probably would've too, if it had been my house.  But I still followed Leo out the door.  I stopped just as I reached the doorhenge, and said, "Thank you for your hospitality," to Leo's aunt.
         As I looked around for Leo, I saw that he had gone over to the old, wooden picnic table.  He seemed to be placing his hand in a chink in the wood.  I suddenly realized it's sinifigance and bounded over to him.
         He looked slightly saddened by his aunt's reaction.  He hadn't meant to break anything, but of course he did break almost everything of some value in that apartment.  I squatted next to Leo.  "What are you doing?" I asked.
         His eyes were focused intensely on the the inch-deep print of a five-year-olds hands in the wood.  The prints looked as if they had been seared into the solid wood, and they had long, bony-ish fingers.  "Nothing..." he muttered.  His eyes flitted up to one of the apartments--number 103--and lingered there for a few moments.  "Just remembering..." he whispered.  He sighed deeply, looking defeated. 
          As my dad finally came out of the apartment, I said, "Well, we better get back to the hotel, now."
          He nodded and followed me over to my dad.

So, how was it?  Please keep me updated on my writing quality, because I do tend to make typos every now and then.  (I noticed in the last chapter, the starting Author's Note, I spelled opinions wrong. XD) Oh, by the way, feel free to read my other latest post! It called, "Hey guys! It's LEO VALDEZ!!!" and it's basically a post in the P.O.V. of Leo.  There, you can ask him questions or pretend to be another character or do whatever you want! I noticed that cheerfulathena67 (or at least I think it was her, the last time I saw the post.  It was a couple hours ago.  Correct me if I'm wrong!) has posted on it! Feel free to ask me any questions about particularly confusing parts in the chapters (because there may be some. I'm not always the most clear person.)  I really love to focus on becoming a better writer, because there's always room for improvement when it comes to me! :D Thanks again for reviewing!

 Re: Leo Valdez fanfiction--CHAPTER 2!!!!!!!

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Sat Apr 07, 2012 11:37 am

*Bump! *  Don't forget to review, to those of you who can! :D If anyone at all is reading...that's enough for me!


~epichephaestus2, who needs to get back to writing her other fanfic. ...And posting it on the Hunger Games Board...

 Re: Leo Valdez fanfiction--CHAPTER 2!!!!!!!

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Tue Apr 10, 2012 9:20 pm

Just because no one comments doesn't mean no one is reading. I love the story and hope you continue but don't always log in  just to read. 

Please keep going. I love the story!

 Re: Leo Valdez fanfiction--CHAPTER 2!!!!!!!

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Mon Apr 23, 2012 9:21 pm
When are you going to continue? Please continue the story soon!!!! P.S. Mod? What happened to the fonts, smileys, and colors?

 Re: Leo Valdez fanfiction--CHAPTER 2!!!!!!!

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@trustinghim: The Stacks admin is working on fixing the problem. Hang in there! -Elise :-)

 Re: Leo Valdez fanfiction--CHAPTER 2!!!!!!!

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Can't wait for the next part! :3

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