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 let's sort our favorite characters again bc its fun :)

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so whenver I have writers block for an essay or just have to much homework clogging my brain, I still sometimes take a break and I sort characters from other media into houses because it's fun and takes my mind of things... so without further ado, here's another thread where you are welcome to post your house headcanons for your favorite characters!


I'm starting with Romeo & Juliet characters bc my interpretations are a lot different than what most people might generally think of...


Romeo Montague: Hufflepuff, because of his devotion to his friends and his wife. Romeo, Mercutio, and Benvolio are ride or die buddies and Romeo certainly proves that when he avenges Mercutio's death. Then also he is so devoted to Juliet that he would sacrifice his title and life and be loyal to her forever. However, I think he was an awfully poor finder... 


Benvolio Montague: Ravenclaw, because he is voice of reason (the "straight man" trope) and a foil to Romeo's romantism and Mercutio's mania. Ben is a peacemaker who tries to appeal to the feuders common sense, to put down their swords (yet common sense is not something many of the Montagues/Capulets have unfortunately). 


Mercutio EscalusSlytherin, a dead pan snarker and proctor of puns. I think Mercutio exhibits a lot of Slytherin-like qualities, he cunningly plans an infiltration of a Capulet ball by disguise. He's a jaded skeptic and reeks of cynism when it comes to putting faith in dreams. And his scary moments of  ruthlessness and determination when it comes to fighting Tybalt. 


Tybalt Capulet: Gryffindor, because this guy is as fearless as it gets. He fights people to the death in the street for fun and calls it an average Tuesday afternoon. Fiercely protective of his younger cousin, and the family servant mourns for him, lamenting the death of the brave and chivalrous Tybalt. 


Juliet Capulet: Slytherin, make no mistake, if you think anything other than that Juliet was the orchestrator of the entire plot then you are wrong. Fiercly run by self preservation, Juliet weasels her way out of a planned marriage to a man twice her age by accepting the love of a handsome and kind boy who can take her away from the feud. When Romeo ultimately screws things up, Juliet's first instinct is to go to the priest who has knowledge of potions and prey on his good nature to save her skin. The sad part is that in the end, there is nothing about her life worth preserving anymore, her husband, other fiancee, and cousin are dead, her parents essentially dissowned her, and there is no better case scenario than death. ): 


Rosaline Capulet: Ravenclaw, yeah so what she's a ghost character? It's canonically stated that she "hath Dian's wit" and remember wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure sooo...


The Nurse: Hufflepuff, because she nutures and accepts Juliet as her own child. Rightly so as Juliet's own mother seems to be distant and only interested in marrying her off. Blood of the covenant is thicker than water of the womb they say, the Nurse proves this to be true.  


Friar Lawrence: Ravenclaw, addmitedly probably over his head because Ravenclaws can't be good at everything, like convoluted plots that involve draught of the living death style potions and depend on the fickle mail service. However that dude loves to be locked up in his cell studying his botany and potion making so we give him that. 


Honestly idc about the parents so they're not getting sorted. I'm admitedly light on Gryffindors in this one but we'll say most of the extra characters (Gregory, Sampson, Abram, Petruchio) are Gryffindors because they're totally willing to get into sword fights in the streets all in the name of good old fashion feuding fun. 





 Re: let's sort our favorite characters again bc its fun :)

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give me your treat

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