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 Levi Knight

Joined: Sun Jan 18, 2015 10:29 pm
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Fri Feb 06, 2015 1:46 am

                “High school was so much fun!  It was the best experience of my life!” said no one ever. As I hightailed my butt to my first hour class, I could only think of all the homework that was piling up under my to-do list. If homework had legs, it would be following me everywhere I went. My English essay, my science project, a math test, and my social studies out line. All of it made me in a mood to high five everyone in the face. But, that might be unrelated to homework. I’m like that all the time.

            The bell had already rung and I was racing into math class five minutes late. Of course, this particular teacher has a goal on her list to throw me off a cliff into despair, so you can imagine that she didn’t take it light-heartedly when I walked into class in the middle of her teaching.

            “…after you divide thirty four on both sides, you should get an answer of?” Ms. Hedley inquired as I walked in. She glanced over at me with a look of despise and took the opportunity to humiliate me as much as possible. “Hello, Mr. Knight. Would you care to enlighten us on the answer to problem number thirteen on last night’s homework?” she mocked.

            I viewed the problem on the board. It made about as much sense to me as the meaning of life. I answered the question, “Um, it’s…  I don’t know sir. Err, Ma’am.”  I heard some snickers in the back of the classroom.

            Ms. Hedley glowered at me. “Detention, Mr. Knight. My office after school,” she snarled.

            I gave Ms. Hedley a friendly smile and walked to my seat near the back of the class. My friend Nathan leaned over and whispered, “Ooh, Levi you in trouble. Why were you late?”

            I replied back, “I blame it on my no good stupid alarm clock.”

            He laughed back and I sat down in my seat next to the hottest girl in school, Autumn Snow. She had stunning blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Her face was silky smooth and the makeup on her face blended in flawlessly. She pretended that I was invisible as I took my seat.

            “Hey Autumn.” I greeted her. She disregarded me. I said again, “Hey Autumn.” This time I was slightly more in her face.

            She turned and skimmed over me as if I were old wet socks. “Shut up, Levi. Ms. Hedley is going over last night’s assignment, and I have a question on problem number sixteen.” The worst part about her. She was the teacher’s pet of Ms. Hedley.

            I responded, “Oh yeah, I have questions on problem numbers one through forty seven, too.” AKA, the whole assignment. Autumn rolled her eyes at me.    

            The rest of the hour I just wasted my life away, thinking about how many marshmallows I could stuff in my mouth at once.   When the bell finally rang, Ms. Hedley requested to see me about something.

            “You requested me, Ms. Headless. I mean, Ms. Hedley.”

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