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 Living Muggle chapter 3

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Sun May 09, 2010 12:12 am
  "I don't know about this." I said as I stood infront of the movie theater. I was surrounded by people all dressed in very, how should I put this, interesting costumes. And I mean that weirder than normal for Muggles.
  "Come on, it's fun!" Ben said.
  "And that's coming from the boy in fish nets." I said.
  "I'm dressed as Frank N. Furter." Ben said. "It's normal for him."
  "And you had to go as him!" I exclamed. The poor Muggle was wearing more makeup than anyone else there.
  "You know, you would be classified as the weird one here." Ben said.
  "Yeah, your the only one not dressed up." Cameron added.
  "And what are you?" I asked him.
  "Hello, I'm Riff Raf." Cameron was wearing a wig that made him half bald and wearing sort of robes, only they were white.
  "And the rest of you guys?" I asked.
  "Well I'm Brad." Sparky said. he was the only normal looking one in the bunch.
  "And we're Transylvanians." The rest of them said.
  "And this is what you do for fun?" I asked them.
  "Yeah!" They all yelled at me. Man it must suck being a Muggle.
  "Ok then." I said.
  We walked into the theater and watched the show. You know, for a movie, this was really fun. They lent me some toast, and a squirt gun and I had a great time. I was shocked. Maybe being a Muggle wasn't so bad.
  "So, Bev, was it as bad as you thought?" Cameron asked.
  "I thought it was fun." I smiled. "Oh, and next month, I'm going as Magenta."
  All the guys looked at me like I was nuts. I heard Sparky mutter under his breath, "Can't wait."
  "Don't be daft." I told them. They looked at me like I was a hipogrift. "Stupid. I'm going as Janet."
  "Well, that's better, I guess." Ben said.
  "Though you might be better as Magenta." Cameron teased.

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