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 Lone ways ~ A lone wolf's story ~

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Tue Jul 29, 2014 3:39 pm
Being a lone wolf is freedom from following rules or having to eat last or first. But sometimes, Being a lone wolf can be complicated. You are weak in a pack fight. You are small when hunting an elk. You feel lonely when seeing a pack. My life is away from the packs, because they changed my life forever. It was horrible, and I will always feel the moment from when I was a pup. Things would've not been that difficult for me if that pack hadn't explored their territory for intruders. They were feirce and strong. My parents never stood a chance against them. Tears kept falling down Until I saw a friendly she-wolf. This is a story I am about to tell you about the life of a Lone wolf, a life where everything can be unexpected or willing. 
Chapter 1
Atori pranced around in the grass, nipping on the dandelions. It was his first time outside with his sister, Lila. He enjoyed this outside experience outside the mossy den, always tight and scrunched in. " Atori, stop throwing moss at your sister! " Mom growled while showing back her teeth. " Lila started it! She was the one who threw me onto the log! " Lila scuffed. " That's because I'm older and bigger than you. " Atori narrowed his dark green eyes, and went into the log near the river. Dew drops fell onto his gray forehead as he went Inside the small opening. 
Atori felt the bark make his fur bristle, but kept it to himself. The river was in sight at the other opening. He stuck in his paw into the swift current, the minnows avoiding the furry object. Atori smiled and watched the source of water flow on it's endless journey. He enjoyed the sound of it rushing past. He squeezed and went into the water. Atori splashed it onto the moss and scared away the fish. He jumped in, dampening everything in sight. " Watch it! " A voice growled near him. Atori turned his head, seeing a she-wolf his age. " Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't see you there. " The pup rolled her eyes. " Obviously. " She barked. " I'm Alana. " Her pelt was of snow on a bright winters day, and her eyes were as blue as the sea. There was something about her that made his tail twitch. " Im Atori. Nice to meet you. May I ask where you live? " He answered. Alana pointed with her muzzle behind. " Theres a tree den not far from here. I live with my brothers and sisters. No one knows I'm here. I'm just here for a drink of water. " Atori nodded. And Im here to play with water. He felt guilty and growled inside. " Atori, where are you? " His mother called from the den. It was already starting to turn into a small sunset. " I better be going now. Bye! " He barked, running off to his mother's voice. Alana grinned. " We'll see sometime again. " She turned and headed back to her own den. " Oh Atori, where have you been off? " She asked, staring into his eyes. " At the river. " He answered. Lila raised an eye. She didn't believe him. " When is dad returning? " He asked. She took a worrisome sigh from her snout. " He'll probally be back by dark. Now, stay in the den. Today was long enough. " Lila squealed. " But it's not even dusk yet! I didn't get to do anything! " She whined and started nipping softly on her mother leg. " Oh Lila. We played with that eagle feather before, havent we? " Lila shuffled back. Atori stretched and layed onto the sandy bottom of the den. He soared in his thoughts about his day and Alana. Soon, he drifted into a sleep.
Chapter 2
" Atori, wake up! " Lila exclaimed, jabbing her paw into her brother's side. " It's the middle of the night. " He growled, flicking his tail into her face. She gave him a cold gaze. " But you really need to see this! " Atori lifted and tilted his head. " Fine. " Lila lead him out, and to a hollow encircled by bracken. She pushed over something that was brown. " I was looking out the den and noticed this. I thought it was a feather that I could play with tommorow, but it turned out to be  fur. Wolf fur. " Brown fur? Their father didn't have brown fur. He had the fur color of ravens. None of their family had brown fur. Maybe Alana's family? No, they lived east from here. " Maybe it's bear fur. " Lila narrowed her eyes and looked around the hollow. " If there was a bear, we would've heard it. Wolves can be sneaky, and blend in with the trees and bracken. " How did Lila know this? It was probaly Beacuse he was a late born and Lila was first. She sniffed the brown fur. " It's defiantly wolf fur. Bears have a foul smell. " The fur was mixed with other scents; more wolves. More than three. Atori's mind whirled. Lila looked down at the hair, anxious for answers. Before Atori could say anything, a twig snapped nearby. Lila jumped up and scanned the area. " What was that? " She gasped, her eyes filled with unexpected horror. Atori wanted to run, but he couldn't see anything. His hearst beated. Rileif than flooded over him when he saw a familiar face. " Atori? Lila? What are you doing out here? " It was their father. " Dad! It's great that your here! We found some wolf fur! " Lila picked up the small sample. He shook his head. " It's not our concern now. You need to rest, because I'm going to show you our whole territory tommorow. " Excitement flooded over him. " Let's get back to the the den before you two get into trouble. " The three nosed their way to the den. Their father layed outside the den entrance, his ears alert. Atori started to wonder about the wolf hair. He washed the memory away, and fell asleep on the bed of moss.

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