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1: Read any thread below. (If there aren't any, submit your own — you could be the first to post!) That's the story so far. At the end of each mini-chapter, the author tells you which character goes next.
2: YOUR TURN!! Create/copy/refine your character's profile, update the story setting, continue the story action, then pass it on to the next character.
3: Check back every day to see how the story continues.
4: Go to #2 above (try a new character on for size!). Rinse and repeat.

When does the story end? It ends when the moderator adds a comment to a mini-chapter saying "END IT!"

Wanna start your OWN story? Cut and paste the profile below and start a new thread!

CHARACTER PROFILE (copy and paste to start your own story!):
My Character: Make this up, or use an existing character from a book.
Character Age: Ditto.
Setup: Who is this character and why is he/she here?
Description: What does your character look like right now? This can change throughout the story, if your character suddenly falls into a mud puddle or is splashed with purple paint. Stuff happens, right?
Mood: This can change every minute, as we all know.
Faves: Help us get to know the character with a list of loves.
Detests: Tells us some stuff your character CANNOT STAND.
Story Setting: Where are we right now?
Action!: Here we go — what's happening? Don't forget dialogue!
YOUR TURN, X!: (Pass the story over to another character.)
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Author Message
 Looking for Collaborators for a Potential Writing Project.

Joined: Sat Aug 11, 2012 7:15 am
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Sun Feb 12, 2017 10:43 pm




//Looking for Collaborators for a Potential Writing Project.//





In order to apply:


- You should be familiar with my RPs.


- You should be available to aid with the Project by being rather active on the STACKS.


Optional: You may/may not be familiar with my Writing/Stories.


In order to sign up, click the reply button and in a paragraph of at least 5 to 8 sentences, introduce yourself by including your reply by your username, *optional* your Pen-Name, why you would want to help out with this Project, your Writing abilities, your favorite book genres and favorite books, and how often you are on the STACKS. 



Thank you for your time to read this message.





 Re: Looking for Collaborators for a Potential Writing Projec

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Fri Feb 17, 2017 6:18 pm

Sorry it took a few days to moderate your message. It's house of FLU at my house. :)

 Re: Looking for Collaborators for a Potential Writing Projec

Joined: Sat Aug 11, 2012 7:15 am
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Wed Feb 22, 2017 10:22 pm

//@KatieThat's fine.//


This is the thread where you can apply, if you want, to help me work with a Writing Project. There's a reason as to why you must be familiar with my RPs. However, as for that reason, I will not reveal it as of now. I will also inform you of whether or not you are accepted into the Collab. The following consists of a checklist which you can use to help with writing your paragraph.


Basically, all I need, in that paragraph is the following;

1. Your Username

2. Your Pen-Name

3. Why you want to help out with this Project

4. Your Writing abilities or how well you are capable of writing

5. Your Favorite Book Genres and Favorite Books

6. How often you are on the STACKS


Thank you for reading and good luck with your paragraphs. 



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