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Dirty blonde hair. Stormy Gray eyes. Cubs baseball cap. Black Nike T-Shirt. Denim- Wash jeans. Orlando Jorge Priceton. He sits next to me in science. I love him instantly. From the moment he walked in the door. Not that he would ever notice me. Bushy brown hair, green eyes. Weird 80's style. Nope. Not a chance...

It's the end of first quarter. I've given up. And then something happened. The book report happened. My heart pounded and I sent a hopeful glance at Amelia, my best friend. Who nodded and crossed her fingers. "Rachel and Veronica, Sasha and Vermont, Kasey and Jen, Orlando and Danielle-" I didn't hear the rest. I turned my head slowly to the left and saw Orlando looking at me, as if noticing me for the first time. But, this time- his eyes weren't stormy, something was different in thoes deepset eyes of his. What was it? I met his gaze. He blushed (what!?) and turned away. "Finn and Sillia, David and Roscoe, Sharon and Mindy, and Gracie and Flint." I didn't do anything. I stared at my desk. RIIIIING! The bell rang. Time to go. I still sat there. Dumbstruck? I felt Orlando standing over me. I looked up at him, and he extended his free hand to help me up. "You coming?"

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