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 Malfoy marriage

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Fri Jul 03, 2015 8:15 pm

Who here would think that Malfoy would end up marrying anyone? I can't believe anybdy would want to marry that cold-hearted guy, unless of course he softened up when he met the "Girl Of His Dreams" or maybe he was forced into it. Who knows?

 Re: Malfoy marriage

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Sat Feb 06, 2016 8:19 pm

Aaah apparently Draco ended up marrying Astoria Greengrass! 


Hm, honestly, I don't think that he's that terrible of a person! A lot of people seem to genuinely like him (other than his parents...), and even though he was a prick and a "spoiled rich kid" as a teenager, I don't think we should be judging him too hard for the rest of his life based on that... he was just a teenager, after all, raised and encourages to act like that. I believe that his experience in the war really changed him. :D Besides, he did get a girlfriend even back when he was a pricky teen. Pansy Parckinson, anyone? 


However, I don't think that it's all that unlikely for pure-blooded wizards to be having arranged marriages, even in the modern-day wizarding world. But it's confirmed that Astoria and Draco didn't have an arranged marriage, because Luscious and Naricssa disapproved of Astoria, not because she's not a pure-blood (she is), but because she doesn't support their beliefs of Muggle inferiority. Go Astoria! Haha :D

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