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 Meet my characters

Joined: Sat Feb 02, 2013 8:56 pm
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Sat Aug 16, 2014 10:31 pm

Me: Hi guys! I just thought it would be cool if you coul meet my characters! First up! Becca Brown! I am currently writing her book btw. Come on out Becca!

Becca: *walks out* Hi. Can I go now?

Me: Ummmm. No.

Becca: Aw man!

Me: Uhhhhh. Yep. So what do you think of our guests?

Becca: *whispers to me* *smiles wickedley*

Me: *pales* BECCA! *smiles nervously* She saud you look wonderful

Becca: *laughs*

Me: So. Becca. Tell them where you live.

Becca: I "live" at HQ.

Me: ooooooh yeaaaahhh. Tell them any friends?

Becca: Oh. Lenny and Dan.

Me: What about-*slaps hand to mouth*

Becca: Who?

Me: *sheepishly* I er. Havent gotten there yet...

Becca: *facepalms* Im out. Peace! *walks off*

Me: Ok. Next up...Emerald King!

Emerald: *walks in and sighs* I told you specifically to call me King.

Me: *mocks her* I specifically told you...

Emerald: *growls*

Me: Fine! Ill call you King.

King: Thank you.

Me: Im still working on "Kings" story also.

King: *growls again* Im leaving.

Me: What? Are you gonna call your Jony-poo to come give you a kissy?

King: *lunges*

Jon: *holds king back* We had better go.

Me: wait! First say hi to the audience!

Jon: Wait?! This is being filmed?! *drags king offstage*

Me: O.o Next up...Rachelle Martins!!!

Rachelle: Hi! Please,call me Rachel!

Me: *mutters* Finally, someone has manners.*smiles* Hi Rachel!

Rachel: Sooo! Your filming this?

Me: Yep!

Rachel: Really? *straitens hair* Wow! Im gonna be famous!

Me: Rache. What about Keith?*does raise eyebrows up+down thing*

Rachel: *Pales* Uhhhh. Yeah. Got to go,byee!*runs off stage* KEITH! IM COMING!

Me:*snickers* She has to save her "boyfriend". I did this middle o' story. *laughs* Its funny.

Roan: HEY! My turn now!

Me: Oh yes. Everyone...Roan!

Roan: Thank you. Bye. *puts helmet on*

Me: D: But you-just-started!

Roan: I know. I have to save the world ya know.

Me: *sighs* Go ahead.

Roan: *runs offstage* BYEEEE!

Me: Thats all the characters I have so far. I hope you liked it! I might do more. Byee!


 Re: Meet my characters

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Sun Mar 22, 2015 8:40 pm

@cyclonevampire7 thank you for making this post.It inspired me to make my own on my blog on the Reading Buzz Board

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