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 ** MEMBER OF THE WEEK!!! confidentpurple80!!**

Joined: Sat Nov 22, 2008 2:05 pm
Posts: 1545
Fri Jun 05, 2015 12:35 pm

YEAH! Drum roll.... our FIRST SUMMER 2015 MOTW is.... confidentpurple80! YEAH!!


Dear Katie,


Here are my answers to your questions in red.


Which book series do you want to read or finish this summer? I do not have a book series that I want to finishes this summer but I do have a book that I want to finishes this summer called Every Day with Jesus.


What is your favourite month of summer? July.


List the first three words you think of when you hear "summer," in the order that you think of them. Busy, fun, and ice cream.


Ice cream or popsicles? Ice cream.


Write a summer haiku (a poem with three lines, first line has 5 syllables, the second has 7 syllables, and the third has 5 syllables)? Sunny Weather Cloud


What are you plans for this summer? Going to deaf camp, then working at hearing camp, and celerbate my  grandpanters (on my mother side) 50th annviersity.


If you were stranded somewhere all Summer, where would you want to be stranded and why? In SC because of beuitful weather, and beuitful place.


If you had to travel by one specific vehicle all summer, what vehicle would you choose? Car.


What's your favorite word? ASL.


Would you rather spend all Summer indoors or outdoors? Outdoors.


Cherry popsicle or grape popsicle? Grape popsicle.


What was a book you thought you'd like but didn't? And the opposite? I do not think I read a book that I thought I would like but did not. Also, I do not think I read a book that I thought I would dislike but did like.


Is there a book you like but you're embarrassed? (Like a guilty pleasure)? The Babysisters Club.


There’s a new ice cream with chocolate chips, caramel swirls, and cookie dough.  YOU have to name it. What would you name it? Amazing Twist.


What are your best studying methods? (even if it's too late to help someone for this school year, maybe for the next?) To read it over again, over again, then try to not to look at it, repent it, and see if I got it right.


What are some jobs you would like to do once you're all grown-up? Interperting for the deaf, train dogs for deaf people, and working at a Christian school with deaf people.


What's the latest movie you watched? Have not watch a movie this summer.


Best book of this school year? I do not know. Since I finishes school but in the pass. I have no idea. 


A song/some songs that describe this school year the best? By the Gentle Waters


Your favorite fictional character from this school year/year? I do not know. Since I finishes school but in the pass it was Batman.


How do you celebrate the end of school? Saying good-byes to friends.


For holidays: mountains or the sea? Mountains.


Urban environment or the countryside? Countryside.


Does your school have uniforms? Do you like them? If not, would you mind going to a school with uniforms? No but we do have a dress cord. I like dress cord rules. I will be fine going to a school with uniforms.


Do you tan/burn easily? I burn easily even if I did put on sunscrean.


Maybe you get freckles or moles? Get both.


What are some things that remind you of summer? (idk scents/music/food, anything) Ice cream and warm weather.


So, how do you plan to heal yourself from this tiring school year once it's all over? Get some extra rest.


Do you belong to any school clubs/communities? Have any good memories you'd want to share? I do was no involded in schools club in high school. O though I was apart of bolwing and soccer team. In college I was in a socity called the Kangaroos (T  a trangel X [greek words]). Yes lots. My socity was big but friendly. I made a lot friends and grew a lot spiritually.




Rank these summer activities from most favorite to least favorite: swimming, fishing, watching TV, going to camp, reading


1-10 (ten for best and one for lest)



What's in your summer to-read list? Finishes all books that I have in my room. 5


What upcoming movie(s) are you looking forward to? No. 5


What motivates you to do work/studying? I have get done. I will help me earn more money. It wiill help me in the future. 9 


Do you liiiiiiiiiiiiiiike anyoneeeeeeeee? *annoying little sibling glance* Yes. 8


Hm, what are your pet peeves? No. 6


What makes you feel better when you're sad/down? Eat putter butter and cholocate. 4


Which are your top 3 places to visit on this Earth? I do not know. 3


Can/do you swim? No. 1


June, July or August? July. 7


Do you have any projects/goals for this summer? What are they? Yes. Learn how to drive and get ready for this fall. Plus, working a camp. 10


Have any jokes? No. 0


-------Confidentpurple80/Great 123



 Re: ** MEMBER OF THE WEEK!!! confidentpurple80!!**

Joined: Sun Oct 13, 2013 12:15 am
Posts: 669
Sat Jun 06, 2015 3:30 pm

Congratulations! First SUMMER MOTW! :mrgreen:

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