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 Mick Slick, prologue

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Tue Aug 10, 2010 6:02 pm



   So you’re the idiot who wanted to read this!  Of course, if you were smart at all, you wouldn’t want to even glance here, because this is the account of Mick Slick.  (Whose real name is Michael.)

   As you probably know, he was the President of the United States once.  Although this was only for a very short time, everyone who did not leave to go to Cambodia, or somewhere else out of the country, had to be a part of mass stupidity, run by Mick.

   You probably guessed by now, he was an idiot.  He was in the past, but it didn’t all get too extreme until one Tuesday, when he got an idea.  I won’t waste the breath telling you what year it was, because you were most likely already alive then.  Anyway, it doesn’t matter.  The point is that Mick had a plan.

   As a matter of fact, it was my plan, but I don’t want to take too much responsibility for it all, because that’s just the kind of person I am.

   According to an interview with Mick, he had just woken up, and spent forty three minutes brushing his hair, (I don’t know,) when he left for work, at Claudius’s Buger Emporium. (They meant to spell it ‘Burger,’ but that’s a different story.)

   He had just arranged the days’ burgers in a glass case at the front counter (again, I don’t know.)  I guess he was okay at his simple job, because that was exactly what his boss, Franker, not Claudius, who didn’t really even exist, had told him to do.

   And that was when I walked in, carrying my laptop and my new invention. 

   Just so you know how to picture this part, I’ll explain what I look like.

   I’m fairly tall, and, er, not on the skinny side, like Mick.  I usually wear these glasses that I made, that no one thinks are awesome except me, for some reason I don’t understand, and I have yellow eyes.  Not to mention…a full head…no, half head, of hair.  (It’s black, if you were wondering.  Not gray.)

   Mick, I’m sorry to say, doesn’t have amazing good looks as I do.  He’s about as tall as me, yellow hair.  (Blonde, if you insist on being fancy.)  Green eyes, and usually wears a superman cape, along with other stupid clothes for a grown man to wear.

   I guess he’s not as interesting and complex as I am, so I’ll get back to the story.

   “Hey, Shantorian, it’s you!”  Mick said. 

   Duh, of course it’s me!  I thought.  By the way, that’s exactly what I said, except then I wasn’t so nice.

   “So, Mick, I came up with a way to make you smarter!”  I said, after insulting him a few times.

   “It’s Mike!  That’s my real name!”  He yelled.

   “Um, but you write it Mick Slick, not Mike Slick.”  I replied.  You could tell the guy hadn’t had a great childhood.

   “So what is it?”  He asked.  Wow, the most non-stupid thing he ever said.

   “Here, put this helmet on,” I said, handing my newest invention of my science career, a hat that increases the good brain waves in your head, sending them to where they should go in your mind, so you’re never scatterbrained, or just plain stupid ever again.  I probably shouldn’t tell you how long it took me to make it work.

   Mick stuck the helmet on his head, and I reached the switch on top of it, turned it on, and nothing happened.  At least for a few minutes. 

   I knew it would probably do that.  The stupider someone is, the longer it takes my invention to boot up. 

   After waiting, it finally started to work, causing Mick to fall down on the floor with the force of the messed up brain waves fixing themselves inside his head.

   He stood up after a second, then madly started trying to grab my laptop, which I take everywhere.

   “No, Mick.”

   “It’s Michael.”  The smarter person said in a sophisticated voice.

   Finally, he got it from me.  Opening it and turning the laptop on, he immediately went to “So You want to be the”  Why was he doing that?  I only figured it out when it was too late.  The helmet had made him so smart that he learned how to hack the government website, making himself the president. 

   At least he was now smarter than some of the other jokers who were in the white house at times.  That’s probably why he wanted that job.  But maybe he wasn’t best, because then, with the shock of being president, or something, he fell over, causing the helmet to fall off his head, and crash to the floor, damaged beyond repair.  Michael, or really Mick, now, stood up, and grinned.  He was stupid again.  He was going to be president.  

 Re: Mick Slick, prologue

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Mon Aug 23, 2010 12:53 pm
Sure, that was good. :) Btw, it's blond with out the e if you're referring to a guy.

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