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 Moretti Academy's Junior School of the Arts RP. [6th-8th]

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//Moretti Academy's Junior School of the Arts RP. [6th-8th]//








You are a student attending Moretti Academy for the Arts that is attached to the local Santoro Senior High. As you are practically on campus with the everyday high school student plus your middle school/junior high peers, you have the ability to take certain higher level classes which are usually available to high school students. The best way to explain your position is this: There's the Major Standard High School [Santoro Senior High], its Academy of the Arts [Moretti Academy for the Arts at Santoro Senior High], and your peers. 



To explain the rather odd grouping of years, in your district it is possible for the students who are advanced in Math to take Algebra I Regular or Honors, usually Honors, in 7th Grade rather than the usual 9th Grade. But, for those who undergo Algebra I, they must keep their grades above average; especially, if they wish to be able to take the Algebra I required Final and pass to Geometry, which is usually a 10th grade level Math class, and so forth.



In fact, this particular school runs on a Trimester Schedule and has a Fall Term, Winter Term, and Spring Term. If you take a class for 2 of those Terms, it accounts to 1 full credit. Core classes such as English, Math, Science, etc. are for 1 full year. 



Even though you are attending the same school as high schoolers, you are split away from them. The school typically has several smaller halls/buildings along with your Halls. The various subjects are split up around the school. Usually, your main classes other than electives are about the West, East, and sometimes South Wing. The school has recently opened up the program to 6th Years; but, they are usually kept far away from the Senior High students, for obvious reasons. 



You take your Academic classes and everything else before your Major classes. Those are split up into having two Major classes per day on a rotating schedule obtained at the beginning of the school year. Upon auditioning for the program, you are split into skill levels and you take your Major class by your skill level. Typically, you take 9 maximum classes per Semester, one of those 9 is your Major class which is split into two classes each day. You always have your Major class at the end of the day and you rotate by whichever teacher is teaching your class. This is always pre-determined by skill level. You are allowed to take a smaller elective related to your Major; so, your Elective may be an Ensemble or Choir in which you must audition into in order to attend, a Jazz Improv class,  or even a class on Shakespeare or Literature.



Please remember that students attending the Academy do not necessarily have to have any prior experience at all as they will be sorted into their appropriate level classes.



//Required Classes;//



//6th Years;//



English 6 Regular or Advanced [Year]
Pre-Algebra [Year]
Spanish, French, or German [Beginning/Intermediate] [Semester to Year]
Science [Earth & Life Science/Physical Science] Regular or Advanced [Year]
World History & Geography / World Cultures Regular or Advanced [Year]
Physical Education 6/7 [Semester]
Personal, Social, Health & Economic Education 6/7 [Semester]
Religious Education, World Religions, or Religion, Philosophy, & Ethics [Semester]



//7th Years;//



English 7 Regular or Advanced [Year]
Pre-Algebra, Algebra I Regular, or Honors Algebra I [Year]
Spanish, French, or German [Beginning/Intermediate or I] [Semester to Year]
Science [Earth & Life Science/Physical Science] Regular or Advanced [Year]
World History & Geography / Civics Regular or Advanced [Year]
Physical Education 6/7 or 7/8 [Semester]
Personal, Social, Health & Economic Education 6/7 or 7/8 [Semester]
Religious Education, World Religions, or Religion, Philosophy, & Ethics [Semester]



//8th Years;//



English 8 Regular or Advanced [Year]
Algebra I Regular, Honors Algebra I, Geometry Regular, or Honors Geometry [Year]
Spanish, French, or German [I or Honors II] [Year]
Honors Earth Space Science [Year]
US History & Geography / Economics Regular or Advanced [Year]
Physical Education 7/8 [Semester]
Personal, Social, Health & Economic Education 7/8 [Semester]
Religious Education, World Religions, or Religion, Philosophy, & Ethics [Semester]



//Elective Classes;//



//Add any other classes, in addition to the following, as you see fit such as TV Production, Home Economics, Law Studies, Medical Skills, or if there are no classes that are interesting, use Study Hall in place of the elective spot. You can also take Volleyball, Basketball, Archery, etc. as well, if you would like, or any other classes. You can also take Arts classes outside of your Major here as well, if preferred.//



Latin 7/8 [Beginning/Intermediate Latin, Latin I]
English Literature/Literature
Design Technology: Fashion Design & Textiles
Informational Technology
Speech & Debate
Art History
Business Studies
Culinary Arts
Photography & Digital Photography
Music Technology
Second Modern Language 7/8 [Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic]







Major [Minor Focuses]


Art [2D, Drawing & Painting, 3D, Ceramics & Sculpture, Graphical Arts & Design, or Photography & Digital Photography]

Music [Instrumental [Band, Guitar, Orchestra, Piano] or Vocal/Choral ]

Dance [Ballet or Modern Focus]

Drama & Theatre Studies [Musical Theatre, Theatre, Technical Theatre]

Creative Writing



//Scheduling Example;//




//Scheduling Example.//


# Subject Semester A Semester B Semester C
1 English English 7 Adv English 7 Adv English 7 Adv
2 Maths Hon. Algebra I Hon. Algebra I Hon. Algebra I
3 Social Studies Adv. Social Studies 7 Adv. Social Studies 7 Adv. Social Studies 7
4 Science Adv. Science 7 Adv. Science 7 Adv. Science 7
5 Language Spanish Spanish Spanish
6 PE/Health Physical Education 7/8 Personal, Social, Health, & Economic Education 7/8 Religion, Philosophy, & Ethics
7 Elective German German German
8 Elective English Literature Informational Technology Art History
9 Major Creative Writing Creative Writing Creative Writing








For the character form, the Audition segment is required. Students can audition for up to 3 Majors. Each Major has a separate audition practice depending on what the student is going in for. 



For all Majors, the student is required to complete 1 Essay about why they wish to attend the Academy. Only 1 Essay per student is necessary even if auditioning for 3 Majors. 




+ Art Auditions;



1-3. An Art Portfolio or samples of work with at least 3 key pieces illustrating the student's skill and ability.



+ Music Auditions;



1. Instrumental/Vocal scale & Warm-ups. 



- Instrumental Music;



2/3. Instrumental - 2 pieces of music; preferably classic. 



- Vocal Music;



2/3. Vocal - Measures of 2 separate songs, at least one needs to be Classic.



Vocal Music may use a song from Disney, Broadway, a Hymn, or an older song from another time, culture, or language. 



+ Dance Auditions;



1. Warm-Ups



2/3. 2 separate works of Choreography [1 for Ballet, 1 for Modern]



+ Drama & Theatre Studies Auditions;



- Musical Theatre



1. Vocal scale & Warm-ups, 1 song from Classics such as Disney, Broadway, or older song, and 1 Contemporary song from Modern music



2. Act out a Monologue



3. 1 Choreography routine of student's choice



- Theatre



3 Monologues, can be from the same play or different ones



- Technical Theatre



Student presents their experience by using stage equipment to demonstrate their skills.



+ Creative Writing Auditions;



A writing portfolio with at least 3 short stories.



//While you need to follow this structure, it isn't necessary for you to have to look up this or that in order to follow this. You could say that they shown an example of pottery, read lines from Shakespeare. Songs from Disney are allowed, obviously.//



//Additional Information;//



If your student is auditioning for Musical Theatre and/or Vocal Music, please be sure to include which singer you think that your student sings similar to, even though your student is most likely untrained and not a professional nor the same age as the singer in question.



You can also include their vocal range such as C4 - C6, their vocal type such as Soprano, and their specific type such as Soprano I, plus whether they have a soft and light texture, or even a sweet texture to their voice when they sing; plus, whether they can sing higher or lower than the singer in question. 



I will also inform you of their vocal type, at least, if possible. 



Remember, typically, Chorus runs on a Soprano-Alto-Tenor-Bass roles; but, they could be a Mezzo-Soprano or a Baritone singer. Basically, if they are stronger with higher notes, they would be a Soprano II or Tenor II respectfully. If they are stronger with lower notes, they would be an Alto I or Bass I respectfully. 



//As my knowledge of music is very amateur, this is how I personally see it and how it will be set in this RP. You can challenge my knowledge if you wish; but, it is very amateur in nature.//




//Application Form;//
Character's Name;
Character's Age/Year[10-13/6-8];
Languages Character Speaks [Fluently and Non-fluently + English];
New or Returning Student?;
Preferred Arts Major[Students may audition for 3 Majors];
Experience in the Arts;
Student's History/Background;
Crush/Love Interest;
Optional list of interests/hobbies;
Character's Audition [Required Roleplaying Sample];





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