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 Mrs. L story #1

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Fri May 20, 2011 8:50 pm
    Okay so my teacher is AWESOME!  She does some...lets say thins other teachers would never do!  So this is true just different names.  Okay your going to need to know some backround teacher has three drawers of balls you know soft footballs that kind of thing some regular but mostly soft.  I did this really quickly just to let you know!  Now sit back and enjoy!

        One day I was just sitting at my desk doing boring math problems and my teacher, Mrs. L left the room to talk to a sixth grade teacher.   Mrs. L came back a few minutes later and proclaimed, "Okay people, finish the problem you are on and grab a ball from one of my drawers!"   We all start whispering excitedly.  Victoria spoke up and asked, "Why?"   Mrs. L said, " Well the sixth grade teacher said that her and her classes day has been really boring."  "So?"  Charles said rudely.  "We are going to peg them with balls when I cough you guys wait outside the doors."   "Oh my gosh, really!" Casey said.   So we all grabbed a ball and army crawled through the hall to the sixth grade class room.   Mrs. L went in and just talked for a while and then coughed and we all ran in and starting throwing the balls at the sixth graders.
Mrs. L exclaimed, "Retreat! Retreat!"  We all ran back with the balls into our room and started laughing.  When Mrs. L came back she counted the balls and there was one missing.  Later that day the sixth grade teacher came in with a ball and said, "I found this ball in the trash can with snot covered tissues, chewed up food, and squished bugs!"   Mrs. L exclaimed, "Well I'm glad you touched it first!"

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 Re: Mrs. L story #1

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Sun Jun 12, 2011 2:58 pm
  Haha, cool! :) I liked it. I wish I had your teacher....
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