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 Music Exchange.

Joined: Sat Aug 11, 2012 7:15 am
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Thu Jan 22, 2015 1:01 am

Welcome to the Music Exchange where you can find suggestions, or new material. 


Here's what you do, make four separate categories in a list format; Interests, Non-interests, Compatible Genres, Incompatible Genres. 


Interests are what you're interested in music-wise, or looking for, for that matter. 


Are you looking for Pop, or Rock? 


Non-interests are what you're not looking for. 


Compatible Genres are the genres you like, or what genres interest you.


Incompatible Genres are the genres what you detest, or what genres don't interest you. 


For those which are liked, you would use the + item or topic.


For those which are not liked or detested, you would use the - item or topic.


You can further classify by adding your own paragraphs behind the item or topic, using a semi-colon, or a colon and adding what you would use to clarify your topic with.


So, when suggesting others bands or artists, remember target those closer to their interests and within their compatible genres, and steer clear of those within their Non-interests or Incompatible Genres.


This means no suggesting Opera to someone if Opera is not one of their Interests, nor is a Compatible Genre.


Remember that this will get worked on further as we go along, and that this is just the first rendition. 


You are allowed to make newer groups or updated groups of your interests, non-interests, and the like.


No commenting on anyone's taste. This is because, their interests and compatible genres are what they like or what they have an interest in, which would mean they are most comfortable with those elements or used to them. Steer clear of their disinterests or incompatible genres unless an update has them liking something which was on their disinterests. For a good number of items, stick with two to five or even up to ten items. Group artists or bands by their similarities or that you just like them. Regardless, it's your choice and the purpose of the Music Exchange is find Music suggestions which are in your interests or a likely candidate which you might like. You are allowed to suggest to others who don't share the same music interests as you as long as your selection/suggestion applies to their taste.


If you need clarification to whether something would be a good idea to suggest, then, you could ask them on whether they like, detest, have heard of, or haven't heard of the artist.


Like would mean that they like the artist.


Detest would mean that they dislike the artist.


Have heard of would mean that they know the artist exists and they may or may not have heard of their material.


Haven't heard of would mean that they don't know the artists exist and probably haven't heard of the artist.


Neutral would mean that they neither like nor dislike the artist.


Okay would mean that they find the artist okay and they may or may not like or/nor detest the artist in question.


You may use just one or more than one of the above when replying to a question of the sorts, or just elaborate on your opinion of the artist.


//For those confused, look at my grouping.//





+ Rock


+ Metal


+ Music from foreign cultures and countries and in foreign languages.


+ Electronica/Nightcore


+ Older music like The Cure, Bauhaus, Survivor, Foreigner, Depeche Mode.





- Rap/Hip-hop


- Most Pop, unless it's Indie //An exception is Imagine Dragons.//


- Taylor Swift, Iggy Azalea, etc.



Compatible Genres


+ Rock


+ Metal


+ Electronica/Nightcore


+ Opera/Musicals that happen to be Rock //An example would be RENT, as I like some of the music that I've heard from RENT, which I have no idea on what RENT is rated.//


+ Music from foreign countries //J-Pop, K-Pop, J-Rock, Sweden, Japan, Germany, Finland, Iceland, UK, Denmark, Norway, Russia....//



Incompatible Genres


- Most Modern Pop unless they are Indie, or creative //This could also go for Rap/Hip-hop as well, since, the more unknown the rapper is, the more likely I might be to look up their material, unless they are from a country outside the US.//


- Rap/Hip-hop



//This would mean that I am more likely to favor or get suggested with Rock than Pop, or older music than most Modern Pop.//




 Re: Music Exchange.

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Thu Jan 22, 2015 10:20 pm

Wow Zirconia! Very cool. I do wonder what you're going to be when you grow up to be an adult alien.

 Re: Music Exchange.

Joined: Sat Aug 11, 2012 7:15 am
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Thu Jan 22, 2015 11:57 pm

//@Katie; Awww.... Thanks. I haven't actually thought of a career, maybe the business or trading field. Or maybe, if the species of planets meet other species of planets, even your human planet, I might go into dealing with them and making sure they get along intergalactically and no wars break out. So, maybe, species resources? In case that happens. Or being a Writer/Critic, as I'm sure there are writers over here, which means there will be critics which follow them.//



 Re: Music Exchange.

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Wed Jun 03, 2015 10:23 pm




 Re: Music Exchange.

Joined: Mon Nov 29, 2010 12:39 pm
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Thu Jun 11, 2015 9:18 pm

This is a pretty cool idea.



+ traditional foreign music 

+ classical pieces with strong themes (yes - legit "classical" music, as in orchestral ^_^)

+ indie music that's not too blatantly "look at me I'm hipster"

+ EDM, mostly techno with a lot of synths

+ music with really really really awesome vocals



- mainstream pop

- metal, rock


I won't list compatible/incompatible genres since I kind of just listed what I'm compatible and incompatible with. :razz:


@darkrising6: Might I make a suggestion for you? "Spotless Mind", by Jung Joon Young. It is a Korean song; not pop, some people have classified it as rock but I don't know what you'd call it. Let me know what you think of it. :)


~Tam (harrypotterisbeast because, obviously, he is :razz: )

 Re: Music Exchange.

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Sat Jun 13, 2015 9:08 pm


It's not bad.
I didn't understand what the vocalist was saying.
It reminds me a little bit of J-Rock.
It seems to be more of an Indie Rock or a ballad type of Pop.
It was good.
Let's see, what would I suggest to you?
Something in my taste is True Beauty Is So Painful by Oomph; but, that isn't exactly in your taste of music, and yes, it's the english version of the song.
It could be considered EDM or even rock.
You might not like it; but, I wanted to see if it was in your taste.
There is a chance you might like Veil of Elysium by Kamelot as well. It's more on the orchestral side.
It's more power/symphonic metal; but, it's good as well.
//Personally, I believe you'll prefer Kamelot's over Oomph's due to your taste.//
//Also, what do you think of groups like 2NE1, Big Bang, and SHINee?// //

 Re: Music Exchange.

Joined: Sat Feb 13, 2010 2:04 pm
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Sat Jun 20, 2015 3:37 pm

Yeah yeah, I totally forgot to reply, nevermind me (actually I started to then i had to go then I forgot to come back. SORRY OK????)


@darkrising6: ..........yeah basically I had this idea too, but you beat me to it! And you've done a pretty good job with it, probs better than me so yeah!!! Totally participating! See:


Interests: (I'm not going to do compatible bcz... i don't really get the concept)


+Rock. Classic, indie and rock in general


+Ballad songs (?????????????? what r they supposed to be?)


+Disney classic songs




+Super clam instrumentals/soundtracks


+Classical music (not all that much into opera for a good listen, but choir music is in)


+Piano pieces


+Jazz, especially classic and instrumental-only jazz


+Some alternative/indie music (idk really know what these terms actually mean but a lot of the contemporary music I listen to is called that so yeah, plz?)


+Pop-ish stuff and generally uplifting dancable music


+Foreign language music yes please and thank you. Even if it doesn't fall in the other "interests" categories, I will definitely check out whatever you guys suggest.

Kindly request, if you have any French music recs, since I want to get more in touch with this particular language. But again, I'm open to anything!


+Songs that tell stories, regardless of genre (actual stories, with begging, middle and ending)


+Traditional music from whatever place (even if i end up not really into it)


Nah (none of these are *completely* nah, though, because there are exceptions to all of these):







-Gregorian chanting (just in case...)


-Out-of-concept opera (so yeah please don't suggest unless you've also booked me tickets to go watch it live)


Non-listed genres: I'm probably open to them as suggestions, too!

 Re: Music Exchange.

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Sun Jun 21, 2015 2:08 am

//@hippolyte/Hippolyte/Anna; I don't know if you would like any of my recommendations; but, here they are.


1. True Beauty Is So Painful - Oomph!; There is a German version of it as well.
2. Veil of Elysium - Kamelot; Very well done. 
3. Believe - Dima Bilan; You may have heard of it. It was in Eurovision.
4. Fairytale - Alexander Rybak; Also in Eurovision.
5. Europe's Skies - Alexander Rybak; From the same vocalist above.
6. Oh No! - Marina & The Diamonds; You might like the song.
7. Enjoy The Silence - Depeche Mode; I love this song.
Enjoy The Silence by Depeche Mode covers;
1. by Gregorian; Gregorian chant; but, it's good. If you like the song, check out their other
2. by Anberlin; If you like the song, then, check out the New Surrender album for a starting point. There's other songs I like by them that I could suggest if you liked their music.
3. by Lacuna Coil; 
4. by Entwine; 
5. by Ryan Star; You could also check out Start a Fire by him. 
6. by Breaking Benjamin; Check out Diary of Jane, I Will Not Bow, Phase, Failure, Angels
Fall, and Defeated by them if you liked them. 
7. by New Years Day;
8. by Nada Surf; 
About the French; since, I'm not familiar with many French rock or metal bands at the moment, why not check out the French versions of Disney songs, songs from Anastasia in French, and any musical songs you like in French. //I would suggest Empty Chairs Empty Tables, and Do You Hear The People Sing? from Les Miserables; although, I believe the movie is PG-13.// 
//I'll need to look up some bands for you then; but, I'm highly attached to bands in the second sentence following this one.//
If it was music in Russian, I could suggest a band and an artist.
If it was music in German, I could suggest to you about a handful of bands.
//And that's all I could think of at the moment off-hand.// //

 Re: Music Exchange.

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Sat Jun 27, 2015 12:33 pm

@darkrising6 (pls only call me Anna or sth) 


Yay! Thank you so much! Actually I listened to all of them, typed my thoughts and was halfway through my own recs when I accidentally deleted the tag... sorry i fail lol.



-I actually really, really, really love the Oomph suggestion! Wow especially the German version holy cow thanks! :D


-Veil of Elysium is probably a bit too dark for my usual taste, but I have to admit it's indeed very well made! Not what I'd listen to myself, but still... wow. Also it reminds me of a dream I had once. *shrugs*


-Haha Believe was actually a well-deserved winner! :D And I still remember all the words to Fairytale wow. o_O Both good songs, but I'm not all that much into them.


-Europe's Skies is pretty cheesy (the lyrics). And I'm European. But still very good and the violin goooooooooooood I might've escaped crushing on Alex back in 2009 but I gotta admit that his violin playing is awesome slayed.


-Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand here we are. Marina and the Diamonds. I LOVE THAT WOMAN OK? Her voice is so powerful, ugh all those feelings she puts in, she's seriously giving  a full performance in every of her songs, not just sining, but actually... idk, acting? yeah, in other words, I love Marina and the Diamonds and this song too. Also this song reminds me of Reyna, a bit. :DDDDDDDD So of course I love it.


-Enjoy the Silence: Haha I knew that song from somewhere. You love it? Ok, I admit i'm very into it myself, but the covers were all very well done! Ok, admittedly I don't favor one of them above the others.


Unfortunately the songs of Anberlin I did check out didn't really "click" to me. Could you suggest your own favorites, maybe?


And Breaking Benjamin. HIS VOICE AUGHEOUHGSA. I actually already like some of their songs (like I Will Not Bow) and your other suggestions were pretty rad too.


I did check out Start A Fire, but not really my thing? haha all I know of Ryan Star is Losing Your Memory so I though it'd be just calm and ballad-ish too. That's not why I didn't like the song; actually I thought it was ok, but not all my taste.


-On the Disney French music, i do that a lot, actually! Dubbed versions of songs are actually a really good way to get into many different languages, especially since they're all very approachable nowadays :D


And ai, you don't have to go searching into foreign grounds just for me! I mean if you're going to do it, enjoy your journey for yourself too~


Ok now Anna's suggestions for Z (and everyone else who wants to listen to them, too!):


~Poets of the Fall: War; Dawn; Carnival of Rust (the singer's voice is MAGIC pls give them a try)


~Les Friction: World on Fire; Louder Than Words


~Imagine Dragons: Warriors; Smoke and Mirrors; Friction; I'm So Sorry (FREAKING I'M SO SORRY SLAYS ME EVERY TIME. Also basically listen to their 2nd album if you haven't alreadyyy I think they've come a long way like Radioactive and stuff was cute but now wow they're evoluted a looot)


Oh! Apparently there's also a mashup of Radioactive and Fall Out Boy's My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark = Radioactive In The Dark. It's very well done, you should give it a try. Yet again, there are many mashups of many things...


~Fun. apparently is indie pop??? rock-ish???????? Friend, please listen to fun. Or maybe don't, it's just that, this band means a looooooot to me. Carry On; At Least I'm Not As Sad (As I Used To Be); Benson Hedges;  and they're mostly known for Some Nights and We Are Young (ft. Janelle FREAKING Monae son). Also C'mon with Panic! At the Disco.


And they've also said Somebody to Love with Queen at some live concert! Which brings me to Queen. I Want To Break Free; Another One Bites The Dust; The Show Must Go On; Bohemian Rhapsody. And Somebody to Love, ofc!!! Listen to the original version if anything, for better listening quality and Freddie Mercury. Also I'm learning to play it on the piano rn, just saying.


Ok old music here:


~Bruce Dickinson - Tears of the Dragon


~Guns N Roses -  Paradise City; Sweet Child O' Mine


~Led Zeppelin - Stairway To Heaven; Kashimir


(yeah those are pretty well known so if you already know them... skip?)


~Talking Heads - Psycho Killer (their most popular song, but defs not their best, imo); Life During Wartime; Burning Down the House; And She Was; Road To Nowhere (the last 2 are from Little Creatures, I grew up with this album playing at house almost every day so it's kinda important to me. Also I accidentally have associated the music to reading Harry Potter bcz it was playing in the background when I first read the books. Oops)


~Ok and member David Byrne has done a collaborative album with St. Vincent!!!!!!! Who; Weekend in the Dust (the album's name's Love This Giant)

St Vincent now:

Paris is Burning; Birth In Reverse; The Apocalypse Song; Sleep All Summer with the National. Which brings me to the National:

I Need My Girl; Don't Shallow The Cup; Fake Empire; Fireproof; Exile, Vilify; Lean


I should stop????


Q: Nightcore is an actual genre? So far I thought it was just fanmade high-pitched versions of songs with an anime pic on the video. 


Hmmmmm.......... I guess I could suggest some music from th anime, but that will be for later. Because now. Too much. SOrry you don't have to listen to them all, or at all.


 Re: Music Exchange.

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Tue Jun 30, 2015 8:45 am



//My reply to your Response.//


-Oomph!? Oh, yeah. They are great. I love their music and Rammstein's. Both can get rather dark; especially, on Rammstein's end. I've honestly been listening to their music the most back and forth, back and forth. You should check out more of their music. I would think that Rammstein's darker than Oomph! and all; but, Oomph! arrived before Rammstein and probably influenced them. I really love music like them that are German and whatnot. Check out the NDH/Neue Deutsch Harte or New German Hardness genre, it could also cross over into Industrial Metal territory; but, I honestly love that sort of music~


-Veil of Elysium. Dark? I didn't notice it honestly. It's very well made, indeed.


-Believe and Fairytale. Yes, both are good.


-Europe's Skies. I love his use of the violin.


-Marina and the DIamonds. I understand that you love her music. She's great. I also like her music.


-Enjoy the Silence. Obviously, I love this song so much. Covers are great though.


-Anberlin? Hold on. This could take a while.


-Breaking Benjamin. I know, his voice is so great. Failure, Angels Fall, and Defeated are songs off of their latest album.


-Start a Fire - Ryan Star. I liked it.


-Disney French music. I love listening to all the various versions of their songs.


-I haven't ventured off into French rock/metal-land yet; because, I'm far too attached to the two bands I've named from earlier. I listen to them far too much. //Would you like bands from France? Or bands that sing in French? That would help me narrow bands down easier.//


-Yes. That's Nightcore for you. Higher pitched vocals or lower pitched vocals. Lower pitched vocals are Knightcore. //Get it????// If you want some song suggestions than request some for Nightcore.


//I've finished the last song by The National as I am posting this.// //



 Re: Music Exchange.

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Tue Jun 30, 2015 8:49 am



//Your Suggestions.//


-Poets of the Fall - Carnival of Rust. 2006???? Yes. Oooh, nice guitar. Nice song, nice song.


-Poets of the Fall - War. Are they from Finland? I love music from Finland, Norway, and Sweden so much. I like them. I like them very much, actually. Like I said previously, I really love music from those three countries in my taste of music so much.


-Poets of the Fall - Dawn. Beautiful. Just simply beautiful.


-Les Friction - World on Fire. Oooh, dramatic introduction. Nice. Reminds me of Imagine Dragons. Also, nice vocals. Well produced.


-Les Friction - Louder Than Words. Also interesting introduction, an eerie sound. Hey it reminds me of Queen a bit. Nice instruments for an introduction. Dramatic instruments. I happen to love the part where the guitar jumps in. Nice dramatic conclusion.


-Imagine Dragons - Warriors. I've heard this one before. I like this one.


-Imagine Dragons - Smoke and Mirrors. Oooh, nice intro. Awww. Vocals are nice.


-Imagine Dragons - Friction. Nice intro. It's nice. Fantastic outro.


-Imagine Dragons - I'm So Sorry. I've also heard this one before. Catchy intro. Catchy in general. Okay this one is so catchy that it has now grown on me....


-Radioactive In The Dark. Oooh, sounds nice. What an epic mix here.


-Fun. - Carry On. Nice piano. Catchy.


-Fun. - At Least I'm Not As Said (As I Used To Be). Catchy. Not bad. He has a nice voice.


-Fun. - Benson Hedges. Nice intro.


-Fun. - Some Nights. Favorite fun. song; at the moment, until I hear the one with Panic! At The Disco~


-Fun. - We Are Young (ft. Janelle Monae). I wasn't a huge fan of this one originally. The beginning and the piano is fine.


-Fun. with Panic! At The Disco - C'mon. I like this one. It's nice.


- Queen with Fun. - Somebody to Love. Not bad.


- Queen - Somebody to Love. Piano. Nice song.


- Queen - I Want To Break Free. Interesting. Nice song.


- Queen - Another One Bites The Dust. Catchy.


- Queen - The Show Must Go On. Nice intro. Also, this one is a nice song.


- Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody. I love this song and I've heard it before.


- Bruce Dickinson - Tears of the Dragon. Nice intro. Powerful voice. Guitars~


- Guns N Roses - Paradise City. Awww instrumentals~ Catchy.


- Guns N Roses - Sweet Child O' Mine. Intro. seems familiar. Not bad.


- Led Zeppelin - Stairway To Heaven. Nice intro. Nice.


- Led Zeppelin - Kashimir. Interesting.


- Talking Heads - Psycho Killer. Nice guitars.


- Talking Heads - Life During Wartime. Nice guitars. Catchy.


- Talking Heads - Burning Down the House. Catchy. Psycho Killer definitely isn't their best, this one and the second one are catchy.


- Talking Heads - And She Was. Nice intro. Nice song. Catchy as well.


- Talking Heads - Road To Nowhere. Nice.


//Awww, that's alright about Harry Potter. I can't tell you how many songs I've thought suited my favorite characters, one you've probably never even heard of, and people disagree with me.... //*Sighs.*// Also, what songs are their best?//


- St. Vincent & David Byrne - Who. Catchy intro. Nice voice. Nice.


- St. Vincent & David Byrne - Weekend in the Dust. Nice again. Catchy.


- St. Vincent - Paris is Burning. Wow. This is a nice intro. This is nice.


- St. Vincent - Birth in Reverse. Her music reminds me of Marina & The Diamonds' and Emilie Autumn's for some reason....


- St. Vincent - The Apocalypse Song. Nice.


- St. Vincent with the National - Sleep All Summer. Nice guitar. His voice is nice.


- The National - I Need My Girl. His voice is nice seriously. Appearently, he's a baritone, by this one website, no wonder I like his voice. Also, how could I have a hunch that would be his voice type? //No, not all good male vocals are baritone. Check out what I recommend you of Kamelot's.//


- The National - Don't Shallow The Cup. Nice guitars. Again, his voice~


- The National - Fake Empire. Oooh, piano! Again, his voice is nice~ Nice instruments.


- The National - Fireproof. Ah, the guitar~


- The National - Exile, Villify. Ah, nice piano. Awww. I like his work.


- The National - Lean. Guitar~ Good lyrics. Awww. I can't believe this is the last song you've suggested.


//Yes, you should stop. What a long list!~. Also, you're excused due to The National having a nice sounding vocalist.//


//Also, in your next suggestions I'm requesting more like Poets of the Fall, Les Friction, Imagine Dragons, and The National. You can also include St. Vincent there.// //



 Re: Music Exchange.

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Tue Jun 30, 2015 8:53 am



//My Suggestions.//


Anberlin???? Other than some songs off of New Surrender, which are listed here and there in my suggestions for you. I don't know how well you'll take to some of them; but, they are a nice band.


Anberlin - Cold War Transmissions. <- This. The earliest song of their's on this list.


Anberlin - Never Take Friendship Personal ft. Ryan Clark of Demon Hunter. <- This.


Anberlin - Paperthin Hymn. <- This.


Anberlin - The Resistance <- This.


Anberlin - The Feel Good Drag.


Anberlin - A Whisper & A Clamor <- This.


Anberlin - Hello Alone


Anberlin - Readyfuels <- This.


Anberlin - The Unwinding Cable Car <- This.


Anberlin - Godspeed <- This.


Anberlin - Impossible


Anberlin - Reclusion <- This.


Anberlin - Time & Confusion


Anberlin - Uncanny


Anberlin - A Day Late


Anberlin - Dismantle Repair


Anberlin - Adelaide


Anberlin - Inevitable


Everything below this line of Anberlin's. Everything but The Art of War is off of New Surrender~


Anberlin - Breaking


Anberlin - Soft Skeletons. This one is dark. But, basically, everything off of Anberlin's New Surrender is great.


Anberlin - Retrace


Anberlin - Disappear


Anberlin - Breathe


Anberlin - Burn Out Brighter (Northern Lights)


Anberlin - Younglife


Anberlin - Haight Street


Anberlin - The Art Of War


Demon Hunter - Infected


Demon Hunter - My Heartstrings Come Undone


Demon Hunter - Deteriorate


Demon Hunter - Collapsing ft. Bjorn "Speed" Strid of Soilwork


Imagine Dragons - Ready Aim Fire. <- That right there is my favorite Imagine Dragons song. They have really evolved from Radioactive. It's cute and all; but, this one's my favorite. I really liked I'm So Sorry the most out of the suggested songs of their's. //And yes, I've yet to hear the entire album. Don't go after my head, I've clearly explained why. Also, blame a suggested song of mine. What can I say, when your favorite band has returned from 4 years of hiatus, it does something to you.//


Disturbed - The Vengeful One. MY FAVORITE BAND JUST CAME BACK RECENTLY so go easy on me. The Music Video is probably on the creepy/scary side for you; so, a warning before you look. But, I love his voice. His voice is so strong and so powerful!~


Device - Out of Line ft. Serj Tankian. The vocalist's side project. I love the entire album especially, its extended edition. It's from 2013. Again, his voice is so strong and so powerful~ And as always anything with him in it has good lyrics as always~


Kamelot - Ghost Opera. Here's their previous vocalist before Tommy Karevik, the guy you heard, was their vocalist. You might of heard of him. His name is Roy Khan and he's brilliant.


Kamelot - Dear Editor, Kamelot - The Zodiac. These two go together. Nothing will really make sense without the two like that. It's Roy Khan again in this one by the way.


Kamelot - Hunter's Season. I also love this one by Kamelot.


If you really love Roy Khan's voice. An optional three tracks would be the Elizabeth Trilogy by Kamelot; although, it's not known as the Elizabeth Trilogy, it's three separate tracks. Your mileage may vary. It's the oldest of the tracks I've shown you with him so far. Also, Momento Mori is also great if you also love his voice.


And if you preferred Tommy Karevik;


Kamelot - Ashes to Ashes


Kamelot - Sacrimony (Angel of Afterlife) ft. Elize Ryd & Alissa White-Gluz


Kamelot - Torn; A little explicit.


Kamelot - Veritas ft. Elize Ryd; A little explicit. Oh, yeah, and Latin~


Kamelot - Falling Like The Fahrenheit ft. Elize Ryd


Kamelot - Solitaire


SR-71 - 1985


SR-71 - Goodbye


SR-71 - Tomorrow


Survivor - Eye of the Tiger. I love this song so much.


The Bee Gees - Stayin' Alive. Also, love this song a lot as well.


Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams. I also love this one.


In Flames - Moonshield


hi i'm case - Machine. Let me guess, you never heard of him, right? He's great. He ranks up there with Disturbed; so, go easy on him. You could also check out Jason Iscariot, if you like this song of his. It's heavier, and if you don't like the song, you should still check it out. It's honestly the same guy regardless. //



 Re: Music Exchange.

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Tue Jun 30, 2015 8:56 am



//My Requests.//


Bands like Oomph! and Rammstein. I already have Megaherz and Eisbrecher, in case you're suggesting them.


Bands from Germany, Sweden, Norway, and Finland. Seriously. I honestly believe the best vocals are from Germany/Austria/Switzerland, Norway and Netherlands; but, it also includes the others listed there.


Bands like Nightwish and Kamelot.


So, industrial metal, industrial rock, power metal, symphonic metal, melodic death metal, etc. I really love melodic pieces.


Also, songs in German that are like the above qualifies, or other languages as well is fine.


Music from bands like Joy Division, New Order, The Cure, etc. In other words, suggest songs from those bands or bands like them.


Also, something a lot alike the last artist I suggested. He's great and I was wondering if you know of anything like him.


Also, I wouldn't mind if you recommended any music from Greece as in the rock and metal direction.


Vocal wise, for men, I like baritones and low tenors or tenors who have a good voice. Kamelot has tenors, last time I checked, which may be Tenor 2 or Bass 1 by the SATB scale. For women, I'm not all that picky. I like strong sopranos, mezzo-sopranos, and altos.


//Also, happy belated Gemini zodiac sign season~ It's currently Cancer zodiac sign season~// //



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@darkrising6: Wow, those are a lot!!! I'll listen to them all, but give me some time pls~


Yay!! I'm glad you liked (most of) my stuff. I get that most of those probs weren't your requested style, exactly. 


AND THE NATIONAL JUST HAS AMAZING VOCALS IKR??? I JUST REALLY LIKE DEEP VOICES. <3 Not only on men, but maaaaaaaaan his voice. It's also that the songs are super calm and great for sleep/realxing also kinda inspire me to do the writing stuff? I think The National and my ears are drift compatible.


Oh! Yeah, Pacific Rim! It's a pretty good movie about giant robots punching giant monsters. The music is pretty great, too; listen to the Main Theme; there's also an Extended version if you really like it, and an Epic Rock cover. 2500 Tons of Awesome is the true title of another track. The Breach; Cancelling The Apocalypse; Mako (they are all instrumental, expect from Mako which doesn't have the rock/dynamic feel of the others, it's just choir oohs and an amazing crescendo of beautfiul, outlandish music.) The movie is PG13, I think. If you haven't watched it, perhaps you should check out the trailer first. 



OK based on the stuff I suggested the first time: 

More on the National; Runaway; Demons; but now that you know them you can check them out on your own ofc~


To Kill a King (idk if you're going to like them, they kinda remind me of the National); They've done some stuff with Bastille (Bloody Shirt; Falling), but I assume you already know Bastille. Songs I know about tKaK include Fictional State; I Work Nights and You Work Days.


Hm, there's this thing Bastille have done with Lana del Ray's Blue Jeans. Requiem for Blue Jeans. If anything, it's very cool because it changes the pronouns to make the original song from the man's POV. Though I'm not the biggest Lana fan out there, both songs are pretty cool, especially in comparsion!


Talking Heads are super great, I love them. Other songs by then include Once in a Lifetime, Nothing but Flowers, Give Me Back My Name, but I'm not sure if you'll like them (why I didn't suggest them in the first place). Psycho Killer seems to be getting played a lot lately, and people really like it, but it's a pity so few look further into their music, because I seriously love those guys. 


Hm, I don't have anything like Imagine Dragons, at least, nothing you probably don't already know. The recommended songs from the new album are my favorite, and ai, you don't have to listen to it becaue I said so, take your time. Those are the only Poets of the Fall and Les Frictions songs I know, I swear. 


Some Bands and Artists I Think You'll Like:

Band of Skulls; The Devil Takes Care of his Own; Nightmares; Death by Diamonds and Pearls (I think you'll like them)


Nico Vega; UGH THEY ARE AMAZING THEIR VOCALIST HAS A VOICE POWERFUL ENOUGH TO START A REVOLUTION. Beast; Queen of Hearts; Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) cover; Fury oh Fury; Gravity


Silversun Pickups; Future Foe Scenarios; Comeback Kid; The Royal We


Florence and the Machine. Do you know her already? She has some pretty well known songs. Seven Devils; Shake it Out; Never Let Me Go; Girl With One Eye (WARNING! THIS SONG IS DARK/INAPPROPRIATE CONTENT! (no language, just content) PG13 for your viewing pleasure!)


Rage Agianst the Machine; Killing in the Name of; Born of a Broken Man


Shinedown; What a Shame; I'll Follow You; Diamond Eyes (this song is my new love *D); Breaking Inside


The Main - My Heroine (I love this song why even)


Within Temptation (they're symphonic metal). Dark Wings; Somewhere; Stand My Ground; Lost


-In other words


I didn't listen to any of your suggestions yet expect from hi i'm case, and I have to say, wow, I liked their work! I'm currently listening to more of their music, but I'm not sure if I know stuff like them- just *shrugs* they remind me of things but I can't exactly put my finger around it?


Yes, Poets of the Fall are indeed Finnish. I didn't know it for a while, but I'm glad you like them! Do you already know Lordi? They won Eurovision 2006 with Hard Rock Hallelujah. And they're metal. Also Finnish. Please check them out.


Bruce Dickinson used to be the lead singer from Iron Maiden, which is Heavy Metal. I only know a few songs by them which my friend likes, like Seventh Son of a Seventh Son. Also Brave New World, which is inspired by the book of the same name, which I do love. But yeah I don't really like IM or heavy metal all that much.




Scorpions are a German band, and they have work in German. Action; Wenn es Richtig Losgeht (those are German songs; there others, too. The majority of their work is in Engish, and you probaly already know Wind of Change. Still Loving You; The Best Is Yet To Come; SLY; Always Somewhere. Also I dont really care about them personally, but some songs are kinda cool.)


Now all due seriousness I don't even know anything else in German. Expect for songs from the anime. And that means just SnK soundtracks. 


From Shingeki no Kyojin (aka a Japanese composer and Japanese performers writing/singing in German. Still awesome.)


Bauklötze and the Armored Titan Theme - Kobayashi Mika IST DAS DER ZERSTÖRER guess my ringtone.


So Ist Es Immer - from an OVA I haven't watched


Blumenkranz from Kill la Kill !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Eeeeep, this anime is kinda mature! But the song itself is pretty safe, and in German none the less. :D


Anyway both the KlK and SnK soundrtacks were composed by Hiroyuki Sawano and yeah the pronounciation is not exactly spot on because the performers are not native German speakers. 



(artist first, followed by track name. Copy and paste to make it easier for you):
Τρύπες - Δεν χωράς πουθενά: "You don't fit anywhere"; Καινούρια Ζάλη: "New Dizyness"; Χάρτινο Τσίρκο (Paper Circus) (the speaking voices at the begging say "Life is too short to be sad, my baby", and then the little kid's voice says "Life is long, don't turn it into a carnival" as in, don't make it a mess). The band's name is Tripes/holes.
Spitfire - Lead me on: they're metal, and the song's in English, but you can check them out further. It's the only song I know of them.
Ενδελέχεια - Βουτιά απο ψηλά: "Dive from Above", idk what the band's name translates into English, exactly.
Μάλαμας, Ιωαννίδης - Γιατί Δεν Έρχεσαι Ποτέ Όταν Σε Θέλω "Why d'you never come when I need you" it's kinda a rock ballad of shorts.
Νίκος Μερτζανος - Στάσου Λίγο (Stay a While). There's also a cover by Prestige (???) it's great :D
Αγγελάκας - Σιγά Μην Κλάψω (Something like "As If I'd Cry" or "There's no Way I'll Cry". Kinda.) it's pretty well known :)
Κίτρινα Ποδήλατα - Άμα τα Πάρω (Yellow Bicycles. Lit. "If I take them". It's a phrase for If I get mad/if I see read/once I'm mad... it's about getting angry. yeah it's rock)
Also almost all the rock songs have a bit of language, but haha you probably won't mind unless you speak Greek... but if you're Greek you probs already know them *is lame and doesn't even know all that much of Greek music*
Also I love, love, love The Hunchback of Notre Dame's Soundtrack in the Greek dub; The villain's song, God Help The Outcasts, Out There. Amazing, all of them :D Disney and animated movies are great because of all the dubs they get, it's like... one thing people's childhoods from almost all over the world have in common. But like, IN DIFFERENT LANGUAGES <3
Stromae (Ta Fête, Tous les Mêmes, Papaoutai, Alors on Danse). He may not be your requested genres; but son, does he have lyrics. Also cool videoclips with subtitile options. A bit on the mature side (mostly the content of the songs, not the videos that much), but please check them out, if you can. It's also great language practice, since you already speak a bit of French, ne c'est pas?
Indila - Derniera Danse. Pretty well known. You'll probs like it.
Ha, looks like a found a French rock band! They're called Mozart: L'Opera Rock, and songs by them include La Chanson de l'aubergiste and Le Bien Qui Fait Mal 
Dionysos - La Mécanique du Coeur. If you find the a cappéla trio cover, give it a listen, too.


Coeur du Pirate - Fondu au Noir



Vienna Teng; Green Island Serenade; Ru Guo (If). She's Taiwanese American and has mostly music in Engish, which is all very amazing, she's got to be my favorite female vocalist. 



I seriously only know anime openings (song name/artist)

Goya no Machinawase - Hello Sleepwalkers

Kakusei Heroism - An Cafe

Howling - Audiosurf

...and I haven't even watched all that much anime. Sorry, friend, those are the most rock stuff out of what i know. 



Piano Man - Mamamoo

This Love - Shinwha (both kpop)



Sorry they're too many, but I think that's all for now. Take your time listening to them, I hope I got something right~



Aaaaaaaaaaand thanks for the Gemini season happiness wish!!! And for reminding me it's Cancer time already, so many of my friends have their birthdays during this zodiac season! (read: so many of my friends are lame.)

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It took me a while to get down to it, but see, I’m doing this! Again, thanks tons for all those songs!


Cold War Transmissions -> This one is pretty nice! Kinda catchy, nice lyrics and title too.

Never Take Friendship Personal -> Super nice title, the song itself is ok

Paperthin Hymn -> Again, OK. They’re definitely a good band, but so far I’m not overly touched.

The Resistance -> This indeed! The “Speak! Speak for yourself!” part is greeeat :D And the guitar solo

The Feel Good Drag -> This is good, too!

A Whisper And A Clamor -> Not bad. Are they band teenagers listen to during their rebellious phase?

Hello Alone -> Yeah, OK

Readyfuels -> Oooh nice intro! Teen rebel music. Kinda catchy.

The Unwinding Cable Car -> Cool title. Cool song, too!

Godspeed -> Cool intro once again. Yeah pretty good.

Impossible -> Hm, sorry, but this song doesn’t really “speak” to me much.

Reclusion -> a bit too angry for me rn.

Time & Confusion -> Prty good

Uncanny -> ………This kinda reminds me of Bon Jovi? Expect contemporary teen-aimed version ya?

A Day Late -> Noooooot really my thing, sorry? Yeah I think by now I’ve realized Anberlin isn’t exactly “my band”

Dismantle Repair ->Healing after breakup song. Nice. I keep saying they’re “teen music” and I don’t mean sth bad with that? It’s just that I feel they’re addressed to that audience mainly.

Adelaide -> Ya not really my taste

Inevitable -> Wow I had my expectations low but this is good? Like, in a new level? I mean the whole love <3 thingy gives me the oogies but. Good!

Breaking -> PIANO INTRO WHAT. Though the song itself is kinda… meh. I don’t really like breakup songs that are about blaming your lover for their negative side.

Soft Skeletons -> Ya I listened to that the last time too! Oooh its dark alright but I like this much better than their love/breakup songs!

Retrace ->Nothing new in this one imo. It’s their regular style. Good, but I’m not crazy.

Disappear-> Nice instrumentals. Really nice. But their vocals are kinda bad… not that they don’t have good voices, but what they do with them is kinda annoying? I’d rather be listening to the instruments only.

Breathe -> Yeah same

Burn Out Brighter ->Cool title! It’s OK

Younglife -> Ah, I kinda like this theme in songs! Addressing your family/loved ones and the such. This song is pretty good.

Haight Street -> doesn’t say much to me this one.

Art of War -> Awww man at first I thought it would be about actual war? But it’s about heartbreak… I’m sorry for their pain. Kinda cool though. Not my kind of sad music, but ya. Good.


AAaaaaaaaaaaaand Anberlin is over!!!


Infected -> First of all this is pretty rad band name. Not really my taste in music, but pas mal.

 My Heartstrings Come Undone -> Nice vocals! Cool title! Nice melody too! The repetition I don’t really like though. Good though.

Deteriorate -> Good lyrics. I like the calmer side of theirs. Until they go hardcore again, ofc. Good voice. Catchy guitar theme. It’sprobs not my jam but yeah good job guys.

Collapsing -> Definitely good work, but not my taste. Respect for all the instrumental work though.


The Vengeful One -> First off, I’m happy for you! I mean, having your favorite band gone is not the best thing. Super good vocals! Not my taste, I watched the video too. Kinda dark yeah but I’m not scare.

Out of Line -> Again, not my taste, but great job! Also good lyrics! I agree, this dude has a powerful voice alright


Imagine Dragon’s Ready Aim Fire is very good! I like this song. It’s your favorite from them? Nice, nice. And I agree that I’m So Sorry is super catchy and wow. I love. This song. Also 4 years of hiatus is super rough I’m sorry for you :( You’re allowed to celebrate.


Kamelot now:


Ghost Opera -> Ai again they’re not my taste but I admit their stuff is well done. THE VOCALIST IS AMAZING ARE YOU KIDDING? His voice is mesmerizing.

Elizabeth I, II and III: …It’s super well made? Why are you doing this to me… His voice is phenomenal. Wow kinda creepy at times. Good very good.

The Zodiac/Dear Editor: V good. Though not my kind of music usually, they are actually super great???

Hunter’s Season -> Good. Nice lyrics. Great.

Ashes to Ashes -> Good again. I’m not sure which vocalist I prefer yet.

Sacrimony -> Again. Super well made. Not my taste, but respect. Yay the female vocals are also super good!!!

Veritas -> Same as above. Again suberb female vocals!

Falling like the Fahrenheit -> Same as above!

Solitaire -> Good.




1985; Ha I know this one! It’s OK. Kinda fun.

Goodbye -> Oh they’re much more serious here. OK song.

Tomorrow -> The best so far. But I’m not all that much into them, no offence.


I LOVE EYE OF THE TIGER IT’S A FREAKING CLASSIC OK? No I don’t know any other song by them. I think it’s their one-hit wonder.


Yay Stayin’ Alive is also a classic of sorts. Haha they’re kinda lame but in a likeable way. I really like the feel good thing going on~


Same on Sweet Dreams! Do you like the White Stripes’ Seven Nation Army? It’sv well known. There’s a mashup of these two songs that I think is excellent.


In Flames -> Wow that’s just a tad too hardcore for me!


Machine -> It’s great, as I said before! Is he the one dude who makes fan music you expected me to know? That one time when we were guessing zodiacs? I didn’t know him back then. Also I don’t know how you expect me to guess which person out of the fandom music area you share a sign with??? Also I’m still mad at you for cheating instead of making a good, clean guess like the rest of us. Look I don’t even care that the thread is a thousand years old and I could’ve replied right then and there, I forgot ok, but now I remember and I’m mad all over new. Ok. Here. I’m still mad. Now justify what makes you think I'm totes Gemini. You can always try to guess my horoscope to make up for it.


And no I have no idea who you were referring to back then, I’ve mentioned fandom musicians in the past but they were all Harry Potter ppls and no I don’t know the zodiac/behiaviour/opinions of any of them. I seriously don’t know anything about those ppl other than their music. Yo. Ugh I feel like I’m expected to meet up to certain expectations like………. No idk what’s obvious idk what you’re talking about. Don’t tell me to calm down it’s all a show. I’m not primadonna ok? Primadonna Girl is a great song. Marina and the Diamonds is great. Peace. 

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@Tam/harrypotterisbeast (obviously he is obviously): Should I try my hand at giving you some suggestions? I'm not sure if you'll like them but here comes:


~Swan Lake by Tchaikovsky, of course! It's a classic and the Main Theme is super strong and memorable. Also haunting. Also this entire ballet is my favorite piece of classical music to this day since my childhood don't judge too hard~

~Concerto D'Amore by Jacob De Haan. Ok I found this one through my band acutally, we the last-year graduating students played the adagio part as a quartet on our last performance with the band so naturally it means a lot to me (though it's techincally composed in modern times, pls listen all of it, it's a journey? Or maybe don't, but know that i love this song)

~Clarinet Concerto in A Major by Mozart. Idk my dad starts tearing up at the adagio and my dad never cries??? Also soundtrack to every French movie ever made, apparently. 


Indie music aka "Anna is not sure at which point music starts being "look at me im hipster" or what indie music is exactly, but here give those a try":

~Poison Oak - Bright Eyes

~Saturn - Sleeping At Last (they themselves identify as "emo band" but anyway, this song is SUPER BEAUTIFUL GOD THE VIOLIN AND WOW THE LYRICSSSSSSSSSS.)

~Lover of the Light; After the Storm (I love the feel in this) - Mumford and Sons

is fun. indie???????????

~The Gambler (I love this song and yet I always get chills ugh help me); Stitch Me Up; Light A Roman Candle With Me - Fun. 

~恋詩  by Yasuda Rei (not sure what genre it falls into)

~Strong- London Grammar

~Tear In My Heart - Twenty-one Pilots

~Slowly, Slowly; San Fransisco - The Mogwli's


Techno aka Sorry I don't even listen to this music or know much about what it really /is/ but I think MoM is kinda techno so here, have some wrock:

Don't Leave (the intro!!!); A Phoenix Lament (not exactly techno but my fave probs); The Lighting Struck Tower; Snape vs Snape (aaaaaaaaaaaand somehow you prbs already know those)


Good Vocals: (artist first)

Vienna Teng is my top fave vocalist I swear. She's done an a capella of Set Fire to the Rain to prove you how awesome she is. The Tower; Antebellum. Green Island Serenade is in Mandarin. Level Up is more upbeat. Hymn of Acxicom and Passage are darker and chilly, esp Passage which is a capella and about death, so proceed knowing you'll probs be haunted by her voice which is amazing.


The National: Exile, Vilify; Lean; Start a War; Sleep All Summer by St Vincent and the National. 

St Vincent: Paris is Burning; Birth In Reverse


Alt-J - Taro


I have more probs but let's leave it at that for tonight. Goodbye for now friends~

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- Rock


- Metal


- J-Pop/Rock


- Electronica/Nightcore


- Some Emo


- Rap





- Country


- American Pop



Incompatible Genres


- Country


- American Pop




- A smile is the best revenge.



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Hey, am  I too late to give this a try? 

I'll just do interests and non-interests because I don't really know what to do with compatible genres.



+ Acoustic singer-songwriter stuff


+ Pop, but not the stuff on the radio


+ Indie stuff


+ Rock


I also thought i'd list some artists and bands i like to help


-Fall out boy

-Ed Sheeran (his quieter stuff)


- Panic! at the disco

- Twenty-one pilots




- Rap/Hip-hop


- bubblegum pop


- ELectronic stuff (no hate)




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@amethystchilmaera57: First of cool username!


I have some lil cute suggestions for your kinds idk if you'll like here they are:



There's Manic Street Preachers whom I discovered today (well not today actually a while ago but today i found those 2 v good songs by them): Your Love Is Not Enough; Motorcycle Emptiness (esp this one is VERY good)


Breathe Into Me - RED


Saviour; Help Is On The Way; Prayer of the Refugee - Rise Against


Headstrong - Trampt (that gets me pretty pumped up let's be real)


Wrong Side of Heaven - Five Finger Death Punch


Aqualung - Jethro Tull (OK I grew up with the instrumental version of this song by the London Symphony Orchestra and it's seriously up to this day one of the best things I've ever heard)


You're Going Down - Sick Puppies (wow throwbacked myself)


Made of Steel - Our Lady Peace (this has kinda cheesy lyrics imo but i still like it a lot)


Graveyard Dancing - Destroy Rebuilt Until God Shows




Whiskey In The Jar - Metallica (also probably others of what i suggested were kinda metal i can't really tell the difference until it gets too hardcore for me)


-J-Pop/Rock aka anime openings:


Golden Time Lover - Sukima Switch


Again - YUI (yes FMAB, because FMAB more like FABulous)


Now Kill la Kill which is more mature and controversial so proceed with caution (not the songs themselves though I think you're safe from them but wow the music is awesome):


Sirius - Eir Aoi


Gomen ne Iiko Ja Irarenai


child how i'm supposed to suggest nightcore to you? Nightcore are already existing songs high pitched if you like any of my suggested ones you're free to check if there's a nightcore version but I'm washing my hands off of any involvement with this.


when you say electronica you mean... electronic music? Is Avicii electronic? Because I really like Avicii actually. There's Hey Brother which is v well known, Wake Me Up (which reminds me of Aang very much so), The Nights, The Days, and Waiting For Love. And Addicted to You (I'm not all that into it, but sure, have it just in case). 


Also if you like Dubsteb you should probably know Lisnday Stirling who is a dubsteb violinist and she's amazing she does covers and also has originals. She's probably a dystopian heroine.


-What is Emo. Oh I found a list of Emo Bands and. Apparenlty. I know some of them.


30 Seconds To Mars (seriously you ought to know at least 3 of their songs): This is War; Hurricane; Kings and Queens (FAVE)


We've Got A Big Mess In Our Hands - The Academy Is...


Fire, Fire - Flyleaf


The Reckless and the Brave - All Time Low (i love this one wow)




Remember the Name - Fort Minor 


Coming Home - Skylar Grey


We Made It - Busta Rhymes ft. Linkin Park 

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I'm so down for this (& this thread is so overwhelming with all the music that's already been suggested omg, ok it doesn't matter I'm doing this anyway), so I guess I'll start with my genres...






+ Musicals of any style; so classic 20th century musicals, sung through shows, rock operas, juke box musicals, foreign musicals, it's all fair game! Also songs sung by stage actors-- like live albums and covers 


+ Songs of any genre in foreign languages; NUMBER 1 PRIORITY IS FRENCH, but also: German, Russian, Hungarian, Spanish, Italian


+ Classic jazz / standards; think Frank Sinatra


+ Music that features and focuses on strong vocalists


+ Scores and soundtracks of popular movies and TV shows


+ Indie pop / alternative ??? honestly idk what genre that really is


+ rock, although I'm not SUPER into it, it's just not a dislike




- Mainstream pop for the most part, unless it was an indie song that hit it big


- "super hipster" indie bands,  I guess examples would be like Alt-J or Twenty One Pilots? I'm just kind of over their style


- metal / screamo / punk


- hip hop / r&b / rap



OK, so I'm going to post this and then post some music exchanges on a seperate post below! :)



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Omg Kathy is back! HAha welcome back Katherine!!!!!! I love you child, I missed you lots~


Lol ok initially i was going to complain about NO ONE SUGGESTING ANYTHING TO ME FOR A LONG TIME then i realized i have probably scared everyone away with those long posts son i know it's pretty overwhelming i get overwhelmed myself just thinking of all those songs my taste is awesome.


ALSO! Deviouspineapple1, I will try give you some songs too! :D


Alright so here I go:


For Twinktoes87:

-No musicals. Lol seriously. You probably know all the musicals I know + 1000 more.



Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen by The Andrews Sisters. Though there are a lot of versions, I freaking love this song and their performance. Cover of an earlier Yiddish song, for the Foreing Language songs department.

Hmmm how about Louis Armstrong? I mean I love Sinatra too lol but Armstrong is like. The king. And cornerstone. There's What A Wonderful World; Mack the Knife; When the Saints Go Marching In (a classic and my personal fave) Like these are only the best known but son. They're lovely.

Aaaaaaaaalso because I love animated movies, Disney's The Aristocats have a mostly jazzy soundtrack. There's Everybody Wants to Be A Cat, which is amazing (in case you don't know the film). Aaaaaaaand Studio Ghibli's From Up On Poppy Hill is quite far from being "classical jazz" but since I freaking love this film I'm just going to squeeze it in, ok, there's Esukeepu and Welcome to Quartier Latin you're welcome.


-French music, you can check out what I've already suggested to Zirconia. There's also another song I know called Le Petit Pain Au Chocolat PLEASE listen to it, don't listen to anything else i suggested just freaking pain au chocolat friend. :)


-Strong Vocalists. Eh. What do u mean of course I listen to strong vocalists everyone's a strong vocalist. I mean I've already suggested some on the good vocals section of everyone here so far but I don't really know how to answer this.


-Scores? Soundtracks? Seriously just He's A Pirate from PotC and nothing else matters no nothing else matters. Ah, there's a violin solo version pls do urself a favour.


For Twinktoes87 and deviouspineapple (because the stuff I have for Pinapple are also for Twinkie nevermind my terrib nicknames):


Ok, here. I hope they're not too mainstream for you, alt queens. Or too hipster, whoops did u no that tru hipsters deny their hipsterity? Also some mild rock-ish stuff feat. Freddie Mercury (in case u couldn't tell I really appreciate Mercury as a musician, in Queen or solo).


Anna Sun by Walk The Moon - it's my favorite song that has my name in it think of me ok?

Home; Luck - American Authors

Kick Drum Heart - The Avett Brothers (wow I love this one the Avetts are great)

Ain't No Rest For the Wicked - Cage the Elephant

Living On My Own - Freddie Mercury

Whitley - My Heart Is Not A Machine (lol this is a v calm song only listen if you're in the mood for it)

Someone New - Hozier (I assume u already know Take Me To Church)

Still Sane; Bravado - Lorde (my favorite songs i know from her)


I HOPE UR HAPPY. Also, highfive to deviouspinapple, I know all your fave artist! Haha my lil sis (Angie) actually really likes Pentatonix and Ed Sheeran, and I like the rest (ya not so much of 21 but Tear in my Heart is so great). I may be the lame sister but I'm still the eldest sister and no quality taste in music can change than haha good job Angie you tried.  

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//On my suggestions.//
On Anberlin;
Anberlin???? A band teenagers listen to during their rebellious phase? Hmmm.... Probably not.
Depends on what you call rebellious phase. //Probably something I highly enjoy though. Although; it depends on what you mean by rebellious phase.// They're a good band. That's for sure.
On Demon Hunter; Not bad, huh?  //Awww, I like when they're pretty hardcore.//
On my beloved, Disturbed/Device; Thanks. His voice is extremely powerful. Check out Immortalized by Disturbed. It's one of their newest ones. 4 years of hiatus from Disturbed, and 2 from Device. 
On Imagine Dragons; Ready Aim Fire is my favorite by them; but, even I know that I'm So Sorry is catchy and good.
On Kamelot; Both vocalists are superb. If you prefer Roy Khan; you should check out Conception. If you prefer Tommy Karevik, you should check out Seventh Wonder. //And of course, Swedish/Norwegian vocals = power.//
On SR-71; Tomorrow is my favorite other than their classic 1985.
On Eye of The Tiger; It's great.
On Stayin' Alive; They're good.
On White Stripes; I don't know if I'm familiar with them or not.
On In Flames; They're also rather great. Then, again, melodic death metal probably isn't for you now is it?
On hi i'm case; Machine's my favorite. Probably yes, with the zodiac things. //He's the same guy that's Jason Iscariot.// 
On your zodiac; Gemini is known for being witty and good with words, ruled by Mercury which governs communication. 
//And surprisingly, those in Pop music know when their favorite vocalist's were born and so forth. I think, last time I checked, that the vocalists I shown you from Kamelot, Roy Khan and Tommy Karevik, were water signs. One is Pisces, and the other is Scorpio.//
On Marina and the Diamonds; They are great.

 Re: Music Exchange.

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Sun Sep 06, 2015 10:55 pm

Alright this thread obviously needs a revival, everyone should listen to my amazing music taste and ugh gods people I know I listen to so much music but honestly i just need new stuff ok? So someone please suggest something??? That would be nice.



Haha I defs didn't mean the "rebellious phase/teenage music" to sound offensive in any way about Anberlin, yeeeeeeeah. But they're obvs targeted towards teens though. Not a bad thing. Never a bad thing.


Wow! Immortalized is really an epic mood setter! As a matter of fact, I'm obviously not all that metal... but I admit it's good work. I'm happy they're back from the hiatus for you though.


Honestly it's been so long since last time I got as obsessed with a song as with I'm So Sorry... though I love the entire new album and yes Imagine Dragons have always been good. 



Ha I think i prefer the first Kamelot guy better. I guess I'll check out both albums though (I'm listening to Conception right now). Thanks, I never though i'd end up listening to/liking Kamelot! :D


Tomorrow is a good/okay song.


Haha no apparently melodic death metal... not really my thing yeah. 


Ooooh so you share a zodiac with the Jason dude? OK then. Obviously everyone with famous favorite people knows their zodiac. One time me and my sisters stayed up until 1 am checking out celebrities' zodiacs and it was fun (I don't remember half of them). 


I swear Pisces are so lame, my mother and sister are. Cancer is also lame, my dad and other sister are. And also many of my friends, just to guarantee. Anyway Scorpio and Gemini aren't lame though, because all the other "good" zodiacs (Cancer, Pisces, Virgo Libra etc) are CONSTANTLY trashtalking and discriminating against us. Lemme tell you one thing, I WON'T have that.


So I think i know your sign by now but am I going to tell you my very educated guess? No. Why? I'll answer my own question with another question: are you ever going to give me a direct answer on your zodiac? So far I have no reason to believe that you will. So yeah. Marina and the Diamonds is a solo artist bye.


(also no i'm not really mad i'm just playing.)

 Re: Music Exchange.

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Bumping again... look my netbook died so all my music is gone, gone, gone and I NEED NEW STUFF OK? Gods I know I probalby overdid it a bit with all those songs suggestions, but y'know, basing on how it's an exchange and all, I should at least receive something for all I've done so far... honestly you don't even need to suggest as much as I did, just 2-3 songs you like will do :) Just uugh... someone??? Also don't let this thread die, it's a cool thread and a cool idea! And music can unite people! (and also people fight over music all the time.. cool)


(actually I haven't toally "lost" my old music, i still have the motherboard intact, and I have the songs that are in my mp3... Lol, Anna the gadged wiz)

 Re: Music Exchange.

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Here's a little quiz for you in case it's REALLY ALL THAT DIFFCULT TO JUST TYPE DOWN, LIKE, 3 SONG TITLES:


Song that you associate with your favorite character (& which character is it):


What you listen to lift yourself up when you're down:


Your guilty pleasure (it better be embarassing):


Song that you think is very fitting to you and secretly daydream someone associates with you:


A song you love you assume no one you know knows:


A song that reminds you of autumn (because it's autumn):


A song you like to sing or would really, really like to sing out loud:


First song that came in your head this morning:


OK now go answer these and I'll listen to them. Do it. Or I'll come back asking stuff like song that reminds you of your crush or you ex or whatever, and it will be a very awkward situation for all involved (aka probably only just me)

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