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 My idea to get people on the recycling side!!!!!

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Sat Jul 30, 2016 1:01 am

I have noticed this year that at my school, a lot of kids overlook the few things that could help save our world. For example, pollution, Global Warming, litter, and tree loss. We rely on having a clean healthy planet to live on! I ask myself everyday what brings these people to hurt nature. I learned this year that in about 14 billion years, Earth will either be pulled by the sun's gravity into the sun, or our gravitational pull will pull us away from the sun, and we wil freeze. And i would like to make the most of it! Our descendants will probably not remember us, but we should put in a little effort to make the future of this earth as clean as possible! So, back on topic, my idea is to ask your school principal if you can make a public club. This club will be called Recycle=Respect! When we recycle we are respecting the Earth.  The club will meet somewhere at a decided time and they will help neighborhoods and playgraounds and etc, cleanup trash and litter. As well as doing that, they will also be collecting used paper, (mind you its a school) because at my school, there is a dump in the mountains at least 13 miles away that has a recycling center. Its perfect! Please talk to your principals at your guy's schools because unless people work together and work fast, we might as well live in a dump. 

-Becca (a.k.a Froggy)

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