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 My other world or somethin needs a better title I think

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Fri Oct 03, 2014 10:23 pm

Ugh...Stupid...Math! There is no end to it's complicated sequences. You ask me to write you a 15 letter word with no a in it,it takes me about 6 seconds. But NOOOOOOO. You ask me to multiply Pi time X -Z tims 5 (authors note: I have no clue if you can work that out;Im guessing...:p). I keep scribbling on my peice of notebook paper..The girl screamed and fled to the forest beyond,the howlers chasing her like a beast,although they quite were beasts as- "MARCY!" I turned to see Lewis whisper yelling at me to pay attention,making weird gestures with his hands. I sighed and rolled my eyes. Why I'm friends with him I have'nt the slightest. I normally prioritize my aquaintinces higher than this! (authors note: My character is quite haughty isnt she? Also. Aquantinces are people you meet,as friends are,well,friends!) Just then a hand slammed down on the paper I was supposed to be working on. It was Ms.Rubis(authors note: Im sorry. Its a pretty lousy name...). She looked at me with her sharp grey misty eyes. I pride myself in paying attention to the slightest details. But...she had a frown on...and I realised it wasnt my math paper she was looking was at my short story...that I had been doing instead of my math paper... I'm in quite a predicament now aren't I? I sigh. Lewis looks worried. And Ms.Rubis looks...also worried. I see her looking at my story,reading it some more. I see no problem with my work! Although...this was one of my...darkert stories... Ah...That's it... You see... I'm a little messed up in my old honker of a brain. Im joking naturally but my dreams...To vivid for my liking. The circles under my eyes prove it. It all comes down to the fact that they're REAL. All of it,no joke. I once woke up with a dead flower in my hand... That was the worst. And no,don't say I just sleepwalk! I have my own explanation. A book I read,a while back,it had startling truths in it-"Marcy..." I looked up. Ms.Rubis again. "Follow me please." Oh come on! Well... As I was saying,the book spoke of how someone can be born from one world and choose to grow up in the next. The dreams are like vague memories to me...I think I'm slipping back into my other world. I try to fight it... It's a bit like what the howlers (I shudder here) tell the little girl in my story..."Aw,come with me lass. It's jus' a bit of rough in tumble here an' there,us and the guards at the palace. There aint no war here." Then he smiled a wicked grin. IU chuckled darkly at the thought. I instantly regretted it though,because Ms.Rubis looked almost frightened. We finally reached the-No. Not possible! I've never,ever stepped forth into the principals office in MY LIFE! I stood in front of the door for a second,then took a step in. It was odd... There was a fish tank and some comfy looking couches. "Wait right here love." said Ms.Rubis. Then she went into the principals actual room that he stayed in. I could hear them talking,and then someone on the phone. Most likely with my parents. Just then a kid entered the office. He had stringy black hair that fell over his eyes. Even though his hair civered them,you could see his bright green eyes underneath. They seemed to shift from gold to green,gold to green. He looked surprised to see me. "How did you get in here?" he said. I was startled. how did he know Ive never been in here before? "Excuse me?" I said. I pretended to glare and he nearly doubled over laughing. "Yep." he muttered,"That's the Marcy I'm looking for..." Looking for...Looking for? All I could do was mutter another faint,"Excuse me?" Then he held his hand out. I stared at it like an idiot. "Well? C'mon then? Don't you want to go home?" I nearly passed out right there. HOW DOES HE KNOW THESE THINGS?! I answered as smoothly as I could,even though my voice clearly trmbled,"If it's the world I remember then certaintly not." He laughed at that. "You cant even read correctly! In the book it says changing worlds brings out the horrifying stuff!" He chuckled. Then he ot dead serious. "Come on. We have little time to spare!" He held his hand out his hand once more. As I reached towards him,I thought these things; Marcy! Dont you dare! Dont you-And then we were gone to my world...My other world.


Please gve meh constructive critiscism ANYTHING!!!

 Re: My other world or somethin needs a better title I think

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Tue Jun 07, 2016 3:58 pm

I think it should be called Otherworld. I admit, the title sounds pretty good.


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