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 My short story :)

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Isabella was racing through the jungle of Moen, with her pet monkey riding on her shoulder.  The air was warm and the sky was clear with no clouds, not even a plane. She passed mountains, valleys and meadows with dozens and dozens of wild flowers, rabbits, deer, moose and elk.  She was chasing after a leopard trying to get a picture of it. At last Isabella had caught up with it. She raised her camera and had her finger up just a few inches above the button when the sound of a tree coming down startled the leopard. Isabella dropped the camera and looked at the cat of the jungle race out of sight before starting to look for her camera. She searched the dirt path and looked for a sudden glace of silver. She heard the sound again. Isabella knew she would have to look for it later, finding out was happening was way more important then finding her camera. She ran toward the noise, she came to a clearing that wasn’t there before. She smelled the inside of trees and lumber.  Her pet monkey named Bananas chattered angrily on her shoulder. Bananas from the trees fell to the ground and monkeys fell out of them. Isabella gasped when they fell and started crying. Isabella had to tell her mom and her dad about what she just saw but, just before she turned to go one of the men chucked bananas at monkeys who fell out of a mango tree.

            “ Beat it you mouse with a long tail” He shouted chasing after it until it ran away and the monkey climbed up another tree as far away from the men as possible.

Isabella raced to the palace and dashed into the dining room. She sat down and almost bumped into her mom and her own chair.

            “Whoa! Honey. What’s the rush?” her parents asked.

“Mom, Dad I saw men in the jungle cutting down trees!” Isabella spit out.            

            “You saw men working in the jungle, Isabella.  What were they doing? ” Her father said.

            “What are they doing? Why!?” Isabella asked, not answering her father’s questions.

            “They’re looking for the lost jewels and they said they’d give me half of what they find.” The king replied.

            “So you’re letting them cut down trees for some silly jewels! You’re letting them hurt monkeys and let those men take away their home! You’re letting those men cut down homes and food sources!” Isabella replied.

            “Well, yes.” Her father answered.

 “Get that monkey off the table!” complained the Queen once she saw Bananas on the dark wood table.

            “Bananas come here!” Isabella called, instantly Bananas grabbed 5 papayas and hopped onto Isabella’s shoulder.

            “The monkeys have plenty of trees to choose from” Her dad said. 

            “Thank you, now just please get that filthy monkey out of here.” Her mother replied.

            Isabella walked up the stairs and went into her room. The walls were painted a light brown and the furniture was golden. Isabella loved the colors gold and brown. She looked out from her balcony and saw in the valleys and meadows below men cutting down trees and pulling the stump out. She stared at them for hours until her mom came up the stairs and walked into her room. Without a word she gave Isabella a note.


Dear Isabella,

                        Your father and I are very sorry. We’re going to have a little party to celebrate the searching of the lost   jewels. We hope you will make friends with the other princes and princesses. The princesses are, Princess Ivy, Princess Abigail and Princess Mia.  The Princes are, Prince Scott, Prince Drew and Prince Olaf.


Queen Fini     King Adler

Mom                Dad

Isabella smiled and went to her desk and pulled out a piece of paper and wrote.

Dear Mom and Dad,

I don’t forgive you yet. But I do look forward to seeing the other Kings, Queens, Princes and Princesses. See you then. I really love you! Tata for now!

Love you! Xoxox


                                    Isabella raced down the grand staircase and bounded into her Dad’s Study. She saw the men that were in the forest. They were sitting down on the chairs facing the king.

            “Why hello kind men” Isabella said. “Could I get you some cookies and cakes and some water?” Isabella asked.

            “Okay!” They all said unison.

            “Okay, I’ll go get that for you.” Isabella replied with a curtsy before she headed off to get them.

            Isabella raced into the kitchen and got five cakes with chocolate filling and vanilla icing with a heart with red icing and a little statue of a man on trays and brought them in. She raced back to get the five trays of chocolate chip cookies. She grinned to herself when they howled for more. She kept bringing tray after tray after tray. She grinned when they held their stomachs; she was trying to delay them for as long as possible. If she could keep them from cutting down trees for a long time, then she is able to ruin their tools and delay them even longer.

            “Isabella, I think that’s quite enough these men have a lot of work to do and they don’t need to be delayed any longer.”

            “Alright. I just want to make sure these men get something to eat that’s all.”

            “King we need to rest-“The men started.

            “You could sleep here for tonight!” Isabella interrupted.

            “That would be lovely.  Could we?” They agreed.

            “I guess there isn’t a reason we could not let you” The emperor said. “Isabella could you lead them to their place to stay?”

            “Well of course.” Isabella beamed.

Isabella led them up the staircase into a huge bedroom with ten windows ,six lamp shades, and a huge bed.  

“Here you are, this is your room complete with fireplace place, table, and fringe and stove plus a bathroom.”   Isabella explained leaving the room.   

The next morning was bright and beautiful and every creature was up and about. The grizzly bears were roaming the riverbank for that morning breakfast. The tree frogs were in the trees eating flies. The monkeys were sitting in trees eating bananas. Moose and deer were by the river drinking. Everything was peaceful and quiet until Drudger was up. Drudger was  walking around his boots making crunch noises. Every creature avoided him because they were afraid that they’d get eaten. They were afraid that they’d get eaten because he had a record of eating animals from the jungle. The monkeys were hidden in the trees not making a noise or a move. The moose were hiding behind trees. Every little rabbit hid in logs.

“Move it!” He yelled at his horse. The horse didn’t move at all it just stood there.

            “Move it or I’ll whip you!” Drudger warned raising his whip.

            The horse stampeded running seventeen miles per hour; the horse didn’t stop once it just ran. The horse stopped when it came to a clearing.

            “Ahh. There you are Drudger” The earl said, smiling at his rich clothing. “We  I mean you better hurry and I’m planning to take off with those jewels tomorrow at sundown”

            “Yes Sir.” Drudger replied and started digging out a stump left from yesterday’s work.

            The earl just sat on a tree stump watching Drudger like a hawk watching its prey. His dark green eyes looked up to the tree. He caught sight of parrot flying and swooping down to grab a piece of bark from the trees. Drudger struggled pulling out what was left from the tree he was digging from. He pulled harder and finally he pulled it out.  Drudger sat down to rest.

            “What are you doing?!?!” The earl roared loudly. “Get back to work!”

            “Yes sir” He replied getting hurriedly back to work.

            Isabella woke up to the smell of banana pancakes in the air. Her stomach growled hungrily. Isabella dressed in a yellow dress and sneakers. Bananas ran down stairs as soon as Isabella awoke.

            “Good morning mom. When are the Kings and Queens coming with their children?” Isabella asked.

            “Good morning to you too. They’re coming sometime around two. ” Queen Fini greeted her daughter.

Isabella sat down and started stuffing her face with her mom’s famous pancakes that were so good! Half way through her pancake she stood up.

            “Isabella for goodness stakes you look like a chipmunk. Finish eating.” Her mom scolded her.

            “Done!” Isabella cried twenty seconds later. She raced up stairs and started working on the cards her mom told her she had to make and the poster she had to make. She drew a castle and the king and queen standing in front of it. Inside she wrote:

                                    I hope you all enjoy your stay at the lovely palace of Moen.

She did that on all six cards doing and writing the same thing on each of them. She was happy when she was finally done with them. She grinned and she decided to sit on a chair and look out from her balcony to wait. She waited in silence; she looked over the hills and looked dreamily into the sky. She thought about how cute the parrot that flew into the sunshine and flew freely. No chains or gates in its way, no yelling, no nothing.

            “Isabella they’re here!” Her mom cried.

            “Coming!” Isabella replied coming down the stairs.

            Isabella led the princesses and princes up to their rooms. The girls were going to be staying in Isabella’s room. The boys were going to stay in the room six rooms over.

            “Hi, I’m Isabella. You are?” Isabella greeted them her, brown hair shining, because her mom made her brush her hair five hundred times. Or was it forever? Who cares?

            “I am Princess Ivy.” A girl with black hair straight down said with a shy smile.

            “I am Princess Abigail” A girl with curly red hair introduced with a wave.

            “I am Princess Mia” A girl with blonde hair tied loosely in a bun said.

            “Those are all beautiful names.” Isabella grinned.

            “Thanks! No one has ever said that to us” They all exclaimed.

            “You’re welcome. Do you like animals?” She asked.

            “Yeah! Why?” They answered.

            “I’m asking you this because I want to form a group and secret group. Is it okay if we call it The creature Princesses ?”

            “Sure. That’s sounds like fun!” They agreed. “What’s the problem?”

            “Well, there are these men out in the jungles and they’re cutting down trees! Which are the monkey’s homes. Oh! There’s someone I want you to meet” Isabella explained.

            “Okay.” Abigail replied following her, her face glowing with happiness.

            “I guess we’re following.” Mia said with a blush.

            They all followed her down the stairs one by one. Isabella led them into the royal garden and there sat on the grass was Bananas.

“This is my pet monkey, Bananas.” Isabella introduced them.

            “He’s so cute.” Abigail commented.

            “Thanks” Isabella thanked her with a smirk.

            “Poor monkeys!” Ivy cried petting Bananas soft, silky fur.

            “Yeah!” Mia agreed.

“We need to get into the jungle now!” Isabella cried looking at her watch.

Together they ran off into the jungle running as fast as a racing llama. Bananas hitched a ride on Isabella’s shoulder.

“Guys there is another creature I ‘d like you to meet. It’s a white tailed deer.” Isabella exclaimed.

“Cool! I love white tailed deer ! I didn’t know there were some here!” Mia told them.

“Oops sorry! I was going to. Sorry.” Isabella replied.

“It’s okay. At least I know now!” Mia smiled.

“Yeah.” Ivy and Abigail replied.

A few more minutes later they came to a lake with a bridge over it. They went on it and on the other side there were three deer. Two were adult deer and the other one was a baby. The deer were all grazing on the dark, rich, green grass.

“They’re so cute!” Ivy said walking over to one of the deer to stroke their silky fur.

“That’s the doe , the female.” Isabella said stroking the deer’s brown fur.   

 Soon they heard evil laughter coming from a mile away! They crept closer coming closer they heard men talking. The deer came bounded after them keeping close to the princesses.

“After we find these jewels we’ll be rich!” A man’s voice said.

“But don’t we have to give the king half of what we find?” a voice remarked.

“I lied you fool! Drudger I brought you here to dig! Not to think you geek!” snapped the earl.

“Guys! We better start looking for the jewels before they find the jewels before those men… Um… Guys… Oh whatever…They find them first!” Isabella whispered, racing off into the forest. Isabella raced in front of them, dashing through the forest.

Together they formed groups of two. Isabella and Mia ran off in the south and Abigail and Ivy ran off in the west. Ivy and Abigail looked at the bottom of trees, searching for some sort of bag or a gem or even a trail of gems.

“We’ll never find it.” Ivy cried.

“We won’t find it with that thought” Abigail told her, Abigail had her hopes high, not being afraid if they weren’t met. 

“What so bad if they find the gems or have them?” Mia asked.

“Well… what can happen….” Isabella started.

“Not can, could.” Mia corrected her.

“Right. Well what could happen is they… well the legendary, missing  jewels or gems have enchantment powers.” Isabella explained with a grin.

“What would they want with the powered gems or jewels?”

“I am not sure, but it’s not anything good. At all.  Isabella answered.

“ So what you mean is they have a record of stealing things and they’re up to no good” Mia replied.

“Yes, now can we please start looking?” Isabella asked.

“ Sure.” Mia said looking hurt.

Isabella looked at her face and looked sorry. She walked over to Mia and put a hand on her shoulder.

“Its not that I didn’t like you asking me questions. It’s just we need to start looking. I’m so sorry.”

“I forgive you” She whispered

Isabella and Mia both together  found a gem bag and started to dig it out. They both dug their nails into the cool, wet earth. Their backs ached, but they kept digging.  Isabella dug and dug and didn’t stop. Abigail and Ivy walked back to meet them. Isabella and Mia were still digging when Abigail and Ivy had finally found them. Abigail and Ivy thought about just sitting there and not helping. Or going back to the palace and waiting there for them. But instead they got down on their hands and knees and help. Together they dug and dug, a few hours later they began to pull the bag out. They had finally pulled it out when a man’s voice laughed behind them.

“Thank you I’ll take that.” The earl said with an evil grin appearing on his face as he snatched up the golden bag.   “Drudger tie up these malevolent creatures”

            Before the princesses could neither move nor speak they were tied up. They struggled to get out.

            “Oh and grab those mangy deer”

            “We’re malevolent? It’s the other way around.” The princesses yelled. 

They were  all tossed inside the earl’s car trunk.

            “Guys, Listen. I know how to get us untied, but Ivy, Mia and Abigail, are you good at acting? If you guys can then you’ll need to perform really scared too.” Isabella explained, cuddling the baby deer.

            “Yeah we can act.” They assured her.

            “Good.” Isabella replied a happy smile creeping onto her face. “We’ll see who gets the last laugh now.”

            A few minutes later the earl stepped out of his automobile and walked inside, leaving Drudger to lunge the princesses inside. The earl rested his feet close to Drudger watching the princesses carefully.

            “Help! Help!! Let us go! Now!!” Ivy, Mia and Abigail yelled into Drudger’s face as they were taken into the building.
            Isabella didn’t say a thing she just stayed in silence.  The earl grabbed his bags and walked out with Drudger beside him. Drudger dumped the four girls into the trunk once more. Along with the princesses and the deer he unloaded the earl’s luggage. Then he sat in the driver’s seat and started driving toward the train station. On the way there he took a little side trip to Moen castle or as some people like to call it “The Moen manner”.  Drudger stopped the car and awaiting  until the earl came back.  The earl climbed the walls to Isabella’s bedroom and left a note.  He came back to the car and they went farther. As soon as they got to the train station they unload the luggage.

            “Drudger stuff the deer in this bag. And stuff each one of princesses in here”  the earl yelled.

             Each of the princesses in baggage were loaded on to the train in the luggage car. There were two in a bag not what the earl had asked but hey there in there. Isabella began to sing.

            “When life is cut too deep and left you hurting.

 Future you have now hoped for is now burning.

 The dreams you’ve held so tight have lost they’re meaning.

 And you don’t know if you’ll ever find the healing.” Isabella sang.

 “You’re gonna make it.

 You’re gonna make it.

 The night can only last for so long.”

            Mia listened to the song not saying a word.

            “Whatever you’re facing, if your heart is breaking. There’s a promise for the one’s who just keep holding on. Lift up your rise and sing. The sun is rising. The sun is rising. The sun is rising. The sun is rising. The sun is rising.  The sun is rising.  The sun is rising. ” Mia sang.

             “ You know that song?” Isabella asked.

            “Yeah my mum used to sing it to me before I went  to bed”. Mia replied.

            “ Mine too. Let’s sing.”


            “Every high and  every low you’re gonna go through. You don’t have to have to be afraid I am with you. I am with you ” Mia hummed.

            “ And the moments you’re so weak you feel like stopping. Let the hope you hold guide the path.” Isabella ended the song.

            “Wait I forgot who wrote this song and what it’s called.” Mia said to Isabella. “Do you know?”

              “ Yep of course I do. It’s “The sun is rising” By Britt Nicole.” Isabella answered.

            “Oh my gosh! I love her songs!” Mia laughed.

            “ I do too…” Isabella started, but was cut off by the sound of the train stopping and Drudger coming to grab them.

            “Shh…” Mia said knowing what Isabella was going to say.

            Isabella closed her eyes to sleep and Mia did the same. Isabella thought for a moment  if Mia used to have a mother and she didn’t see her mother until she was three. Then wouldn’t that mean that she was her lost sister. It did! It really did! The next morning  the Queen of Moen ,(who was really the  Queen of Avian Mia’s mom) walked into Isabella’s room and found the note from the earl of Weston.

                        To Whom It May Concern,

            Guess who I have? Your precious daughter. You have six days to  give up your kingdom and respond. If that doesn’t happen let’s just say something horrible to all four princesses. Have sweet dreams tonight!


            The earl of Weston

            The earl of Weston

“Oh no! My poor children! I must tell the other emperors and sovereigns now!” The queen yelped as she hurried to the dining room.

“What is it  dear?” The king of Moen asked his wife.

The queen didn’t say a word she just shoved the note toward him and took off running to the train station.

Back with Isabella the earl and Drudger had just gotten the last of luggage of the train. Drudger pulled up a retail car that they had borrowed and they stuffed everything in the huge truck. A few hours later they also came in the driveway of their retail home.  

            “Drudger take the girls into the spare room at once.” The earl yelled.

            “Yes sir!” He cried rushing to grab the girls and put them into their room.

            The girls were startled by the sound of the trunk opening they knew even trying to run away would just be putting their lives in even more danger. Isabella wonder if they could try to escape. Wouldn’t that just make things even worse? Would it make better? Should she even try? No Isabella try, see what you can do. you may even be able to capture the villain and safe the kingdom and maybe even other kingdoms. She hopped out and kicked Drudger in the back and wrestled him  and started clinging him to the ground.

            “Oh Isabella forgot someone!” The earl purred.

            Isabella looked back in fear just in time  to see the earl holding the three bags that held the deer and her princess friends up.

            “Give them back! And leave my kingdom alone! You have done quite enough damage to this beautiful place.” Isabella yelled at him. “What has my kingdom ever done to hurt you? To… to…” Isabella paused, starting to loose her courage.

            “What?” the earl asked in a snappy way.

            “To do anything to you?” Isabella asked.

            “Do you think you can make me stop from taking over you’re so called “My kingdom” than you’re not smart enough!” He cackled, with a menacing grin.

            Isabella just stood there wondering what to do now. How can I keep my kingdom safe while trying to fight him? She wondered. Isabella had no choice but to run back to either the palace or the nearest train station in order to save the kingdom. She dashed away worried but with courage. The earl turned back to the princesses and took them into his almost finished lab.

            “What have you done to Isabella?” Mia asked him with a mad face.

            “ I bet he killed her and he’s going to kill us next!” Ivy said.

            “ Let’s see.” Abigail said.

            “ Oh I haven’t done anything to her. She ran away.” The earl replied.



 Re: My short story :)

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Thats awesome*

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