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Sun Jan 24, 2010 5:43 pm

This is from my first day at school for fifth grade; at recess, to be exact. I’m a smart person, because I’m nine years old and I’m in fifth grade. Anyway…


I consider myself a pretty good four-square player, I guess. I used to be the worst of the worst, but then I got better by playing with the other girls. So eventually I took the ball out every day for us to play with, but on the first day of school, nobody rushed to the four-square boxes right away. So I figured that they all forgot over our eighty days of summer vacation (I get out of school in June and get back in August. Blech.) So I bounced the ball around the playground and went into this huge monologue about it.

“Eighty days may not seem like a lot at first; just a little under two and a half months. But it can change you, especially when you’re going into fifth grade, when you’re starting to really grow up. You can go from playing four-square with your favorite friends to just gossiping about your least favorite people in the world just to make yourself look good. But when you really think about it, life’s not always about staying true to your own character; it’s about letting yourself grow up the way you’re supposed to. You can’t push it back. I’m a year younger than them, and so they’ll change before I do, and I can’t help that.”

But then I saw some girls playing imaginary four-square (on Veteran’s Day, we have a memorial service after recess and our class wasn’t allowed to bring a ball out, so you play imaginary four-square until someone does before you.) and I rushed in, shouting out that I have a ball, and we got in a game.

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