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 New Arcadia RP. [Plot/Storyline.]

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//The Guidebook to the World Within the New Arcadia RP//




//The following contains details regarding the plot and overall storyline of a possible upcoming RP of mine. Since, it is basically a //book// of the realm the story takes place within, this thread isn't where you can join and post your character's application form. Thank you and I hope you understand and consider my decisions. It is a guidebook thus, its purpose is to inform the reader, and possible rper/roleplayer, of the realm in which the story takes place. While, I would rather not have replies; inquiries or requests regarding the information of the realm, would be regarded more positively than praise or positive feedback in general, unless there's other inquisitive feedback. Yes, I know, this may be interesting; but, I know this may be an interesting concept or idea. I also admit the following plot/storyline is inspired by the Selection series, The Hunger Games series, and from other areas including my Matchmaker RP. Thank you for reading this simple author's/creator's note.//



The realm in which the New Arcadia RP takes place within is different in several aspects than the world you are familiar with.



But, before we begin with what those areas are, there must be at least some sort of a brief explanation as to what the New Arcadia RP would be like.



It is quite similar to the Matchmaker RP; however, not all of the details are similar nor set in stone. 



In fact, consider the New Arcadia RP, as a sister roleplay to the Matchmaker RP. 



The setting itself is by far a different one than the setting of the Matchmaker RP. The New Arcadia RP takes place within a smaller town known as New Arcadia. It is one of the plethora of cities in a nation, which is not given a name by the author, for a very good reason, which will not be disclosed at the moment. As was stated prior, New Arcadia is one of several cities within this unknown nation. Two examples I can disclose which are also cities are New Yorkshire and New Paris. 



New Arcadia is set in a sort of coastal town. By coastal, I am referring to the fact that it is one of the cities that is very close to a body of water. To the left of New Arcadia, there is a beach, which is very close to a body of water, in which, I will not reveal. New Arcadia, despite being stated as a small town, is more broad. It sits sort of in the middle; but, outwardly to the left and by the coast. While the RP itself could take place about the town, it is more focused as a School RP, about the school-aged students living and growing up within the town. It isn't exactly a busy-busy town. The traffic is decent and not too drastic, even on its worst of days. Usually it is quite nice; but, can be hectic around certain hours of the day. New Arcadia, of course, has a Mayor and the Mayor has a family with their children being around schooling age. These very details will come to play within the upcoming RP.



But, now, that the setting and plot is disclosed, the focus must now be on another explanation about its society. The society of the nation in particular in which New Arcadia is from has a Class System. There's an obvious parallel to caste systems here, and it's no different when compared to the one within the society itself.



//Of course, with the explanation, we have inspiration from the Selection, and its Caste system in particular, which is used as aids in explanation. Although, it does borrow certain things, which are obvious, such as what careers are within which classes, there's still the obvious, Royalty/Clergy, Nobility, Bourgeois, Artisans, Workers, Merchants, Peasantry components that add to the table. And yes, this is just one of a possible few reasons of why the Selection series is an inspiration to this RP. And you are very welcome about the color-coding provided in the list of the classes, it's best to help you read through the Classes without becoming confused by the same color text staring blatantly at you, being drowned upon by the background in itself.//







Class 1. Royal & Reign. Members of Royalty, Monarchy, Political Leaders, the Clergy & Religion. Those who are the leaders within their smaller societies. Mayors, governors, leading political leaders, etc. are also considered as being a part of this class.



Class 2. Upper Nobility. Old Wealthy or Celebrities. Those born into being old wealthy, or who come from a long line of wealth or who's parents are or were celebrities. They could be the children of famous athletes, singers, actors/actresses, models, other politicians, police officers, firefighters, guards, and the military. Typically, they are seen in the public eye, most often, as famous members of the Society - athletes, singers, actors/actresses, models, other politicians, guards, and higher-ups in military or politics.



Class 3. Middle Nobility. New Wealthy or Bourgeois. Those who are new wealthy or grow to be rich from their trades rather than having being born into an old and established line of wealthy or by being a child of a famous celebrity. Their line of wealth is new. If they're not to careful, they can squander it and lower in class, or if they become famous and well-known, rising in popularity, they could rise in class. Some are referred to as Bourgeois, the new money, who rise in status and wealth from their trades.



Class 4. Lower Nobility. Wealthy Artisans, Bourgeois. Wealthy Artisans who have recently become rich from their trades. Although, they are neither born into their status, nor from a well-established line of wealth, nor a celebrity or famous individual and have made their long way up to this class on their own. Some are referred to as Bourgeois, the new money, who rise in status and wealth from their trades. 



Class 5. Upper Middle Class. Artisans, Intellectuals. Artisans who profit off of their trades. As this society highly values education, it is no wonder as to what includes this class. Although, it varies in nature. Those within these classes are inventors, teachers, philosophers, scientists, doctors, veterinarians, dentists, architects, librarians, engineers, therapists/psychologists, film directors, music producers, lawyers, and writers. They are usually regarded as being state-of-the-art within their careers; however, they aren't all that famous. Usually, the educators within this class are College Professors or upper-secondary educators as they are usually paid higher than their counterparts, unless they have higher than the standard teaching degrees. This is reasonable explained by some as "being due to the New Intellectual Revolution/Age". 



Class 6. Mid-Middle Class. Other Artisans; Other Educators, Businessmen, Artists & Performers. Lower-secondary and primary teachers who have the basic teaching degrees, those with degrees higher than the standard teaching degree are usually regarded as more state-of-the-art within their careers and are higher in class. Often you will find Businessmen and Artists & Performers within this class. Businessmen may be jewelers, real estate agents, insurance brokers, head chefs, construction managers, property/business owners, and farmers. These Businessmen are not overly famous, as those responsible for famous brands are held within a higher class. Artists & Performers who are stage actors, classical musicians, singers, dancers, photographers and circus performers. Likewise, the artists and performers with this class are not overly famous; but, may be well-known within the theatres of small towns rather than those who are found performing on Broadway, for instance. 



Class 7. Lower Middle Class. The Workers. Blue collar, working in the service industry. Secretaries, waiters/waitresses, housekeepers, seamstresses, store clerks, cooks, and drivers. The exception resides with those of well-known companies; however, are upgraded to a higher status than this class.



Class 8. Upper Peasantry. Simple Merchants and Traders, non-Businessmen. They are Merchants. They may be the typical street vendor and not an established businessmen. Typically found with a cart of their products.



Class 9. Mid-Peasantry. Manual Laborers. They are gardeners, construction workers, farm hands, gutter/pool cleaners, trash collectors, ditch diggers, movers. Typically, these are not well-known gardeners and construction workers who aren't with holding degrees of their subjects, for example, an Architectural degree would make a construction worker a higher class.



Class 10. Lower Peasantry. Peasantry. They may simply work at home growing their own food. They aren't involved with any of the above and simply do not hold some type of degree proving and providing them with their education.





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