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 New Pottermore?

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Sun Nov 01, 2015 6:22 pm

I havent been on pottermore for a while but today when i went on it there was like a whole diffrent format. It was showed from JK Rollwings thoughts which was cool. I could not log on. So pottermore names are bascilly just completly usless. We dont need then anymore. JK Rolwing is coming out with a new Harry Potter book called the Cursed Child on pottermore it has a description of it and when it come out (if it has not already) and they are also having a play for it in 2016 i think. I am literally so exited. Hopefully they make a movie off of that book I defintley audition for it well maybe i dont live in london. I could not try out of the orginal HP series because I wasnt even born yet when the very first movie came out and i was like 9 or 10 when the very last movie came out and because i didnt live and london. Im gong to miss the old pottermore but the new pottermore looks awesome too!!winkcheekysmiley

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