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 New Story! I Might Have a Title But I'm Always Open to More!

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"There's something wrong with this plane. Don't you think?" I turn to my friend and sigh. Of course. She has her headphones in. I shake her. "Tate. Tate. Tatum!" 

She pulls off her headphones. "What?" 

"Don't you think there's something off about this plane?" 

Tatum shrugs. "I dunno. I haven't noticed anything."

I roll my eyes. "Of course you haven't. You've had your headphones in this entire time. But, when the stewardesses came around with the snacks, they hardly talked. And Zoë didn't get any kind of pin or sticker. They always give the little kids those kind of things. Oh, and no body greeted us when we came in. Don't you think that's weird?" 

"I guess."

"You're really not the least freaked out?" I shake my head in wonder. Tatum has always been brave. To say the least, she and I are almost nothing alike. A lot of the time people wonder how we are even best friends. I don't really know how it works either, just that it does.

"No. Planes are totally safe. Statistics show-" 

I cut her off. "I don't care about the statistics. All I care about is the fact that the flight seems a little off." 

"You worry too much." And with that, she puts her headphones back on. 

"I do worry too much," I say to myself. I look across the aisle. I see Tatum's older sister and my younger one. Ashley is fourteen, and she loves to bug Tatum and me about seventh grade, and how all we are worried about are our grades. It's true, though. We're total geeks. Zoë's my baby sister. She's ten, and thinks she knows just about everything. We love them to death, even though we would never say it. Our parents are sending us to Zoë and me's grandparents for a week, and invited Tatum and Ashley to come with. They said yes, of course. 

I reach down and pull out my book. Right now I'm rereading Alice in Wonderland. I think Lewis Carroll is a genius, and my old gold- leaf copy is falling apart at this point. 

I'm at the part where Alice finds all of the doors when the plane starts to shake. I look out the window and see the ground approaching quickly. Oh, my gosh. The one time I don't want to be right. 

Tatum takes off her headphones, a terrified look in her eyes. "Olivia. Are we..."

She doesn't have to finish. I know exactly what she is going to say. I look out the window again. This is not at good idea. I throw up all over my bag and the seat in front of me. The last thing I remember thinking is, 'Wow, this smells really bad.'




Hi! I can either continue this, or write it from either Tatum, Zoë, or Ashley's perspective. I also have a poem called Miles of Smiles, and another story. Remember, if you have a title suggestion make sure you reply! 


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