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So, what do you think? (read the story first)
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 New Story: Words Of Power (read the story first, then poll)

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Thu May 12, 2016 4:25 pm

So here is my new story. It's called "Words Of Power". I have written part of the storyline, but I will just share the story and a poll.

I stopped writing, put down my pencil, and sighed. The poem that I tried to write sounded like a useless tangent. I got up and started to walk to the back of the room to get a piece of paper, hoping that I would be unscathed on the way to the paper cabinet. I just grabbed one and started heading back to my seat when I felt a splat on the back of my neck.

Rory Abernathy. I thought. Doing his antics again. Rory was the bully. And not just any normal class bully, he was the ultimate bully champion. He knew exactly how to do the most painful wedgie or land the most deadliest punch. If you were walking along and if you heard what sounded like a hyena's laugh, he was somewhere, hiding in a bush or something. Rory was so experienced about what he did that he even bullied the bullies and they ran away from him like a dog with his tail between his legs. Most sensible people NEVER get near Rory and his gang because they either bully them for fun, for lunch money, or for Twinkies.

I walked along in the hallway after class. As I turned the corner, I saw Rory with his gang of mindless goons who loved to crack their knuckles. Rory was a smaller bully but he was the strongest and the meanest and I had been near his fist too many times to not know that. He grabbed my shirt and pushed me on a nearby locker, making me choke. His breath smelled like rotten fish, and now I understood some of those rumors that people started going around saying that Rory never brushed his teeth.

You're dead at recess, mouse.” Rory growled in his carnivorous voice. Mouse wasn't my real name, but Rory called people nicknames on how tall or wide they were. In this case, I was a pretty wimpy guy. Rory let go of my shirt, and I walked down the hallway to room 301.

I walked in Mrs. Lorie's classroom, and I saw Rory in his seat loading spit bombs into a straw. I noticed at first glance that Mrs. Lorie wasn't behind her desk. Instead, I saw another woman standing there, and she was wearing a red dress. Great! I thought. A sub!

As soon as I sat down in my chair, I sighed and got ready for another long and annoying class of language arts. The sub walked behind the desk and turned to face us. “Okay. Today, we will watch a movie.” Half of the kids jumped for joy, hooted, and hollered. As soon as we even opened our mouths in delight, the sub yelled, “Okay, who was screaming!?“ Half of the class raised their hands. “And who was not? “ The other half of the class raised their hands. “Okay, whoever screamed gets to do this worksheet, and the ones who didn't scream get to watch the movie.”

That language arts period was the best this semester, partly because I saw Rory glare at me from behind his sheet of paper. That look made me cringe after a few minutes, because when he looked like that, he was out to maim. Then the life-saving sound of the bell rang through the hallways, and I grabbed my schoolbag and raced down the hall.

I walked in the math classroom with Mr. Sanchas staring at us from behind his desk. I sat in seat 6 as the rest of the class began to file in. I heard a small thump and a loud scrape as my friend Andy pulled his chair in beside me. He leaned in close to me and whispered, “So why were you pale as a sheet as you raced down the hallway?”

Rory targeted me.” I whispered back. “He's planning to kill me at recess.” I felt my face cringe at the thought.

That's awful.” Andy whispered back to me. “If I had Rory's build and not his personality, He would be running away as fast as his little legs could carry him and his goon's legs would be flailing from inside a dumpster.” I chuckled. One of the reasons Andy was my best friend was because of his sense of humor. We leaned back into our chairs and closed our mouths as Mr. Sanchas walked up to the whiteboard facing to the class. He spoke in a low, flat drone, like a vacuum cleaner was sweeping the carpet floors.

Okay, class. Today, we will be studying algebra, which is a math study of both numbers and letters...” His voice droned on and on for the past three minutes about the study of algebra, and before I knew it, Andy was shaking me awake.

Wake up, Mike. Time to do your papers.” he whispered so Mr. Sanchas didn't hear him. I looked around the room, my expression panicked at first, but I calmed down when I realized that Rory was sitting in none of the chairs. I was thankful Rory wasn't in third period, or I would be doomed. He especially loves to pick on people that aren't paying attention. I grabbed my pencil and started working on my paper.

Thirty minutes later, I was sitting at my seat, staring at problem 3, when the bell rang three times. Time for fourth period. I grabbed my bag, put my paper inside it, and walked out the door. As I walked down the hallway, I noticed Rory and his goons chuckling and pointing at me, like I was some form of entertainment. I started walking fast and brisk to get out of their view, and I saw and felt the walls of the science lab envelope me in dimness and a breeze of cold. It was always cold and dim in the science lab in summer. The science teacher, Ms. Frost, always kept the AC going full blast and always turned off the lights and opened the window shades in the summer. I sat down at my desk and looked at the paper laying there and looked at what Ms. Frost had scribbled there. Do this paper and raise your hand when you have finished it. If you have not finished this by the end of class, take it with you, and thisd sheet will be your homework. I sat in my chair and started to get my book out of my bag.

Fifty minutes later, as I stared at True or False: The moon makes one full moon per month. On my paper, and I heard the bell ring five times. Snack time. I gulped. Recess was almost here. And Rory was going to beat me up.

I walked over to the snack table and took a cheese stick, an Oreo, and a small bunch of grapes. I walked back to my seat, my hands shaking. Andy saw me sit down and whispered, “I feel for you. I really do. I can try and take your place.”

No, he can tell the difference between me and you.” I whispered back. “I guess I'm going to have to take it head on.” I was sitting in my seat a few minutes later, put the last grape in my mouth, and I heard the bell ring. I gulped down the chewed up grape , feeling how doomed I was.

When we walked out the door, I ran as fast as I could to the playground to hide. Then I saw him. Rory walked out of the building, smiling a mile a minute. I hid in a small hole that no one could really fit through, but I was just small enough to fit. As soon as I heard Rory's voice, I stopped breathing. He spoke softly and slowly like he knew I was there. I listened quietly. He was talking in a low tone, and it sounded like it wasn't really him. But behind the deep voice, I could hear the accent he had.

Find him.” Rory grunted to his gang. His goons spread out over the playground, and they started looking for me. I was peeking at one of Rory's goons walk past my hiding place, and then I felt someone grab my feet and pull me out of the hole. As I hung upside down, I was staring straight at Ub, one of Rory's goons.

Well, well, well. Hello, little mouse.” he grunted, a malicious smile on his face. Crud. I should have known that the hole doesn't hide you completely because when you hide in it, your legs poke out the other side. He chuckled as he carried me over to Rory, who was sitting on a playground bench. He swung me right side up and grunted, “Hey, boss! Guess who was trying to hide in a little hole!”

Rory turned at the sound of Ub's voice, and he smiled, his chipped tooth showing. “Good job, Ub. Get the others over here.” I closed my eyes. I could hear Ub telling the others to “Get over here so that you can see little mouse take a huge beating!”

 Re: New Story: Words Of Power (read the story first, then po

Joined: Wed May 11, 2016 8:01 pm
Posts: 270
Sat May 14, 2016 1:06 am

This is the rest of chapter 1. If it's boring at first, don't worry. It's going to get exciting later, starting at Chapter 2.

Rory turned at the sound of Ub's voice, and he smiled, his chipped tooth showing. “Good job, Ub. Get the others over here.” I closed my eyes. I could hear Ub telling the others to “Get over here so that you can see little mouse take a huge beating!” I could see nothing, but I could hear the rest of Rory's goons walking up to the place where I hung. I kept my eyes closed until Rory's voice echoed in my ears again.

Now let me do it, Ub.” I heard his footsteps come toward me, and I opened my eyes.

'Scuse me, Rory,” I put in. “How many punches will you...”


Blinding pain suddenly slashed on the left side of my face as Rory's fist connected with it. SMACK! Another blow from Rory's fist met the right side of my face. My jaw ached like a needle had been stuck in it, and I could see a bit of dark blue on the edge of my eye. Now, with a pained feeling, I kind of regretted telling Andy to back away from the beating. I could see Rory's tooth and smell his breath as he approached me.

So, mouse, you want a special gift from me?” he hissed. I spoke after a few confused moments.

I don't know what you're...”

SMACK! Rory punched my jaw. The whole “needle ache” spread to my whole jaw now. Rory's rotten rat voice whispered in my ear.

I'm gonna kill you again when you get off the bus. Hope you like the wrapping, 'cause it's nothin' compared to what's inside!” Rory and his goons started cackling, and I felt Ub let go of me. I fell on the ground and heard the sound of Rory and his gang's footsteps fade away.

I felt a strong but gentle hand grip my shoulder, and I saw Andy's face in front of me. He took my hand, and he helped me up and put his hand around my shoulders.

I heard the whole thing. responded Andy. “I feel for you. I really do.”

Too tired and hurt to answer him, I put my arm around his shoulders, and we hobbled off to the school doors as the sound of the bell signaled the end of recess.

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