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 Part I of The Underground

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Mon Jul 20, 2015 10:08 pm

In a dark and mysterious town in what used to be the home of the brave. A boy dawning a black hood ran through the town.

   The police, or the punishers, as they were now called, were chasing the small town's most wanted criminal. and he was a boy. The police rode their horses in search of the criminal. the boy was a master of the shadows, as people would say, and he answered to no one. This was all quite true, and was why the police didn't see him crouched behing an oak tree. They galloped past the tree, and the criminal sighed, in relief. Then he walked back home.

   The boy checked his surroundings to make sure it was safe to leave the shadows before entering his abode. When he came inside, he took of his black hood, to reveal black hair, and a mischievous smirk. But that smirk was off his face as a water ballon came speeding at his face. He caught the ball though, before it could reach his face. His eyebrows furrowed unimpressed, then he threw it back at the source. "AH!' shouted a childish voice. The criminal laughed, as the source popped up. He stuck his tongue out, "not fair, Damian."

   The criminal. Damian, walked up to him and, ruffled his hair. "Are things ever fair when it comes to us?" he asked. The younger boy laughed, "that's what I thought, Peter." 

   Damian walked over to a table, and took a bag off his shoulder. He took out apples, bread, and cheese, which he had bought, but of course the punishers did'nt believe him. He had always been a law follower. Until the world became the corrupt thing it was today. The law had become unfair, people were arrested for no reason, and the government wasn't about democracy anymore. He tossed the younger boy a slice of bread, "thanks, brother." He started chomping down on the piece of bread. 

   Then a female voice called from another room, "save somethin' for me!" A girl about the age of 14, like Damian, burst from a door. She smiled at Damian, "welcome home, little brother." She ruffled Peter's hair, much to his annoyance. 

   Damian sighed, " you don't have to call me little brother. You're only 3 minutes older." The girl shrugged, but smiled. "How have you two been? I know I was away for quite some time. Well I know Peter was fairing well. What about you, Alana?" He questioned. 

   She nodded, "I'm fine. And you're right about Peter. But we were feeling uneasy without you to protect us." Damian smiled at the last part. "How about you? Have you seen anything interesting?" She asked him. Damian smirked, but shook his head. But then he remembered something.

   The piece of paper. It is time you leave, young one. It is no longer safe, for you and your siblings, so you must leave. I know the question is where, and so I will tell you. You must go to the place known as the Underground. It is your destiny to save what is left of civilization. And your destiny will begin there. I have a map that will lead you there, on the back of this paper.

   When Damian remembered this, he went to the closet, and retrieved his bow and arrows, his twin swords, and throwing knifes. After he put all of his supplies in his quiver, he came back out into the room. His two siblings stared at him like he had two heads. He nodded to them. And they knew what that meant.

   They were leaving.

   Damian climbed the ladder on the side of the tavern, along with his siblings. It had been a long time since they had come along with their brother. The last time, little Peter sprained his ankle while they were running. Alana was still questioning him though, "where are we going Damian?!" She was for once angry with her twin. Damian held up a finger while he was walking. He came to an abrupt stop in front of a hole. His siblings looked at him expectantly. "You're not gonna jump, are you?" she asked.

   He smirked, and jumped. Alana looked at Peter. He shrugged, and jumped in also. 'This better not be some kind of sick joke,' she thought. She jumped in as well. 

   Damian looked around. He pulled out the family bo staff. It belonged to a famous soldier, that was also Damian's great great grandfather. He looked around. This must have been the so called Underground. He lit one of the torches that Peter carried, and saw an old man. He was dying. Damian ran forward to him. The man seemed to recognize him, and held up a vile. His hand was shaking, "drink, Cado." Cado was Damian's last name, and he was a little bit scared when he knew what it was. But a part of him told him to trust the old man. He drank the blue liquid, and looked at the man. He had died. Damian was saddened that he couldnt have saved his life, and that he could never get an explanation. But soon he became dizzy, and blacked out.

   He woke to eight different faces staring at him. He sat up, realizing that his siblings weren't among those faces, "where is my sister and brother?!" One of the faces told him to calm down. 

   "Relax, mate. They're outside," he pointed to another room. Damian nodded, "I'm Tom." He held out his hand for Damian to shake. "You're the big one, aren't you, right? Cado?" He asked. 

   Damian nodded, "Damian Cado." Tom nodded.

   "Well Damian. You should learn about that serum that Xavier gave you before he... ya know, left earth. It did some weird things to your DNA, and blood. But don't worry, it's not gonna kill ya. It gives ya the power to form electricity in your hands, makes you immune to it, and if you blow pretty hard, you can pulse electricity. We all got some unique power by it too," explained Tom. Damian looked lost. Tom laughed, "yeah, I know that look. I had it on my face when I heard what I could do to. Try to do it. Not at me though." All of the people backed out of the way, to reveal a target that sat ten yards away from Damian. Damian saw a ball of electricity form in his hand, and his eyes widened. He threw it at the target, where it landed right in the middle, creating a large hole. "Nice aim, mate!" Tom exclaimed.

   Damian smiled, and nodded. "I'm guessing this is going to make me useful?" he raised a raven eyebrow. 

   Tom turned serious. He sighed, "well, you got that note, eh? So you probably know the idea. We have a job, and that job is to figure out what turned the world upside down, and then fix it. And you and your siblings are the last to join. So now we gotta move. Like now." He helped the boy off of the cot, and gave him a horse. He saw his siblings grinning because he was okay, he smiled back. He took his quiver from it's place on a rack that the people had put it on, and looked at Tom, who nodded.

   While they were on the ride, he had learned that all of these boys were also given the serum. Although it was sometimes in more forceful ways. They knew the name of the people who had given it to them, and were 99 percent sure that they were part of this. Damian was smart, in all ways, and he could tell if someone was lying, he could see by their body language, that they were being genuine. He followed them to a power plant. Life had seemed to go back to the dark ages, and technology was foreign to Damian. If he wasn't such a fast learner, he would've been doomed.

   But when he turned around, Tom pushed him to the ground, and stood above him. Damian was surprised, but knew what had happened. He had been tricked. They were the bad guys. Tom was about to punch him, but after years of running, climbing, and fighting highly trained punishers, he was able to fight eight kids off. Damian knew that that wasn't Tom glaring at him. Somebody was controlling him. He saw on his neck a red dot. The dot happpened to be some kind of device, and when Damian pulled it off, Tom startled awake. Tom looked at Damian with a thoughtful look.

   "We have too keep moving, mate. It's our only chance of stayin' alive," Tom said. Damian nodded, worked on taking the devices off of the other kids. But while doing it, he wondered if he could really trust these guys, or if he would ever really trust him. Oh, well. They were really the only kids like them. And that was what made him wonder if his life would ever be the same again


*I'll probably post in another three, to five days. BATMAN OUT!*

 Re: Part I of The Underground

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Sat Aug 15, 2015 6:27 am

I like it!But some words I cant understand.Why?Cause Im a Filipino and Im just a grade 6 student.Are you a Filipino?

 Re: Part I of The Underground

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Thu May 12, 2016 7:26 pm

Quite good. I like it. and fearlessblue148, I am not a Fillipino, but I try not to insult people too much.

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