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 Percy Jackson and the Great Prophecy Part 1

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Sun Jun 14, 2009 9:11 pm

                                     - The Great Prophecy repeats itself -




            My summer at least could’ve stayed normal (Well, as normal as it could get). If only I didn’t meet a god that wanted to murder me.

            Till that point, I was actually doing pretty well, for a demigod. I hadn’t been attacked by a titan or monster in about a week. That was saying a lot, since I had destroyed thousands of monsters- and a couple Titans- last summer, and they all wanted revenge!

            I was just on my way to Annabeth’s house in Paul’s Prius, for some reason. On the phone, it had sounded urgent. And it must’ve been, since cell phones practically broadcast your name to monsters. A cell phone is a way of saying “Hey! Look at me, I’m a demigod, come tear my head off!”

            The black road lay ahead of me. I passed a green sign, and because I was dyslexia, I was barely able to make out the words: San Francisco- 10 miles.

            10 miles was nothing- I’m a demigod, son of Poseidon. I smiled, as I pulled into 3rd Gear. Speeding didn’t cause me any issues- As long as I was near water. I heard a gruff voice announce,

            ” Excuse me, sir, please pull over!”

            I glanced at Annabeth’s House, as I sped up and pulled into… the Hudson River, with police in pursuit- Ha! Talk about escaping a speeding ticket. The fact that my stepdad’s hybrid was in the river didn’t matter much either, since he was used to surprises from his demigod stepson anyways.

            I used the water to pull myself up to the surface. I’m not sure what the non-demigods were seeing- but I doubted they saw a 16 year old boy walk up a watery staircase- thank the gods for the Mist, a magical veil that shows humans a lie to prevent the truth about gods from being revealed. The Mist always found a way to make humans believe in something that made… Oh, I don’t know… SENSE!

            I looked around, as mortals stared. I was seriously wondering what they saw. But I saw something that stopped my thoughts- A red mask- and behind it- Ares, God of War.

            Me and Ares never had a great relationship, considering I damaged his heel a couple years back. Now he’s out to kill me, despite the fact that without me, the world, and Olympus, wouldn’t exist by now.

            I scanned the dirty streets, hoping to find refugee… but I was too late. Ares walked in my direction.

            “Well, if it isn’t the Chosen One. I was almost kind of worried. ”, Ares said with smirk on his face.

            “Yeah. “, I muttered, “Worried you might not be able to kill me.”

            “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah,” Ares said, “Now, Sea Boy, are you going to fight, or chicken out?”. He drew a sword from his pocket (...).

            “I’m game!” I said with a smirk. I drew Riptide, my ballpoint pen, and uncapped it. 3 feet of celestial bronze shone out.

             I snapped, and a wave erupted from the Hudson. It flew at Ares. He dodged, and charged at me. I deflected with Riptide. I was fast, but he still had (...)I would’ve been killed, probably, if I hadn’t bathed in the River Styx last summer.

            I then learned for the millionth time why Ares was considered the god of war.

            (...) I laughed, but soon learned it was a distraction, for he stabbed me, and I landed on my back. That was a bad, bad spot to land. I felt my weak point hit the concrete, and the pain of a million swords rang through my body. I grunted.

            “Had enough, Sea Boy?” Ares asked, “Or are you game for more.”

            I stood weakly.

            “Bring. It. On!!!” I bellowed. Then, with the power of Poseidon, I shot a wave at Ares. Then I tossed another. And then another was shot. I shot many, many more, and was quickly intrigued in this awesome power. When Ares was paralyzed, I ran in his direction. I swung Riptide at Ares, and he fell. He groaned, holding his arm.

            “Well, Ares, looks like a demigod broke a heel and an arm in the same one hundred years.” I said, feeling brave. “Are you ready to break a third bone?”

            “You will pay for what you did today, Jackson.” Ares growled,” I will personally deal with you, in my true form.

            I laughed.

            “Yeah, go ahead! Personally deal with me.”, I snickered, even though it was no laughing matter. A god’s true form would kill any mortal or demigod, just on sight! I continued laughing, and said, “You tried that today, and how did that work for you?”

            Without answering, he ran into the crowd, which was now in confusion.

            Annabeth! I quickly ran to her house. I knocked on the tan door. No one answered. I looked, and saw a huge knocker. I banged it against the door, but still. No one let me in. I pulled out Riptide, and shouted,

            “Let me in!!!!”

            The door opened, and a gruff hand pulled me in.

            “Hello, Seaweed Brain.”, a voice greeted.

            I looked toward the voice. Annabeth was on the couch, gorging herself with potato chips. Oh, yeah…. So urgent!. She nearly killed and herself (and me!) with a cell phone, to say hi and eat all the potato chips (which I bought). I sighed. That’s when I saw the urgency.

            There were four people seated on the couch, excluding Annabeth. That really bugged me. There were seven people in all, including the person behind me, me, Annabeth, and the four on the couch. Seven really disturbed me, but I didn’t really remember why.

            The first one had light-brown skin. He was pretty much bald, but he had a light layer of hair. His clothes were ragged, as if he’d just been attacked by a hellhound.

            The second one I remembered. Rachel Elizabeth Dare, the clear-sighted mortal. She had led me and Annabeth through the Labyrinth, two years ago. And last summer, she’d kissed me before I went off again to save the world, and then showed up at war to tell me I wasn’t the hero at all. Annabeth still had no idea about, as Beckendorf worded it, that little scene(the one that happened before I went off to save the world, that is)!

            A white boy sat next to her. He ha a thick, fancy haircut, and was dressed like he was the richest boy in the world.

            His neighbor was a middle-aged woman. She reminded me of Aphrodite, and was beautiful, but if Annabeth ever heard me say that aloud, she would tear me apart. Her hair was curled up in a twist, and her clothes stunned me.

            Behind me, stood the fifth one- Nico di Angelo, son of Hades. He was the one who tossed me in the River Styx last summer, in order to make me nearly invincible. He also had a very kind hearted sister, Bianca di Angelo, who had died two years ago.

            The first one stood up.

            He simply said, in a deep voice, “Hello, Perseus Jackson, pleased to meet you. I’m Remy Nakruma.”

            I winced. Nakruma. As in direct relative of Ethan Nakruma, A.K.A, Traitor and son of Nemesis. I yelled out loud,

            “You are a lowdown, dirty traitor! Your brother tried to pulverize our world. If it weren’t for your brother, I would probably be happy, and unworried!”

            “Would it also be true that you would’ve died in battle with Ares? I believe my mother did inform me of the speech you made to the gods, about respecting minor gods and their offspring.” He replied, “For, without me, Kronos would never have reformed, and…”

            “Luke never would’ve died.”, Annabeth realized.

            I’m pretty sure he meant to say that I would never have become invincible. That still didn’t change anything. I still wanted to tear his traitorous Nakruma head off his traitorous Nakruma body!

            Now Annabeth and I were both furious. Usually, we restrain each other from people we hate. With no restraint, Remy Nakruma looked pretty dead to me. Then, the white kid stood up. With no manners, he pulled us both onto the couch.

            “Good afternoon, Percy. I’m DJ Jackson, son of Poseidon and peacemaker.” said the white kid, “I am rich enough to buy the entire county. Oh, wait, I’ve already done that!”

            He laughed. I remained silent. This was utterly amazing! I had a brother, and he was rich. I knew he was indeed my brother because of two things:


1) He was a son of Poseidon.

2) His last name was Jackson.


            “What in the name of the gods!” I muttered, “I have a rich brother, and I never knew. Poseidon never told me about a direct brother.”

            I pouted. Then Rachel got up.

            “Percy, we need to get down to business.”, Rachel scolded me.

            “Yeah, wait just a second.” I replied.

            I turned to the brown-skinned woman.

            “Greetings.”, said the black-haired lady, “I am Sheila Castellan.”

            I looked at Annabeth. She smiled. That was exactly what we needed. We now had a relative of Luke Castellan, Annabeth’s previous crush. That is, he was until he betrayed us, and I met Annabeth.

            I looked at Nico. His hair was ragged, his clothes were torn, and it looked like he hadn’t bathed since he had been rewarded on Olympus. His eyes were red, and it seemed like he had been getting too little sleep.

            “Hello.”, he said simply.

            “Hey,” I replied, “How’s being the son of the dead going.”

            He stared at me and said,” As well as it’s going to get.”

            I turned to Rachel.

            “Okay, I’m all introduced.” I said. “Now, what was it you wanted to talk about?”

            “Remember the ever-so Great Prophecy I gave last summer.” Rachel asked.

            With a gasp, I said, “Yes.”.

            That was why I was nervous about the seven! The last Great Prophecy had said:


            Seven half-bloods shall answer the call.

            To storm or fire, the world must fall.

            An oath to keep with a final breath,

            And foes bear arms to the Doors of Death. 


            Seven Half-bloods answer the call”, I said, “Seven here: Me, you, Annabeth, Remy Nakruma, DJ Jackson, Nico, and Rachel.”

            “Umm…. Actually, I’m not a half-blood, as far as I know.” , Rachel pointed out.

            “Yes. Only as far as you know. Ever seen your mother?”  I asked.

            “No.”, Rachel replied.

            “Hello,” I said, “and welcome to the demigod world, Rachel Elizabeth Dare, Daughter of Hestia.”

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 Re: Percy Jackson and the Great Prophecy Part 1

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Mon Jun 15, 2009 10:19 pm
I do belive the idea's been taken...

 Re: Percy Jackson and the Great Prophecy Part 1

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Thu Jun 18, 2009 1:16 am
I'm sorry but I found an error in this story. Raechel can't be a Demi God because when they needed Raechel for the Labyrinth, Raechel found that triangle thingy, and tried touching it but it didn't work. Annabeth said it can only be touched by a Demi God and if Raechel is actually a Demi God then what was wrong with that triangle thingy and why did it only open to Annabeth not Raechel? I'm just saying, so sorry.
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 Re: Percy Jackson and the Great Prophecy Part 1

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Thu Jun 18, 2009 5:59 pm
keep it up!

 Re: Percy Jackson and the Great Prophecy Part 1

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Tue Aug 04, 2009 5:51 pm
interesting, but it could lose some stuff

 Re: Percy Jackson and the Great Prophecy Part 1

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Sun Aug 09, 2009 9:23 pm

Can you be specific about what you think could be cut out and why? That is really helpful for the author to hear.

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