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 Please read this- this is based on a true story!!!!

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Wed Nov 30, 2016 2:16 am

Based on a True Story 

I woke up in a fever of jitters. I threw off my covers and squeezed my eyes shut. Auditions are today, for the play we're doing, Hairspray I licked my lips. I would be on the stage, in front of both classes, 212 and 214, auditioning for the play. The butterflies in my stomach swirled around, as if trying to burst out. I sighed and started to get ready for school. 


After a car ride that seemed to last forever, and my math and science lessons, Ms. Roth finally came to pick us up and bring us to the drama room. And I was still scared, sick to my stomach actually, but I tried to focus on what my grandma had told me. Use the adrenaline inside you to make your voice louder. Project. Smile. Laugh at your mistakes. Be the character you're playing the role of. 212 and 214 gathered in the drama room. My heart started to beat hard again. My crush was in the row before me. His wavy black hair haloed his head and I managed to sneak a glance of his script cover, which he had doodled on. He was an artist, like me. "All those auditioning for Tracy Turnblad raise your hand." Said Ms. Hooker, our music teacher. I timidly raised my hand. "OK- let's see- Jordan, Alliyah and Alaska." My crush (Hugo) looked at me when they called my name. I licked my lips and hoped I wasn't blushing too hard. "Now- Tracy is played as a caucasian teenage girl- and- some of you- aren't caucasian, but that's okay", She said hurriedly. "This is our play." I nodded slowly. I was the only caucasian in the group. I licked my lips nervously. "Now- who's birthday comes first?" I raised my hand again. "Ok Alaska, you're up." I flinched. No, no, no, no. I recieved the paper and walked slowly up to the stage, dreading every step. 

I said my lines, with all the Tracy-ness I could muster. The teacher's faces stayed neutral. I hoped I had impressed them at least a little. But- then agian- they couldn't show any sign of awe, because it might embarass the the others. As I walked down the stairs of the stage I tried not to mind so much how Hugo had clapped when we had been told not to. Did he like me? I pushed the thought away and carried on. I sat back in my spot and curled into a ball. The rest seemed to carry on forever. It was ok. Some boys auditioned for the mother's part, it was funny. They talked in their deep voices like we had seen the mother do when we watched Hairspray: The Movie. And then it was lunch. I didn't feel like eating. Emery and Laina sat next to me. "Did I--?" "You did GREAT Alaska! You were so much better than Alliyah and Jordan." I blushed. "You were good too." And then Hugo drifted through my mind- and how he had clapped. I licked my lips. "Some of the boys did good too- like- Hugo was great at Corny Collins and so was-" Laina gave me a look. I blushed even harder. "Sorry," I said quietly, "Don't be," said Laina. "Everyone knows about- you know." I licked my lips. 


The rest of the day passed by in a blur. Then I went home. I was exhaughsted. "How did auditions go hun?" asked my mom. I shook my head. "I don't know," I scowled. She smiled. "Did you finish?" "No- we still have some more roles to audition." I licked my lips. I felt like screaming. "NO WE DIDN'T FINISH!!! WE STILL HAVE LOTS MORE TO DO!!! I DON'T KNOW IF I'M TRACY YET!!!!!" But- instead- I kept my head down and carried on. I calmed myself down by rubbing the inside of my coat pocket and bouncing on the balls of my feet. 


I'd like to say that the rest was lemondrops and gumdrops from then on, but it didn't. We had to postpone our auditions for four lessons to work on music theory and drama skills. 


 Re: Please read this- this is based on a true story!!!!

Joined: Sun Nov 06, 2016 9:27 pm
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Tue Dec 27, 2016 4:02 pm

OK, the next chapter has arrived!

Finally, after weeks (seriously - weeks) of waiting, it was time for singing auditions. 212 and 214 gathered in the drama room, and Ms. Hooker joined us. I turned to my best friend, Ava. I rolled my eyes into the back of my head and made a throwing-up face. She smiled sadly and nodded. I felt sick to my stomach. The moment had finally come and I wasn’t sure I was ready for it.

Ms. Hooker gazed out at the room and glanced down at a scrap of paper she was holding in her hands. “I need- Jordan, Aiden, Rocco, Alaska, Tore, Hugo, Alaina, Zach, Prahlaud and Jack.” I smiled, and Reese, who was sitting next to me squeezed my arm nervously. I stood up and followed Ms. Hooker to the music room. “Pull up a chair.” she commanded us as we entered. I nodded and got a chair down from the stack. Butterflies were creating another windstorm, pounding against my ribs. I took a deep breath and sat down in front of Ms. Hooker’s piano. “Alright, first to audition, Jordan and Alaska for Tracy.” I looked over at Jordan nervously and she smiled. “OK, we’ll have Alaska sing the first part of ‘Good Morning Baltimore’, and then Jordan.” I nodded slowly and licked my lips as she started the song. I took a deep breath and when started singing, one look from Ms. Hooker and I knew I had started on the wrong cue. My cheeks flushed bright red and I waited until my cue to start.

After an embarrassing 3 minutes that seemed to take forever, it was finally Jordan’s turn to sing. I sat down and looked over at Reese and Laina who half-heartedly gave me a thumbs up. I sighed and put my head in my hands. When Jordan sat down she looked over at me. “I can’t sing”, she said hoarsely. I gave her a small smile. “It’s ok. You did great.” I said, even though I didn’t think so. Her voice was a bit too squeaky to be honest, but, unlike me, her tempo was perfect so in that aspect, she was amazing.

After a few more auditions, it was time to audition Penny and Amber. For their song, they used “Mama I’m A Big Girl Now.” of which Tracy is a part of. When they called me and Jordan up, I started to panic. I didn’t know this song! I sang very quietly the first few rounds that they sang it so that I could focus on listening to it. Then, I sang in my regular loud, strong voice for the last time. I saw Ms. Hooker glance up at me from her piano, but, because the teachers were supposed to keep a poker face, I couldn’t tell if she was surprised or disgusted.

After they auditioned the boys, I felt a little bit better. I didn’t really do so bad, I told myself. I smiled widely at Emery and Ava when I entered the lunchroom. They smiled back and I sat down next to them. Ava gave me a side hug. “How’d you do?” she asked. “She did amazing.” said Laina, sitting next to Ava. I smiled. “So did you Laina, your singing voice is awesome.” She gave me a wide, toothy smile and I relaxed a bit. I was ok, it was going to be fine. So, I sat back and enjoyed lunch with my friends.

-Stay tuned for the revealing of the roles!-

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