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Fri Dec 09, 2011 9:00 pm
I don't think I've ever been popular.In 4th grade,whitch is this year,there are a few girls that have set trends,feathers and tinsel in the hair.I'll call them T,P,C,A,M,and L.They are fashion queens shorty boots,sparkles,and everything else.A,omg,she's the worst.Always has snotty remarks to every single thing I say.Rolls eyes all the time.Never will leave her group of friends at all.And of course I'm not allowed to play with them.P is okay.She's a fan of Shawn Johnson,and is really nice.L is funny.I'm about as tall as she is,and I'm friends with her-sorta.C is the most fashionable.M,well,she's not that fashionable-I'm still trying to figure out why she's always with them.T isn't really with them alot.She somethimes plays with them.Why Am I not poplular? The things I say,my clothes...IDK.Oh yeah,A and I got into a mini fight so we are not friends-we used to be,before I realized what I always knew.I wasn't really popular.I even told my mom that.They are all cheerleaders-I can't even do splits or balance that great.So,I'm GREAT friends with a girl like me.I don't think she's that popular,and that's why I really like her.She dosen't listen to them.Back to the-clique of my 4th grade class.They really love playing tag,and are adding to their group each day.I love making friends,but I have trouble.Never listen to cliques.And I think next year it'll be worse.One of their moms-A's works on the school board and somehow can fire people and pick who's in our classes-I think.Well,they'll probably together,one way ot another.And I'll be too.To be or not to be popular?

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