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 Harry, Ron, and Hermione Go To America (New York Chapter)

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Mon Jan 16, 2017 5:57 pm

                       Chapter One

                  New York

       "Look, it's Lady Liberty!," said Hermione. "Why did they make her green? Why couldn't they have made her red?," said Ron. "She is green because she is copper but she was in the air for such a long time, she turned green.," said Hermione. "So basically the air made her green?," said Ron. "Yes.," said Hermione.

They landed at an airport. Hermione got her passport out. "Why do we need our passports out?," said Harry. "We have never been anywhere in the United States before. So, we need to be registered.," said Hermione. They walked up to a desk where their passports were stamped. "Where is Hedwig?," said Harry. "She is still in the luggage section in the plane where all the other pets are.," said Hermione. A plane worker held two cages, one containing Hedwig and the other containing Pigwidgeon. She gave them to Harry and Ron. Then, a different plane worker came with Hermione's pet, Crookshanks. He was in his green carrier with white spots. Another plane worker came with Hermione, Harry, and Ron's suitcases.

When they left the airport, they got a map of Manhattan. "Hey, let's go to Cental Park.," said Ron. "If somebody asks about the owls, let's say we got them at the pet store down the street.," said Hermione. "I like that idea.," said Harry. "Look! Hot dogs!," said Ron. "Let's get some.," said Harry. "You can have them. I will pass.," said Hermione. Harry and Ron walked up to the hot dog vendor. "I would like ketchup on mine.," said Harry. "Me too.," said Ron. "Here you go.," said the hot dog vendor. They paid him ten cents and thanked him for the hot dogs.

"This is so good.," said Ron. "Mine is good too.," said Harry. Crookshanks saw a pidgeon. "Crookshanks-NO!," said Hermione. But he chased the pidgeons, which flew away. "I was going to feed them! On second thought, I will get a hot dog.," said Hermione. She did.

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