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 Harry, Hermione, and Ron in America (Texas Chapter)

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Mon Jan 16, 2017 6:54 pm

                                           Chapter Two


"What should we do first here in Texas?," said Hermione. "I know! We should get cowboy hats!," said Ron. "We should get barbecue.," said Harry. "We can do all those things. But I think we should see the Alamo too.," said Hermione. "The what?," said Ron. "The Alamo. It was a hideout for soldiers in Texas.," said Hermione. "Cool!," said Ron. So they went to the Alamo.  

"Wasn't it gorgeous?," said Hermione after they saw the Alamo. "Let's get barbecue!," said Harry. "I agree.," said Ron. "Look, a sign for a rodeo.," said Hermione. "What's a rodeo?," said Ron. "I think you and Harry would like it. It is when men in cowboy hats try to stay on bulls who want them to get off. It sometimes involves clowns.," said Hermione. "Let's go to the rodeo!," said Ron. "I will get barbecue for the two of you.," said Hermione.

When she got back, she was holding two small white bags with the words Tough Tom's Barbecue on them. "You got barbecue!," said Harry. "Yes, I did.," said Hermione. They went to the rodeo.

Before they sat down, they paid fifteen dollars. "We should get front seats.," said Harry. They got front seats. Then, the announcer said this: "First up is Dominic Rodriguez on Terror the Bull!" Ron and Harry started eating their barbecue. Dominic stayed on the bull for half a minute! "Next up it's Fernando Scott on Anger the Bull!," said The announcer. Fernando stayed on the bull for ten seconds. "Now it's Pablo Diaz on Bully the Bull!," said The announcer. Pablo stayed on the bull for two minutes! "Stewart Harris on Giant the Bull!," said The announcer. Stewart stayed on the bull for one minute! "Finally, Jack McErin on Horns the Bull!," said The announcer. Jack stayed on the bull for twenty seconds. "And the winner is.........Stewart Harris!," said The announcer. Stewart got a golden trophy with a bull on it. "Where were the clowns?," said Ron. "I said it sometimes involves clowns!," said Hermione. After the show, they all got cowboy hats.

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