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 A Year At Beauxbatons In The Eyes Of Fleur Delacour (Act 3)

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Sun Jan 22, 2017 5:31 pm

                                             Act 3

                       Characters: Fleur, Chantal, Marie, Ms. Roux

(Fleur, Chantal, and Marie are walking to History of Magic)

Ms. Roux: Take your seats please! Merci. Now, today we will be discussing how one gorgeous broomstick made France the richest country in the Wizarding World from 1901-1940. Does anyone know what this broomstick is?

Chantal: (raises hand)

Ms. Roux: Yes, Chantal?

Chantal: The Firebolt.

Ms. Roux: Yes. The very first Firebolt was made in a factory in France called Beauxhaussen Broomsticks Incorporated. There have been many wonderful updates on the Firebolt, but, it was still the finest broom of it's time. Since wizards all over Europe have been fascinated with this broom, twenty-million of them have been sold in 1901 when the broom was first realeased. Each broom costed 45 Galleons each when they were first realeased. The cost of them increased over the years. But the Firebolt still remains the best. Tomorrow we will be learning about the very first broomstick. 

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