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 A Year At Beauxbatons In The Eyes Of Fleur Delacour (Act 6)

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Sun Jan 22, 2017 7:16 pm

                                                   Act 6

                  Characters: Fleur, Marie, Chantal, Mrs. Von Nettle, Madeline

Mrs. Von Nettle: Bonjour, students. Today we will be learning about Yutteras. Can anyone tell me the nesting habits of the Yuttera?

Chantal: (raises hand)

Mrs. Von Nettle: Yes, Chantal?

Chantal: The Yuttera makes it's nest out of strands of grass and decorates the nest with flowers.

Mrs. Von Nettle: You are correct. (takes a Yuttera out of it's cage). The Yuttera's scientific name is Yutternernus Minuatallif. Who wants to feed it flobberworms?

(four hands are raised)

Mrs. Von Nettle: You can go, Madeline.

(Madeline picks up flobberworms from a bucket and feeds them to the Yuttera)

Mrs. Von Nettle: Class dismissed!

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