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 Dobby's Noctural Adventure Part 1

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Fri Jan 27, 2017 9:48 pm

The sun went down and the moon came up. Dobby wanted to get to the owl tower, but, he had to get past Peeves, Filch, and Ms. Norris, who were as annoying as listening to hard rock while doing homework. "Dobby shall do his best.," said Dobby. 

Dobby tripped on the remains of a broken plate while trying to sneak out of the Hogwarts kitchen. "Dobby shall clean this up.," said Dobby. He put the porcelain into a very small satchel and opened the door. 

Dobby scurried as quick as a cheetah. "Dobby! Oh there you are! You know, it was an absolute disgrace to your kind when you felt happy after Harry Potter freed you. Why can't you be more like Winky? But, your punishment is taking a rather unpleasant drop from the owl tower.," said Peeves.

                                             What would you do?

A. Accept it! I will get to my destination.

B. Run away

C. Say I have to go to the bathroom

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