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 Life as Twins Chapter 1: Winter camp!

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Sun Feb 19, 2017 12:29 am

Chapter 1: Winter camp!

One day Hayley and Paisley were racing to see who could get the mail first, they put on all their clothes and off they went!  Paisley got the mail first, she checked if there was anything for her or her sister, but when they got in the house Hayley grabbed the mail out of Paisley’s hands and gave it their mom. “Ha-ha! I won!” Hayley said when she handed it to mom. “That wasn’t the rule!! I won!” Paisley shouted. “Girls, I think this is for you” There mom said trying to break the argument. Hayley and Paisley grabbed it and tore the envelope open, they read something in big bright blue letters “You’re invited to Heart-lake winter camp!”  The two twins read out loud. 


BIO TIME!!!!!!!!!!!! it's time for the BIO's! But first, did you like my first chapter? if so, say #WRITECHAPTER2 in the comments below! ANYWHO let's learn about the twins! 


Charecter: Hayley

Charecter age 11

Setup: I thought it would be fun to have twins so i made Hayley as Paisley's five second younger twin (That's why Paisley tries  to be more mature than Hayley) 

Description: Bueatifull brown wavy hair with brown eyes.  Darker-Than-Tanish skin, wears lots of Baby doll pink skirts with white shirts 

Mood: Changes every minute. 

Faves: Gymnastics, makeup, reading, her-i mean THERE kitten Cloud, and who doesn't love Pizza, am i right? 

Detests: When someone calls Hayley "Paisley" I mean, we don't even look alike! *Wink,Wink* , when Paisley steal's Cloud, when Paisley wears my clothes, with my shoes on 'Accident', and anything else Paisley does to tick her off. 

Story setting: Kitchen table

Action: The twins just got invited to a winter camp and (SNEAK PEEK!) there mom won't let them go unless.......That's all you get for a sneek peek!!! 

YOUR TURN, Paisley! 

My Charecter: Paisley

Age: 11 

Setup: Paisley is the 5 second older twin who tries to act "Mature" just becuase she's 5 second older

Description: Bueatiful brown curly hair, with brown eyes, darker-than-tanish-skin, wears lots of Rose gold skirts with White shirts 

Mood: Changes every minute 

Faves: Gymnastics, makeup, sports, Her-i mean THERE kitten Cloud, and of course she likes Pizza! 

Detests: When someone calls Paisley "Hailey", i mean, we don't even look alike! *Wink,Wink*, When Hayley steals Cloud, when Hayley wears my clothes and my shoes on 'Accident', and anything else Hayley does to tick Paisley off. 

Story setting: Kitchen table 

Action!: The twins just got invited to a winter camp and (SNEAK PEEK!!!) There mom won't let them go unles........That's all you get! you have to wait for chapter 2! 


So those were the BIO's! Let me know what you liked about the book, the BIO's, and if i should do a bio for the twins cat! GTG!



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