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1: Read any thread below. (If there aren't any, submit your own — you could be the first to post!) That's the story so far. At the end of each mini-chapter, the author tells you which character goes next.
2: YOUR TURN!! Create/copy/refine your character's profile, update the story setting, continue the story action, then pass it on to the next character.
3: Check back every day to see how the story continues.
4: Go to #2 above (try a new character on for size!). Rinse and repeat.

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CHARACTER PROFILE (copy and paste to start your own story!):
My Character: Make this up, or use an existing character from a book.
Character Age: Ditto.
Setup: Who is this character and why is he/she here?
Description: What does your character look like right now? This can change throughout the story, if your character suddenly falls into a mud puddle or is splashed with purple paint. Stuff happens, right?
Mood: This can change every minute, as we all know.
Faves: Help us get to know the character with a list of loves.
Detests: Tells us some stuff your character CANNOT STAND.
Story Setting: Where are we right now?
Action!: Here we go — what's happening? Don't forget dialogue!
YOUR TURN, X!: (Pass the story over to another character.)
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 Through The Looking Glass RP.

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//Through The Looking Glass RP.//





Your character recently found a letter through the mail, informing them that they have been picked out of many others to attend an important event. They are informed that it is an entrance ceremony to a prestigious boarding school where they are recognized for their excellence [academic, arts, athletics, technology or another school related area]. They are told to pack their suitcases as they will be attending the school afterwards, if they accept and attend the entrance ceremony. 


Upon attending this ceremony, they approach stairs what appears to be a dead end only to discover that it is a mirror and upon acting towards it [such as physically by touching or reaching out towards it or to put hand through the barrier, mentally by thinking towards it, verbally by yelling or speaking at it or otherwise by a different reaction], it grants the individual access to the inside. 


When crossing the barrier, they discover that they find themselves in front of a gigantic building which is reminiscent of a castle and a Victorian mansion. To which, discovered by someone who looks very familiar, a guide informs them that the colossal sized building is the Entrance Building or the main building. By entering and exiting this building can they find themselves further inside the building. 


Once they exit the building they find themselves within the courtyard of a huge campus which has several buildings for various purposes, including the dorms they will be staying at. Their guide accompanies them further, explains that they must go to the building in front of them, and to the main desk when they enter in order to get their forms and New Student items. 


When upon entering and approaching the desk, the students are surprised to discover that they have already been sorted without even taking an exam or a further test. Their guide is relieved by other people who are revealed to be from their Houses/Dorms, each one taking a section of the group into their common rooms and to inform them about the school, its pathways, classes, and so forth. 


When your characters awake from their dorms, they immediately presume everything was a dream until something happens and they realize that yes, indeed, there was no dream, no mistake: everything was the same and happened exactly as reality.





//Character Application/Joining Form;//
Character Name;
Character Age/Year[10-19/6-12];
New or Returning Student?;
Attending on Excellence due to;  
Reaction to Barrier?;
Powers? [Up to 5 to 9 Maximum];
Do they know a secret?[Minor, Major, Related to the School?];
Are they a Hero or a Villain?;
Personality[At least 4 Negative traits and 4 Positive traits];
Optional History/Background;
Associates & Relationships[Family, Pets, Friends, Enemies, Crush/Love Interest, etc.]; 
Optional list of interests/hobbies;







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