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 Eagles Soar and Lions Roar

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Rowena Jones is not like an ordinary person... because she can morph into a white-tailed eagle at will. She also has complete control over all things sky related. And she is going into her 1st year at Hogwarts. Great. Just great. Rowena scowled at the other passengers of the Hogwarts Express. She hated attention but she always got a lot of it. The end compartment only had 2 people in it, 1 with ginger hair and the other with black hair. She decided to join them. Ronald Weasley looked up at the girl who had just entered their compartment. She looked him up and down. “Hello, I'm Rowena Jones and you are...?" “Ron Weasley. My friend, here, is Harry Potter." “May I sit here? All the other compartments are full of staring idiots." Rowena asked. “I want to be a Ravenclaw. Which house are you hoping for?" “You can sit here," Harry said “I think I'll fit in Gryffindor and Ron's hoping for there as well." “I can tell her myself!" “Not without being a nervous idiot!"

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