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 plz dont hate i was in 4th grade

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his heart was pounding he swore he saw the doorknob move.  He went into his living room to call the police but As the past two weeks he saw the bump under the rug it started rapidly moving towards him.So he ran to get his son but before he opened the door he heard a voice saying” is he the one”. But he still opened the door thinking it was his imagination then for just a flash, just a second, just a heartbeat he sawl them.He  sawl two eyes glowing like the moon at the window and as soon as he sawl them they were gone.  he had opened the door with such strength he woke up his son with a yell. they both ran up the stairs to his daughter's room but the door was grown over like it had been there for decades. His daughter was!screaming they started to pull the weeds and vines but by the time they got to her she was frozen in wood with the most horrifying face frozen in time for eternity.

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