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We need your help to keep this board buzzing with creativity! Pitch in and help write a story set in the world of a book or series that you love. Just pick a role to play and break a leg. Who knows? This could lead to fame and fortune!

1: Read any thread below. (If there aren't any, submit your own — you could be the first to post!) That's the story so far. At the end of each mini-chapter, the author tells you which character goes next.
2: YOUR TURN!! Create/copy/refine your character's profile, update the story setting, continue the story action, then pass it on to the next character.
3: Check back every day to see how the story continues.
4: Go to #2 above (try a new character on for size!). Rinse and repeat.

When does the story end? It ends when the moderator adds a comment to a mini-chapter saying "END IT!"

Wanna start your OWN story? Cut and paste the profile below and start a new thread!

CHARACTER PROFILE (copy and paste to start your own story!):
My Character: Make this up, or use an existing character from a book.
Character Age: Ditto.
Setup: Who is this character and why is he/she here?
Description: What does your character look like right now? This can change throughout the story, if your character suddenly falls into a mud puddle or is splashed with purple paint. Stuff happens, right?
Mood: This can change every minute, as we all know.
Faves: Help us get to know the character with a list of loves.
Detests: Tells us some stuff your character CANNOT STAND.
Story Setting: Where are we right now?
Action!: Here we go — what's happening? Don't forget dialogue!
YOUR TURN, X!: (Pass the story over to another character.)
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 Completely Different at home

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Welcome to the rp where people are basically two different people. a school person and a home person. You have to do 2 personalities: How they are at home and how they are at school. This is a public middle school. EXAMPLE ROLE:


My Character: Jamie
Character Age: 12
Setup: Jamie is ready for the first day of seventh grade
Description: Jamie is wearing a white top with black silk pants and a backpack. Her black hair is curly at the botto,
Mood: excited
Personality: Funny, bubble, sweet, bright, loving, kind to everyone
Faves: Music and dancing
Detests: Jerks
Story Setting: Jamila is on the bus
Action!: Jamila's feet are on the seat and she's texting all her friends
TIME: Morning
HOME LIFE (This is eiher morning or evening)
My Character: Jamila
Character Age: 12
Setup: she lives here
Description: she is wearing her headscarf and traditional shalwar kameez. Her family is over and she's sitting with the older ladies, checking her phone
Mood: Kind of bored
Personality: Quiet, reserved, has to rein in her anger sometimes
Faves: cooking, reading, studying
Detests: Jerks, annoying cousins
Story Setting: Jamila's living room, she is bored
Action!: Jamila checked her texts. "Why isn't laila responding? I need to arrange this fundraiser!" she moaned. "That is lovely, Jamila," her grandmother kissed her forehead. Jamila practically glowed with pride
Time: Evening before
Basic lowdown!
You have to be both at school and home, and you can't be a sibling without asking someone. Tell the time. Make these people TOTALLY different!

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