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Wed Nov 02, 2016 12:19 am

      I've always been able to get things from people. It's wierd, I can just talk my way into any situation or out of any situation. I get good grades because I can persuade my teachers. Now, I'm a nice person, don't get me wrong. Maybe that's why I can get what I want. I'm friends with everyone, I can slip into any friend circle I want and still be "cool". It's wierd. People don't mind. Now, I don't know how to take this. Is this like my "power", or is it just something I take for granted. I don't know.


Yesterday I was walking home with my friends, Winter, Josie and Aklah. Now, I knew this was going to come up. It always does. "So... um, Daliah," said Aklah. I glanced at her, tossing back my wavy amber hair. "Why do I always get what I want?" I asked. Aklah's eyes popped. "How did you know what I was going to say?" she asked, in a tone of amazement and fear. I tapped my head lightly. "I'm psychic." Josie rolled her eyes. "You didn't answer her question." I smiled, "I don't know." Winter shook her white blonde hair out of her eyes. "Really? As a psychic, I thought that would be your power." I throw my head back and laugh, in that 'cute chic' sort of way. "Ok, gotta fly." I say, waving serenly at my friends. They respond with a chorus of goodbyes and I walk down my street.

My mom opens the door for me when I reach the front stoop. "Good day, today?" I nod, although it was mostly a 'meh' sort of day. I plop myself down on the couch and lean my head on the armrest. Our house has HUGE windows that lead out onto the street, so while I'm still visible to others beside my family, I'm still putting on an act.  Mom hands me a cookie and some milk. "Do you have any homework sweets?" she asks. I shake my head. "No, Mr. Farrow didn't give me any." She munches on a cookie. "Why?" I shrug, "I don't know,  he just decided to not give me and Leeli any homework. Maybe because we were the only ones who finished our homework last night."

So... what do you think so far?

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