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 Prolouge of Minecraft: The Elder Ages

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Fri Feb 13, 2015 12:13 am
Minecraft: The Elder Ages
A Novel by wizardhero15
In the land of Muldorf, there lay several crystals to the world. Each one of them unlocks a special talent that the being that has the crystal can use. They can either use it for good, or evil.
In the old ages, three crystals belonged to the Mobs. Five more were sent to the Nether World. Seven went to the Ender World. Finally, one last crystal was given to the human race.
The mobs used the crystals for power. The crystals that they beared had the power to make armor and weapons appear out of thin air. The Nether World used theirs for defense. The crystals they beared had the power to spawn bricks out of thin air. The Ender World used theirs for more power crystals. The crystals they beared had the power to spawn life crystals to heal the wounded in war immiediately.
The humans used theirs for good things. The one crystal they beared had the power to do anything. That was the only reason that they only had one crystal. They healed each other, they built homes for everybody, they stopped wars, and they made cooked food out of thin air.
Finally, there was a time when the mobs wanted all of the crystals. They wanted to shape the world in their own special way, the way no other race would survive in. So, they stormed into the human world and started a war. The human crystal couldn't stop this one. This war was started with one of the mobs crystals.
The humans started to form armor with their crystal. Soon, every citizen of the human world had enchanted armor with enchanted weapons. The humans were very skilled with weapons.
Then, they carved special bases that the mobs would be attracted to. They crafted walls all around every city, village, or small suburb area. Next, they formed barracks for the warriors to sleep, eat, and train in. FInally, they made sure that there were camoflages everywhere.
Soon, the mobs came. Skeletons in diamond armor appeared. Then, some zombies appeared. Finally, some spiders and creepers came. There was a black smoke in front of them all. Then, it started to form into something. When it was finally finished forming, it was a human with no pupils. White eyes stared at all of us. Then, he pointed his hand at the protected village, and the mobs started to run at it.
Firey arrows rained down from the sky, knocking some of the mobs down to the ground. Then, the humans unleashed all of their swordmen. There were zombie body parts flying everywhere, skeleton bones flew in all directions, spider arms fell to the ground, creeper heads were cut off and creeper blood flew from their throats, human swordman body parts were everywhere, and arrows were sprawled about.
Then, the humans had found a way to create warriors who would fight for their race. They used this for another 10 battles. This way, they didn't need to waste any more of the human lives.
About ten weeks later, the war ended and everything was perfect in the human world. The humans destroyed all of the mob's crystals excet one. They kept that crystal in a special safe in their chapel, where they worshiped their god, Notch.
One day, the humans found out that the mobs had placed a portal to the Underworld. The Underworld was a nasty place where mobs formed and were created. This portal was made about a week before the war started. One of the generals decided to go into the portal and was given many weapons for his journey.
The next day, he said goodbye to everyone he loved and respected. Then, he jumped into the portal.
The general was in the Underworld, the place that no one wanted to go. The general looked around and saw some mobs coming at him. He killed them all and went into the closest building he could. There, he found a button that destroyed the portal. He clicked it and a computer told him that he only had a minute to escape. He ran as fast as he could out of that building and down the mountain. About 20 seconds later, he was at the portal. Lightning shot out from all side of it. Finally, the general jumped through the portal and made it back to the human world. About 5 seconds later, the portal disappeared. That was the end of the human and mob problem. Mobs still roamed the Earth, but they stayed away from all humans.
The Ender and the Nether races hated each other. Always fighting, always promising wars against each other. Finally, one of them crossed the border of the worlds and killed one of their citizens. Finally, the other race declared war on the other.
The Nether and the Ender fought for hours without coming back to their palaces. So, some humans had snuck into their worlds and stold one ctystal from each. They did this because the war would destroy all of the other crystals, and they were correct. The other crystals were destroyed. Some of each race were still alive, but they had made peace with each other. They made a peace treaty and never broke it.
The humans were the prominent race. They never fought anymore wars. They were in peace.
There were several races of human. They were the Elves, the Nords, the normal humans, the Dwarves, and the Hobbits. They never fought. They never argued. They all respected each other, and that was that for a thousand years . . .
They were in peace for thousands of years . . . until today.

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