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 Purple Socks: The serious account of a pair of missing socks

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Tue Jul 28, 2015 7:10 pm

Hiya guys! This is my first post on my new account, and I wrote this for my friend as a joke. This story is pretty awesome, if I do say so myself. I hope you enjoy it! Idk if this would be better in the humor section, so I might submit it there too. 

I might also be writing a sequel, so comment down below if you think I should! We would love feedback! My friend and I share this account, so you might see some of her stories too. 

Have fun reading! yes


P.S. I wrote this on my phone, so the sentencews are each on their own line. Sorry







A man awakes to find his socks gone.
He climbs out of bed and looks under it; perhaps they had fallen during his slumber.
They were not there.
He looked through his sheets.
They were not there.
His only pair of socks were missing!
He sadly got dressed then put on his shoes.
They were sneakers.
They needed socks.
His feet hurt.
The man ate breakfast.
Then he went to work.
He walked to work everyday.
It was very uncomfortable today, but usually he had socks.
On his way he asked everyone he saw if they had seen his socks.
His only pair of socks.
His purple dinosaur socks.
They had not.
The man arrived at work.
No one there had seen his socks either.
He looked in his desk, in the bathroom stalls, and in the lost and found.
They were not there.
His socks were not anywhere.
The man's day at work was very sad and lonely without his purple dinosaur socks.
The dinos were his only friends.
They spoke to him you see.
They spoke to him in their tiny dinosaur voices.
They especially liked the color purple.
The man's colleagues asked him why he didn't buy some more socks, but the man said he didn't want to betray his dinos.
So that afternoon the man walked home, again asking people if they had seen his socks.
When the man got home he looked all over for his socks.
He looked in the kitchen, the living room, even the bathroom.
After a week he still hadn't found his socks.
The man was very depressed.
He asked everyone if they had seen his socks.
No one had.
On Friday night, when the man was planning a funeral for his socks, someone knocked on his door.
He ran to it and heard a familiar voice.
He pulled the door open quickly.
Suddenly, the man saw bright lights and inhaled a sweet smelling gas.
A strange voice spoke to him.
"Don't worry sir, we are here to take you to a special hospital. Someone told us you weren't feeling well."
They put the man in a white van.
The last thing he saw before he blacked out were the words THE PURPLE DINOSAUR MENTAL HOME
When the man woke up, he was in a room that had padding on all six walls.
He was wearing a white jacket that helped him hug himself.
It was very thoughtful.
It was like he was always getting a hug.
The man ran around the room very fast and recklessly because whenever he fell the padding caught him.
He never got hurt.
He had a lot of fun until he remembered that he was missing his socks.
He was currently wearing plain white socks.
The man sat in the middle of the room and cried.
He bent down and pulled off the offending, non-talking white socks with his teeth.
Then e threw them across the room.
He then began crying for his dinosaurs again.
After an hour or two, the man heard a noise coming from behind him.
He slowly turned around to see an arm throw something in through a small slot in the wall.
The slot quickly closed again, blending into the wall.
The man turned to see what was thrown into the room.
He saw something purple.
Something purple with dinosaurs.
He screamed.
He lunged towards the socks.
He somehow finagled them on and talked to his dinosaur friends for hours.
They had a lot to catch up on.
After a long time the man fell asleep.
The lights in the room dimmed and the only sound was the man's breath.
The man was awoken abruptly when there was a ripping sound coming from across the room.
It came closer to the man as he sat up.
Soon, the sound was right in front of him.
There was a long rip in the padded wall.
At the end of it was a woman dressed all in black.
She grabbed the man.
She removed his socks.
The man and the intruder disappeared that night.
They were never seen again.


A pair of socks awoke to find their man gone.


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