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 Read or be Red - Part 1 - Scene's 1-3

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Sun Oct 26, 2008 1:22 am
Read or Be Red - Part 1 (A Movie Script)
Highlight Before and After the word "Red" To find the Title

Satara: Straight red hair, green eyes, freckles 13 Years Old, Best friends with Julie, Gabby's big sister (Girl)
Julie: Curly brown hair, brown eyes, tan skin, 12 Years Old, Best friends with Satara (Girl)
Kilie: Chin length straight blond hair, blue eyes, 7 Years Old, Friends with Gabby (Girl)
Gabby: Shoulder length curly black hair, blue eyes, freckles, 7 Years Old, Friends with Kilie, Satara's little sister (Girl)
Trap: Medium length brown hair, green eyes, 13 Years Old, Friends with Satara, Julie, and Matt (Boy)
Kraig: Short blond hair, brown eyes, 13 Years Old, Not really friends with Trap or Matt... but hangs with them (Boy)
Matt: Medium black hair, blue eyes, 12 Years Old, Friends with Satara, Julie, and Trap (Boy)
School Kids: Kids at school (Kind of explains itself...)
Mystery Figure/Character: More to be known in future parts of script.

Part One:
(Scene 1 opens up to Satara on her bed, writing in a red book with a lock on the cover. Opening music plays as she locks the
book and places the key around a chain on her neck. Kilie walks in the room.)
Satara: (Placing the red book behind another book on her shelf.) What are you doing here? (Speaks fast and looks flustered.)
Kilie: (Speaks slowly in a confused manner, and pays close attention to the red book) Your... Friend... Is.... Here... (Gestures to the door.)
Satara: (Surprised.) Oh! Well... send her in!
Kilie: (Smirks and places one hand on her hip, not planning to leave anytime soon.) Her? Or... Him?
Trap: (Walks in room looking around, a bit embarrassed.) Hi.
Kilie: (Giggles and runs out of room. Shouts while on stairs,) By the way Satara! Dinner's ready!
Satara: Would you like to stay for dinner Trap?
Trap: (Nods head then asks) What are you having?
Satara: My mom's home made lasagna. You have to try it! (Grabs Trap's Sleeve and pulls him through her door down the stairs.

(Next Scene 2 opens up to see Satara and Trap racing down the stairs, pushing each other into the walls, and running as fast as
Satara and Trap: (Mixed with grunts and deep breaths.) Me... First... Me... My... Turn... Go... Run... Hurry... Me.. First.. Hurry!
(All noise suddenly stops as the camera swings to Kilie standing at the dining room table, reading a note. Camera swings back to stairs
where Satara and Trap are straightening out their clothes, walking down the rest of the stairs.)
Satara: (Joining Kilie's side.) What's that?
Kilie: A note from mom. Look's like were on our own tonight.
Satara: (Grabs note and walks over to Trap.) Look, it says; Dad called, his meeting is running late so he will be back at about 9. I left for work early, love ya!
Trap: Well, did she cook that lasagna first? (Looks around kitchen.)
Satara: I think so... (Opens fridge and spots lasagna.) Right here!

(Next Scene 3 opens up to see Kilie on the couch flipping through the Television channels while Trap and Satara are in the kitchen fighting over
the last piece.)
Trap: It will be mine now! (Lifts fork to battle Satara.)
Satara: In your dreams! (Lifts spoon as if going to battle... then suddenly dips it in the lasagna, grabbing the last bite.) Ha! (Laughs through food.)
Trap: (Puts fork down in defeat. Walks into living room where Kilie is.) Whacha watching? (Takes seat on the couch beside her.)
Kilie: The weather. There is supposed to be a storm soon. (Flips through 3 weather channels.)
Trap: (Stealing the remote from her,) The weather man is never right! I bet it will be nice and sunny all through tomorrow!
Satara: (Walking in room.) Trap, want to come up to my room? I have something to show you.
Trap: (Nods fast, and talks fast) Yes!

More to Come! Enjoy it and comment or I won't post more!
Highlight above for hidden message from Author (me!)

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 Re: Read or be Red - Part 1 - Scene's 1-3

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Wed Oct 29, 2008 7:53 pm
     WOW! I love it. Its good(no thats wrong) Its AWESOME!

 Re: Read or be Red - Part 1 - Scene's 1-3

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Sat Nov 08, 2008 12:00 pm
Wow! That's really great! I can't wait to read more...!
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 Re: Read or be Red - Part 1 - Scene's 1-3

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Mon Jan 19, 2009 5:31 pm
Good...I liked it. I really want to see where this goes...I like the characters' names too. Very original! Keep it coming!


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 Re: Read or be Red - Part 1 - Scene's 1-3

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Fri Jul 09, 2010 12:21 am

 Re: Read or be Red - Part 1 - Scene's 1-3

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Thu Feb 12, 2015 1:08 am

You did really good. I really want to see more writing :)                                                                               highlight              to        see          the             hidden                        message smiley


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 Re: Read or be Red - Part 1 - Scene's 1-3

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Wed Dec 16, 2015 1:02 am

Nice! Keep writing :)

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