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 Red (a book about dragons and a booky girl) Chapter 1 Part 1

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Fri Mar 09, 2012 10:12 pm

~7th grade is terrible. Horrendous, even. With twists and turns and breakups and makeup’s and the in and outs of~ growing up, it’s terribly difficult. For most people, it’s the time that people remember the most. But most people don’t remember it as the time that you need to remember in order to survive.

Our story begins with a small girl by the name of Tabitha Jenkins, who just happens to be sitting in math class.

Tabitha draws the outline of an ankh, an Egyptian symbol of good health and luck, on her paper in blue ink. Wishing that she looked, or was treated, like Cleopatra, she sets her pen down and idly scrubs away the hieroglyphic with the fingertip of her pointer finger, reminding herself that she doesn’t really care about how her classmates treat her. None of them had ever been worth remembering, and nothing had changed now since the first day she had laid eyes on any of them.

Across the room, in the corner, in the row closest to the left wall, in the seat in front of the last in the row, Dane Charles sat, watching Tabitha silently. Dane wasn’t a fan of pop music, but a few lyrics of one of the songs his sister listened to, over and over and over again in fact, popped up in his mind. You’re insecure. Don’t know what for. You turn heads when you walk through the door. And it was true. Every time Tabitha walked into a room, everyone looked at her; but Tabitha, he suspected, probably thought it was because they thought she was ugly. Right now I’m looking at you and I can’t believe you don’t know you’re beautiful. “That’s what makes you beautiful.” Dane whispered, and carried on sketching in his notebook.

Tabitha saw Dane staring at her. She saw him do it every day. And, though it hurt her that he brought it upon himself to stare at her and think the ugly thoughts that everyone kept to themselves with an odd look on his face, it didn’t hurt her. It just gave her something to write, and sing, about.

Break came faster than Tabitha expected. She was gathering her things, getting ready to go outside, when someone tapped her on the shoulder. Upon further gathering, she turned around to find Mr. Host behind her, and behind him was Dane Charles. Tabitha looked up at him unemotionally, to which he flushed and looked at his shoes, then looked up at Mr. Host and politely said, “Yes, Mr. Host?” “I suppose you’ve met Dane?” He said sternly. His chins, (there were three of them), flapped with his jaw when he talked, or, frankly, when he moved around in general.

Tabitha glanced at Dane again before looking back at her old, plump, red, and, as usual, profusely sweating math teacher and replied, “Yes, Mr. Host, I have.” “Good.” Mr. Host pushed Dane toward Tabitha. Looking at Dane, he said, “Dane, meet your new buddy.”

Dane looked at Tabitha, and, upon seeing her green eyes, devoid of any emotion for him at all, felt a fresh wave of remorse crash over him. In another life, he could be braver, and she might just love him.


~Written while listening to Blink-182 ;)~

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