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 Red (a book about dragons and a booky girl) Chapter 1 Part 2

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Fri Mar 09, 2012 10:15 pm

“Soo…” Dane tugged at his sandy blond bangs as they fell in spikes in his eyes. His bangs fell in his face again, and he shook them out of his eyes again. Tabitha continued her silence, so Dane continued to straiten the red and black headphones around his neck. He made a split decision to keep on talking until she was forced to say something. “So, umm, do you like plays? ‘Cuz, I heard there’s gonna be some crazy good play coming up available for auditions called Moonlight Majesty, and they’re looking for a leading lady. They need someone who has red hair and, umm… ya know. Since you do, and since you’re so smart, I figured you might want to do it… I mean, try out for the play, of course… ya know. If you don’t that’s okay.” His ears turned red, and in a moment of futile attempt, he tried to smooth his bangs down to cover them. Of course, that didn’t work, so he just kept on walking and looking like a fairly handsome beet.

Tabitha looked up at him, and for the first time, something other than lack of emotion filled her eyes. It was fear. “What do you want from me?” her voice came out high and… well… scared, and Dane’s stomach did another remorseful backflip. Why shouldn’t she be afraid of me? I honestly, silently stalk her everyday anyways. Shaking his head, he continued. “I don’t want anything from you. I just want a friend. Please?” Dane was immediately disgusted by how his voice came out, pleading and young. It reminded him of the bleating of sheep as they watched a wolf stalk up to their fence, knowing they were going to die and also knowing that there was a one to a billion chance that they could do anything about it.

They sat down on a bench and awkwardly continued to silence. It was so thick, he could almost cut it with a knife… if only…

But something louder and less important cut out his thoughts. It was his phone. And it was ringing. Numbly, he slid it out of his pocket, cutting off The Ready Set in mid verse. I’m running through a stop sign, cutting out the break- It was mom.

But his phone slipped out of his clammy fingers as Tabitha, who seemed to be either ignoring him or oblivious of his presence, swept her long, curly, bright red hair up into a ponytail and tied it up with a matching red rubber band expertly. She caught him gawking and looked over. “Why are you staring?” She said, obviously oblivious. All Dean could think of, numbly, was how bright her green eyes were, when her hair was up.

Tabitha shuffled her feet nervously. “Really, what do you want from me? I don’t know. Please tell me.” The innocence in her voice, and eyes, made him choke. Realizing he had gagged out loud, he mumbled a quick, “I’ve got to go.”

Dane lay on his bed in a plain white cotton T-shirt and blue and white striped cotton pajama bottoms, fretting, when his computer had beeped and he had scuttled over to the black and green screen.

At first, he’d thought he had imagined it. But then, he saw the little box in the bottom right corner, signaling that he had a new AIM. Sighing, he picked up his laptop and brought it to his bed and clicked on the box.

In a plain white chat bubble with red writing, it said:

Hello. It’s me. Tabitha.

Delighted, he wrote back: Hey!! Wazzup?? Suddenly, his cute rainbow cartoon baby dinosaur chat bubble with neon yellow text didn’t seem so cool anymore.

? Came up. He realized she must not know what “Wazzup” meant.

“Wazzup” means “what’s up”. So, what’s up?

Writing. came up. Then, almost as an afterthought, I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable today.

Nah, that’s okay. He tapped back as a response. Then, I wasn’t uncomfortable, anyway. I was just nervous.

I shouldn’t make you nervous. I’m just the outcast. she typed back. In fact, I wouldn’t have contacted you at all if Mr. Host hadn’t told me to. He told me to tell you that he needs to see you in his office on Monday. At 8:00, sharp.

“Mother, father, sister, brother,” Dane silently nice-cursed under his breath, the way his parents had conditioned him to a long time ago when he picked up foul language from some teenagers around the playground.

Instead, he replied, K. Bye. And shut his computer, then collapsed back onto his bed and slipped into the kind of sleep that just makes you more tired than when you slipped away in the first place.

AND YES OF COURSE WE DOES, WE RUNNIN’ THIS TOWN JUST LIKE A CLUB… Dane groaned. “Lillyyyyyy! Shut off the music already! It’s, like, 5:00 in the morning!!” Lily, his younger sister by two years, yelled back, “It’s 12! And anyways, you’re not the boss of me!” he groaned again and covered his head with his pillow.

“You need a CAT Scan!” Lily broke into hysterics, and Dean groaned for the umpteenth time that morning.

Finally, after a while, he got up and checked the code of the day on his favorite computer game, Bejeweled. 850:797:2933 Yes! he thought triumphantly. Now I can get another rare battle jewel.

The fact was, he just needed something to preoccupy him.

And he got exactly what he wanted.

Another IM. He thought miserably. But he perked up when he saw who it was from; Christina. His girlfriend. In her cute little pink bunny shaped chat bubble with baby blue writing, it said, Come to the park. 1:30. SHARP. And that was the end of it. So he raced through the kitchen, then, realizing his closet was located in his room, back to his bedroom.

Picking out a pair of black jeans, black converse, and a red and black plaid flannel button-up shirt with two pockets on the top and sleeves that rolled up two inches above his wrist and buttoned, an got dressed as fast as he could.


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