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 Rising Storm (Chapter 2)

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Fri Jun 17, 2016 7:14 am

        Well, chapter 2! Posting more of this story (by popular request, I won't mention any names) already!!! Wootwoot! And here it is! Chapter 2!!

Chapter 2: Armurenoire


I sat on the oak chair in the arena accountant's office. He pulled in the one opposite to him and asked with the tips of his fingers touching,”Darefighter Oblivian, Is there anything that we can do for you that stays within the limits of the Golden Mountain Arena?”

Yes, there is.” I had answered. “I have won 299 gold coins from the fight, have I not?”

Yes.” answered the accountant, handing me a leather bag. As I grabbed it, I could hear a clinking sound from inside it, and I knew that the gold from this fight was in the bag. “Why do you ask?”

How much would it take to have a tailor cure the blackfang skin?” I had asked.

About 100 gold coins.” he answered. “If you wouldn't mind me asking, why do you want it cured?”

It makes great armor.” I had responded. “It isn't too heavy, so I can move around a lot, and it isn't too thin, offering a considerable amount of defense.” I had taken the bag from off the desk. “I expect some servants pulling the blackfang's body with me in ten minutes.” I walked out of the office and closed the door behind me.



I walked on the main street as crowds of chattering people walked past me. Two servants were pulling a cart with the blackfang's body on it, and two more servants were bringing up the rear. I watched for a few moments as people watched by, then I snapped out of it. I had no time to stare at crowds of people. I had someplace to go.

I walked down a street, turning right an an intersection. I turned a few more turns until I reached a building with a sign nailed above the door. In Roman language, I could tell that it meant “Leatherworker and Tailor.”

I swung the door open and walked in, gesturing a hand to the servants. They got the cue and stayed outside. I walked to the counter, where a man with a beard was standing. He noticed me standing there and he stopped tapping his finger on the polished mahogany.

Welcome to Rowan and son's tailoring shop. What can I do for you?” I put 100 gold coins and a paper with my contact information written on it on the counter and adressed the salesman.

I would like you to cure a skin for me.” He seemed to think that the amount was enough, and he asked, “Where is the skin you would like me to cure?”

I beckoned for him to follow me out the door, and the servants stood aside for the salesman to see the skin laid out before him. He stood and admired the skin for a few seconds, then he spoke.

What kind of tailor work would you like me to do with this?” he asked me.

I would like the face to be cured into a mask, with two of the eyes planted exactly where I need to see. I need the fangs beside the body to be put in the retractable slots. The rest of the skin needs to be armor, and the underside of the body can be sewed under the rest of the skin for flexible movement.” The salesman nodded.

So...if I may ask, where did you get this?” he asked. I opened my mouth to answer, but before I could, a crowd of little boys ran across the street, one of them skidding to a stop with his mouth agape when he saw me.

It's Oblivian!” he shouted. The rest of the crowd ran back to the first boy, and they started shouting too.

It's Oblivian!”

It's the darefighter!”

It's darefighter Oblivian!”

I chuckled. “Thanks for the admiration.” I yelled back. “You boys have a great day!”

We will! I will tell my mother that I saw the first winning darefighter when I get home!” yelled the first boy, and the crowd of boys ran off. The salesman looked impressed, and he turned back to me.

You won the first round, and you're a darefighter?” he asked.

Yes.” I answered. “Anyway, I'll expect this skin cured by 3:30.” He pocketed the 100 coins and my contact information that I had given him at the desk.

Will do. See you then.” replied the salesman.

See you!” I yelled and waved as I ran down the street. I slowed to a walk after a few minutes, and I panted as I started to look for my family's house just off the edge of town.



I finally reached my family's house on the edge of town, behind the town wall. It was a traditional Roman house, with a birch door bordering the entrance. I collected myself, then I stood defiantly at the door and knocked upon the polished wood.

I heard a few shuffling sounds, then an “I'll get it.” from my older brother. He sounded sad, and I sympathized with him. So far, none of the darefighter's family members ever saw that person again, unless it was in a rich wood coffin. The door opened, revealing my older brother's face, depressed and downcast. He was a handsome guy, with blonde hair and blue eyes. He was wearing the traditional middle class Roman clothing: a white robe held in by a brown soft leather ribbon with brown shoes on his feet. He looked up, looking very gloomy. After a few seconds, recognition sparked.

Oblivion?” my brother whispered in astonishment. “Is it really you?” I smiled.

Hey, Liam.” I responded. “What's up?”

Liam didn't respond, he just sat there stock still, a completely bewildered expression on his face. I chuckled. “So are you going to just stand there, or are you going to let me inside?” I chortled.

Liam finally walked out of the way, revealing myself to my parents and my younger sister. My mom's eyes seemed to balloon up to twice their size, my younger sister looked like a gaping goldfish, and my father's mouth disengaged with surprise and he started babbling like a cretin.

Uh..hi, Oblivian. We..we weren't expecting...You.....” I chuckled at their expressions, and I started to speak.

Well, I didn't want you to miss out on the news, Dad.” I responded. “Do you want to hear it or not?”

My Dad opened his mouth like he was trying to speak, but he closed it a moment later. I sat down in one of the chairs, and my father said, “Sure. Fire away.”

Well, after the government took me away...” I began to explain.



...and then I wanted to break all the news to all of you, so I looked for our house, and here I am.” I finished. My other family members were in shambles. My father was stammering in surprise and confusion, Liam was still wearing an expression of bewilderment, my younger sister was now gaping like a largemouth bass, and my mother's eyes could be about the size of basketballs. Liam finally seemed to get the courage to speak.

You killed a blackfang?” he asked in disbeleif.

I sure did.” I responded, grinning. I looked at the sundial on a nearby windowsill. “And it's 3:30, the skin should be cured by now.” As if on cue, there came a knock on the door.

I walked to the door and opened it. Sure enough, the tailor was standing there with the newly cured skin. “Darefighter Oblivian, I have your cured skin.” the tailor said. I got up from the chair I was sitting in and walked over to the door to take a look.

Just like I had asked for, the top armor with parts of the skin sewed between them for flexible movement had been sewed on top of the intact parts of the under skin, two of the red eyes had been hollowed out and most of the blackfang skull had been melted into a helmet, and I could identify the quality of the work done to confirm that the town blacksmith had worked on the skull. The workmanship on the skull was exceedingly fine, with no blemish left from where he had worked on it, and more armor had been sewed over the skull. The hollowed out eyes had been placed on the exact spot I needed to see, and I noticed two retractable slots on the spots where I would place my hands. I also noticed that there were two other sleeves behind the first ones.

Those are to hold another different weapon, like a sword.” explained the tailor as I inspected them. “So, are you satisfied with the work done on this?”

Yes. Very satisfied.” I responded. “And shall I give it a name?”

Of course, Darefighter Oblivian.” replied the tailor. “If I may ask, what will you call it?” he took out a brush and a pot of ink from on a loop on his belt.

I'll call it...” I began. I pondered the names for a moment. Firehide? Darkskull? Then the perfect name came to me.

Armurenoire.” I responded.

The tailor seemed confused. “Beg your pardon?” he asked.

That's what I want to name it. Armurenoire.” I replied with a tone of fidelity in my voice. “In the ancient language, it is translated as 'dark armor'.” The tailor nodded and began to paint the chosen name upon a small white spot on the back of the chestplate area.

Armurenoire it is.” I smiled and shook his outstretched hand. “It was nice doing business with you.” said the tailor in a proud tone.

And you.” I replied. The door closed, and the tailor's footsteps faded away after a few moments. My siblings were now looking at Armurenoire with surprised expressions. Liam spoke after a few moments of silence.

So...are you going to try it on?” he asked. I started walking to my bedroom just down the hall.

You'll see me in it in a few moments.” I said as I walked down the hallway. “And nobody had better cleaned out my room.” I walked into my room and closed the door behind me with a snap.

It looked like I had never left. The same old bed and the same old parchment paintings were hanging up in my room. My newly washed clothes were still folded and plopped on my bed. I sighed and sat on my bed so I could start changing.

So yeah. Thank you for all the support and feedback! Helps me a lot! (By the way, behind the scenes footage on a thread called "Rising Storm. Please give feedback!" or something like that)


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