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 Robin Hood: Act II, Scene I

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Mon Mar 14, 2011 1:22 pm

Act II


Scene I


(The scene is the forest. The Merry Men are sitting around looking depressed.)

Robin: (sigh)

Jen: (sigh)

Jill: (sigh)

Robin: I miss Alina.

Jen: Me too.

Jill: Me three.

Robin: She tossed me her scarf. Why’d she do that, Jill? (gestures at arm where scarf is tied)

Jill: It was a ‘the Merry Men are behind you’ sort of thing.

Jen: Just like her.

Robin: Well, the Merry Men are behind her, too! We don’t leave Merry Men behind!

Jill: We’re getting captured next?

Robin: No, no, no! We’re going to rescue her!

Jen: How?

Jill: Alina always planned the rescue missions…

Robin: We can do it—after all, we’re the Merry Men! We can do anything!

Jen: We’re the Merry Men!

Jill: We’re the Merry Men!

(curtain begins to close)

Robin: But Jill hasn’t said her catchphrase yet!

(curtain closes all the way)

Jill: Spoilsport.

Robin: And killjoys.



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