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 Robin Hood: Act II, Scene II

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Mon Mar 14, 2011 1:23 pm

Scene II


(The scene is a prison cell. Alina Dale is pacing, occasionally shaking imaginary bars in the fourth wall.)

Alina: They’re coming… I know it. (sigh) I always dreamed of being a hero… But Robin’s the top banana, and, to switch metaphors, I’m not even second fiddle—that’s Jen—but third, maybe even fourth fiddle. (leans on bench, slouching on floor) Hero… I’m always the hero on rescue mission, and here I am, the damsel in distress. What if they bungle something? They can’t risk the Merry Men for me… (closes eyes, shakes head) But we don’t leave Merry Men behind. That was the first rule—Robin and I, setting down the rules. ‘What should the first rule be?’ I asked, and she said ‘We don’t leave Merry Men behind.’ It’s the most important tenet of Merry Men-hood, above ‘Steal from the rich and give to the poor’, above ‘Girls only’, above ‘Jill must say ‘spoilsport’ and/or ‘killjoy’ every scene’. So, obviously, they aren’t leaving me behind. But what if they’re behind me—in getting captured?

Guard: (offstage) Here’s your food. (pushes tray onstage)

Alina: (grimaces) Yuck. Jill won’t let it happen—prison food is horrible. I wish I had my lute… “The Archery Contest”. It’ll make a wonderful ballad, and the prison scene will be wonderful… (sings)

Alone, alone, they left him,

But to hope Alan held on.

For the greatest rule of Merry Men—

We don’t leave men behind.


(smiles) Yes, I think the ballad will be wonderful—and perhaps, just perhaps, “The Archery Contest” will be the first part. The second could be “The Rescue of Alan-A-Dale”. Aye…


(nods assertively) We don’t leave Merry Men behind.



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